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Commander Norman is the director of London International Airport. He has been present for several rescues effected by International Rescue, including their first ever.

Operation Crash DiveEdit

Commander Norman was in the control tower of London International Airport for the launch of Fireflash 3. When he lost radio contact with the Pilot, he launched "Operation Seahawk" but nothing was found of the Airliner.

Commander Norman held a briefing before the test flight of Fireflash 4 with the crew and other guests.

Edge Of ImpactEdit


Commander Norman is also assigned to the "World Space Control Project" in order to assist Colonel Tim Casey in the Red Arrow trials. The Central Control is based in the control tower at London and overlooks the Military side of the Airport.


  • Norman is named after Norman Foster, a member of the production crew.
  • Commander Norman makes a cameo appearance at General Speyer's press meeting, in The Mighty Atom.

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