"Yes, those early Moon shots with Tim Casey sure were exciting. He used to be quite a character..."
Jeff Tracy

Colonel Tim Casey is a US Air Force colonel; and he and Jeff Tracy are old friends. The two men became acquainted during the early days of space travel, and they participated in several missions together during that time.

Voiced by David Graham, he appears in Edge Of Impact.


Tracy Island Gets a Visitor...Edit

The new high-performance military jet Red Arrow 1 comes to a fatal end, as it crashes at World Space Control, with the loss of its pilot Race, believed to have blacked out prior to impact. When project leader Colonel Tim Casey is replaced for the test programme on Red Arrow 2, he decides to pay an unexpected visit to his now-retired old friend Jeff Tracy, at the latter's home in the South Pacific. He arrives in a "Skyhawk" jet, flown by Red Arrow pilot Goddard - and towing a banner behind it, with the words Greetings Jeff Tracy. "Couldn't be anyone else" announcing himself with such a show, Jeff asserts, with some amusement. "Boys, looks like we got a visitor!"

Hunting for a Water Mamba...and a SaboteurEdit

Alas, Red Arrow 2 fares no better than its predecessor - crashing into the British Telecom Tower, and in so doing trapping its two-man crew. This time, though, there are differences: Goddard, the pilot, was able to eject to safety, and his aircraft was carrying a special device invented by Brains, that would - and did - detect outside interference with Red Arrow's controls. ("I tell you, this aircraft is flying itself!" he insists, to Commander Norman.) The source of the sabotage? None other than The Hood - who purposely diverted Red Arrow 2 to smash into the telecom tower! It's clearly a job for International Rescue - but how? Tim Casey has no idea his old friend Jeff's lavish island home is actually the organization's secret base (nor must he ever find out)!

Tin-Tin provides a necessary diversion - taking Casey scuba-diving through a number of the island's underwater caves, searching for the rare "water mamba" - allowing Thunderbirds 1 and 2 to launch, without him seeing anything he shouldn't...

Several underwater caves later, though, Casey's become restless; and they still haven't glimpsed that elusive water mamba. He's had enough, and would be quite happy to surface. Saved by the bell - or, rather, a tiny flashing signal-light on her scuba-mask - Tin-Tin acquiesces, and in due course they return to the Tracy Villa. Everyone's there, and they have big news: International Rescue's broken the case of the Red Arrow sabotages! The test programme has been cleared to resume and, even better, Casey's been recalled to England to lead it once more. He's elated; and as he takes off for home, he displays his gratitude by means of another banner towed by his plane: Thanks Jeff Tracy...