Colonel Tim Casey is an air force colonel and an old friend of Jeff Tracy. He appears in Edge Of Impact.

Casey was voiced by David Graham.


Visit to Tracy IslandEdit

Tim Casey is replaced for the test programme on Red Arrow 2, so he decides to pay an unexpected visit to his old friend Jeff Tracy on Tracy Island. He arrives in a "Skyhawk" jet flown by Red Arrow pilot Goddard. Upon reaching the island, Goddard releases a banner with the words "Greetings Jeff Tracy" on it.

Hunt for a Water MambaEdit

A call for help comes from the two personnel of the a telecom tower hit by the Red Arrow 2, which was diverted off course by The HoodTin-Tin Kyrano takes Casey scuba diving on a wild goose chase for a "water mamba" to prevent him from seeing the launching of Thunderbird 1 and 2.


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