Collins is a character from Alias Mr. Hackenbacker. He is a criminal with a record "as long as your arm", in the words of Jeff Tracy. He was part of the plot to hijack Skythrust and steal fashion designer Francois Lemaire's entire collection.



In the Sahara Desert, on a disused airfield, Collins and Ross, wait for the airliner ( Skythrust), to arrive, that has been hijacked by co-conspirators, Madeline and Mason.

A Wait in VainEdit

Unbeknown to the gang, Skythrust has been diverted to London Airport, after Thunderbird 2 had knock-out the undercarriage with a missile.

Instead of the suspected arrival of the hijacked aircraft, Thunderbird 2 swoops in and deliverers a devastating blow with another missile. Leavening the two criminals well and truly battered.

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