City Of FireEdit

A News Helijet is recording live footage of the newly opened Thompson Tower, saying it's an entire city in a massive 350 floor, half a mile wide, two miles deep skyscraper.

Meanwhile on Tracy Island, Scott and Virgil are testing a new cutting gas developed by Brains called oxyhydnite, while being observed by Jeff, Tin-Tin and Brains. Everything appears to be working fine until Virgil's blood pressure starts to rise. Soon, the same thing starts happening to Scott. Suddenly Virgil and Scott start dozing off, although nothing appears to be wrong with their breathing. Virgil and Scott fall unconscious and are taken to the sick room. When they wake up Brains explains that he believes that the particles in the gas passed through their skin and into their blood stream, but they are physically okay.

Thompson Tower

Thompson Tower.

Back at Thompson Tower a Man and his Wife are in their car speeding far beyond the speed limit. The Man is constantly telling his Wife (who is driving and is learning to drive and was previously pulled over by police for speeding) to slow down, but she ignores him and doesn't listen. When they enter the car park she finally does put her foot on the brake but her foot slips off the brake and onto the accelerator and the car crashes into another car and it catches fire.
Fire image

The Parking lot on fire.

As they escape through the emergency exit, their car explodes which causes a chain reaction and soon, half the car park is on fire. A family of three is still in the basement below the car park trying to find the underground monorail station when they feel the rumble from the explosions, but they continue to search.

Meanwhile at the Thompson Tower Control Tower outside the building, the two operators pick up signals of the fire and attempt to control the fire by activating the automatic sprinklers but they are offline due to a malfunction. They then close all corridor doors to prevent the spread of the fire.

Back in the basement, the youngest family member, Tommy, is tired of waiting for his parents, so he tells them that he going to hide somewhere, and his parents start looking for him. Tommy hides in the Air Conditioning Control Center even though 'Keep Out' is labelled on the door. Soon the parents find him in the room and pretend to be police officers and "arrest" Tommy. Meanwhile, all corridor doors have been closed by the operators. They also attempt to close the air vents, but the controls don't respond so the fire spreads to the rest of the tower through the vents.

The operators call the fire department, and multiple Commercial Fire Trucks, a Fire Tender and some police cars race towards the scene. One of the operators believes that the people in the building will panic if they see the Fire appliances, so they are sent behind the building so they won't be seen.

Back in the basement, Tommy and his parents realise that they are trapped by the closed corridor doors. The Control Room operators are watching some security camera footage when they see the family on the screen, but they lose the picture. In the basement, the father (Joe) is banging on the corridor door yelling, when suddenly smoke comes from underneath the door. The fire has reached the first floor of the Building and quickly spreads upwards from there.

The operators order the Tower to be evacuated right away, the fire chief calls, saying that the fire is too strong to contain.

The Fire Trucks struggle to contain the fire.

The evacuation is now completed, the controller checks some security camera footage to see if the fire has spread to the basement floors, when they see the family trapped in the basement, then the signal gets lost. They where in basement level D50.

The controller calls Thunderbird 5 for help and explains the situation, and Thunderbird 1 and 2 are launched. Soon the fire spreads even quicker than before until the point where it looks like it's going to collapse. Thunderbird 1 arrives at the Danger Zone, soon parts of the Tower collapse and the Fire Crews are forced to clear the area, narrowly avoiding the falling rubble. Scott is in the Control Tower examining a map of the basement levels, The controller tells him the family are in level D50 and the closest they will be able to get to them is level C17. Then, Thompson Tower collapses and is no more; in the basement, the family hold on for dear life as some rubble falls through the ceiling.

Thunderbird 2 arrives with Firefly and the Mole and Brains' risky new Cutting Gas. Scott tells Virgil the Gas will be the only way to get to the family in time to save them. Virgil clears a path through the rubble with the Firefly, after the path is cleared Scott and Virgil meet each other in The Mole and drill all the way to basement level C17. They get on their Hoverbikes, take the cutting gas with them and cut through the corridor doors with the gas until they reach the family. They quickly load them onto the Hover Bikes and get to The Mole before the ceiling caves in and explodes. International Rescue saved the day!

Back at Tracy Island, Brains believes it was the heat in the burning building that stopped Scott and Virgil from falling unconscious. He says the temperature in the building was enough to evaporate the gas. Tin-Tin reads a newspaper report about the incident at Thompson Tower and, when asked, reveals that the driver of the car that caused the fire was a woman. Meanwhile, the Man and his Wife who caused the fire are back on the road, when they get over taken by another speeding driver, the Woman says people like that should be kept off the road, her husband agrees with her and they drive off into the distance.

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