Ocean Pioneer II is launched

Six months after Ocean Pioneer I was lost, Ocean Pioneer II was launched from Clydeside Dockyard by Lady Penelope, who was the guest of Lord Worden. The launch was a success, but Lady Penelope told the TV Reporter that "the bottle of champagne didn't quite break with the pop she expected". Unbeknown to her Parker had switched it with a bottle of soda water, and was sat in FAB 1 with Stevens (a fellow chauffeur) drinking it!

The GantryEdit

Several guests can be seen on the gantry, including the cameraman and reporter.

  • World TV Cameraman (not in photo)
  • World TV Reporter (not in photo)
  • Lady in fur hat
  • Young boy
  • The Mayor
  • Lady Penelope
  • Man in Navy uniform, with dark glasses (behind Lady Penelope)
  • Man in blue jacket
  • Man partly hidden
  • Lord Worden
  • Man with bald head

Other Appearances. (Isn't That...?)Edit

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