Ocean Pioneer II is launched

Six months after Ocean Pioneer I was lost, Ocean Pioneer II was launched from Clydeside Dockyard by Lady Penelope, who was the guest of Lord Worden. The launch was a success, but Lady Penelope told the TV Reporter that "the bottle of champagne didn't quite break with the pop she expected". Unbeknown to her Parker had switched it with a bottle of soda water, and was sat in FAB 1 with Stevens (a fellow chauffeur) drinking it!

The GantryEdit

Several guests can be seen on the gantry, including the cameraman and reporter.

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit

The OnlookersEdit

High up above the gantry were two onlookers, one of which dropped his hat onto the gantry below and spoke with a Scottish accent.

Other Appearances. (Isn't That...?)Edit