"Comet Chasers" is the 21st episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!. It was broadcast on 19th December, 2015.


Francois Lemaire and his wife Madeline embark on a journey to see Halley's comet up close, but end up in a situation when Francois decides to enters the comet's tail. Their ship suffers damage and International Rescue are dispatched, much to the delight of Alan who has always wanted to see the rare comet up close.


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  • Alan: (Is sleep flying on the couch and Scott waves a hand in front of his face) "This is Thunderbird 3, I'm making my approach to the comet now, what a veiw! Decreasing acceleration.. Steady, steady..." (Grandma Tracy taps him on the head and he wakes up) "Ow! What did you do that for I was just about to land!"
  • Scott: "It's not the first time you've reminded us of it Alan, or the second, or the third..."
  • Alan: (pointing at François Lemaire's hologram) "There he is, there! The rich explorer guy..uuh uh francy-whats-his-name!"
  • Madeline: (after her husband introduces her) "Oh and for the record, this wasn't my idea at all."

  • François: "It would be a shame not to see it a little closer, that's why I have decided this very moment to go inside the comets tail!"
  • Scott: "No! That is a seriously bad idea!"
  • Alan: "Wow you do realise he can't actually hear you."

  • François: "What is all this gibberish? I can't understand you! You see? I don't act as if I know everything. For example I'd really like to know how to get the propulsion back! And I still haven't located that blasted emergency beacon!" (Madeline presses the beacon and says "There." "Oh, exactly where I thought it was."
  • Madeline: "Next time read the manual."

  • François: "Millions of people are watching my live stream, I'm sure they're all worried sick. And once you turn on an emergency beacon they always send someone to rescue you. I've been through this before, Everest, the Mariana Trench, that farm in Kent...ugh you know I still get nightmares about ducks. My point is everything will be fine."

  • Madeline: "You have a knack for getting rescued dear husband, I can't wait to write this chapter in your biography."

  • François: "What are we suppose to do? There's nothing back here in your cargo hold! No furnature, not even any cargo, Never mind food."
  • Scott: (laughs a little with Alan) "Actully, you'll be happy to know there is food. It's something Brains whipped up for long trips."
  • François: "Brains? Doesn't sound like a cheif's name."
  • Scott: "Oh he's very good, his specialty is something called 'ration bars.' You'll find plenty of them in the bin."
  • François: "They have me eating out of a bin. It's just like that farm in Kent all over again."
  • Madeline: (chuckles) "Lucky there's no duckies."
  • Scott: "Oh and uh Mr. Lemaire, Alan and I have been discussing it and given the obvious inconvenience we're not going to bill you for the trip home so have as many ration bars as you like."

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Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

  • Solar Wind spacecraft



  • Halley's comet is based on the actual one which passes the Earth every 76 years. It was named after it's discoverer Edmond Halley. It was last seen in 1986 and won't be seen again until mid-2061.
  • This episode marks the second time Scott Tracy has co-piloted Thunderbird 3 with Alan, after Relic.
  • Scott Tracy doesn't have any restrictions on filming International Rescue members, unlike in the original series. This was also seen in High Strung (Brandon Berrenger was filming Scott).
  • The name of the explorer during this episode, François Lemaire, is a reference to Alias Mr. Hackenbacker. His wife, Madeline, is also a reference to one of the villains in that episode, Madeline.
  • Although Virgil, Gordon and Kayo don't participate in the mission, they can be seen relaxing by the Tracy family pool in the opening scene.
  • Even though this is the first time we meet the Lemaires, it's not the first time International Rescue has had to save them. François remembers Scott from a previous mis-adventure in the Mariana Trench indicating that Scott himself has had unfortunately run into him before.
  • This is the first time the drill component on the nose-end of Thunderbird 3 is used.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • Dutch: Kometenjagers
  • French: Chasseurs de comètes
  • Spanish: Cazacometas
  • Japanese: ハレー彗星での冒険 (Adventure in Halley's Comet)