"Maybe we can climb out of here."

Colonel Sweeney is a colonel in the US Army who appeared in Pit of Peril. He was a crew member of the Sidewinder walker vehicle.

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Commander of the SidewinderEdit

In the African jungle, the US Army is testing a new all-terrain Sidewinder vehicle. After a successful test run, Sweeney and his two man crew, bring the giant craft to a halt, in a jungle clearing, and report in to the "copter watchdog" support helicopter.

Into the PitEdit

Unbeknown to Colonel Sweeney, the clearing in the jungle was in fact a second world war dumping ground for unwanted military equipment. A crust of earth had formed over the top and spontaneous combustion had caused the wreckage in the pit to ignite.

The weight of the Sidewinder was too much for the ground and it caved in taking the Sidewinder with it. Sweeney and his crew were trapped 300 feet below ground.

The Waiting GameEdit

While the rescue was in operation, there was nothing they could do but sit and wait, hoping for a rescue before the heat became too much.

Time's Running OutEdit

After a failed attempt to attach a line and pull the Sidewinder from the pit, General Peters calls International Rescue, who are soon on the scene, Virgil lays explosive charges in the pit, to clear a ledge, so the Recovery Vehicles can hail the Sidewinder from the pit. Sweeney and his crew are saved, and soon whisked off to hospital.