• When Scott and Virgil are testing the gas and Scott passes out, the close up shows him falling forward, but then the far out shot shows that he has actually fallen backwards.
  • When Joe Carter parks the car in the car park, there are several cars to the left of him. In the close-up shot of the car, several cars have disappeared.
  • When the Woman Driver's car crashes, in the long-shot model shot, she and her husband are thrown out of the car, still in their seats and the fire breaks out at the rear of the car next to the one they crashed into. But in the close-up puppet shot, the Woman Driver and her husband are back in the car and the fire is to the rear of THEIR car.
  • When the Woman Driver's car crashes, it stops with its front end atop the car next to the one it crashed into. But just before the car explodes, it is flat out on the ground.
  • In the Thompson Tower at one point, Blanche and Tommy are sitting on a bench whilst Joe Carter keeps hitting the steel door. When the Tower Control Assistant switches on the television he says "How did they get in there?" and we see a picture of the family. This time, it's a different picture to the one seen before as Blanche and Tommy are not sitting on a bench, and Joe is nowhere near a steel door.

  • When The Thompson Tower collapses and all Fire Trucks evacuate the area, the police cars are missing.
  • Just before the Fire Tender disappears, small flames can be seen at the Fire Tenders rear. This was most likely an accident that occurred during filming.
  • Although the Thompson Tower is clearly situated in the United States, a sign on the wall of the Control Centre uses the British spelling of 'Centre' instead of the American 'Center'.
  • When the Tower Controller asks "Are those fire tenders coming?", he is voiced by Ray Barrett.
  • When the Tower Controller says "I've got a fast car ready for you outside." his lips don't move.

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