The following is a list of all communication devices used by civillians in the Thunderbirds television series.

Civilian hardwareEdit

The TelecallEdit

Seen in several episodes, the telecall booths (marked "Public Phonavision") are used by members of the public. The phone console (Telecall) can also been seen in the Control Tower of London Airport. The Phonavision system can transmit both sound and video (optional).

Main article: Telecall booth - Parola Sands

London Airport Control TowerEdit

Commander Norman had a communications desk in Trapped in the Sky. The desk microphone could also be hand held.

Cape Kennedy Control RoomEdit

Colonel Benson had hands free communications with the solarnauts aboard the Sun Probe

Seascape Drilling RigEdit

Dick O'Shea sat at a communication desk onboard Seascape but later in Atlantic Inferno he wore a head set.

Hand Held DevicesEdit

Captain Hanson had a hand set onboard Fireflash in Trapped in the Sky.

Commander Norman also used this type of hand set in Trapped in the Sky.

Head SetsEdit

Fireflash AircraftEdit

Seascape Drilling RigEdit

Sun Probe RocketEdit

The crew of the Sun Probe all wore head sets in the episode of the same name.

Helijet CommunicationsEdit

Helijets have hand held microphones and a speaker above the pilots head. Joe also carried a short range walkie-talkie in his jacket pocket, for emergency purposes after bailing out.

Allington Bridge Engineers - Portable DeviceEdit

In Day Of Disaster, Dave Clayton used a portable box type device, to contact the control tower when on inspection of the Allington Suspension Bridge.

4 Structural Maintenance VanEdit

In Edge Of Impact, The Hood has a communication device hidden in a secret compartment in the dashboard of his van, so that he could contact General Bron. The device seems to be a standard hand held, similar to the ones used by International Rescue.

Spoke City Police ForceEdit

In 30 Minutes After Noon, Police Commissioner Garfield had a talk back machine in his office so he was able to talk to his officers at the scene of the fire.

Glen Carrick CastleEdit

In 30 Minutes After Noon, the leader of the Erdman gang explains, by radio, how Southern, Dempsey and Kenyon must disable the plutonium storage facility's robotic guards.

Gazelle AutomationsEdit

In The Duchess Assignment, Wilbur Dandridge had a talk-back machine, similar to the one seen in Commissioner Garfield's office. To talk to his secretary (Miss Godolphin) Dandridge had a hand held device.

See AlsoEdit

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