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The following is a list of all communication devices seen throught out Thunderbirds.

Main Communications On Tracy IslandEdit

The main Communications system on Tracy Island is hidden within portraits hanging on the walls of the Villa.

Main article: Tracy Villa

Thunderbird CraftEdit

Thunderbird 1Edit

Thunderbird 2Edit

Thunderbird 4Edit

Thunderbird 4 has built in communications, within the control instrument panel, allowing Gordon hands free operation.

In The Mighty Atom, Gordon is seen using a handheld microphone.

Thunderbird 5Edit

Communication DevicesEdit

International Rescue used several different types of communication devices throughout their missions.

Standard HardwareEdit

Auto Transmission UnitEdit

Behind Jeff Tracy's desk is the Auto transmission unit, it was used in the episode Desperate Intruder to try and make contact with the Base camp after Brains had failed to report in on time.

Hand Held Walkie-Talkie (Short Range)Edit

Personal Inter-CallEdit

Also known as (full title) Personal Intercall Wrist Communicator.

In Thunderbird 6, Jeff and Alan communicate using their watches.

In Move - And You're Dead, Alan used one while he was stuck on the San Miguel Bridge.

Jeff's WatchEdit

Alan's WatchEdit

Brains' WatchEdit

Brains' watch in Day Of Disaster.

Hand Held Walkie-Talkie (Long Range)Edit

Used by Tin-Tin in The Cham-Cham to contact Tracy Island from Paradise Peaks Hotel.

Head SetsEdit

Hand Held MicrophonesEdit

Several types of hand held microphones were used by International Rescue; the types are listed here in order of their use.

Type 1Edit

Early ball type.

Type 2Edit

Silver microphone with black handle.

Type 3Edit

Silver microphone with white handle.

Type 4Edit

Small aerial version

Type 5Edit

Gold microphone with white base.

Type 6Edit

Single barrel type with round microphone top.

Type 7Edit

Black microphone with a red handle.e

Stethoscope Type DeviceEdit

In the episode Danger At Ocean Deep, Scott uses a type of Stethoscope to try to make contact with the crew of Ocean Pioneer II. The device has a suction cup speaker that can penetrate sound through walls and doors, via a hand held microphone, and can pick-up any sound being received.


Caravan Talk-backEdit

Located in Tin-Tin's bedroom (in the Expedition Caravan at Lake Anasta), this was a simple bedside, microphone and speaker system. Seen in the episode Desperate Intruder. Tin-Tin and Brains referred to this machine as a "Talk back".


Police commissioner Garfield had a similar device in his office, as seen in 30 Minutes After Noon.

Main article: Communication Devices - Civilian

International Rescue's AgentsEdit

Lady Penelope's CompactEdit

To contact International Rescue, Lady Penelope has a radio built into her compact.

FAB 1's Cordless PhoneEdit

Sheep Counting MeterEdit

Jeremiah Tuttle's furnaceEdit

Signalling DevicesEdit

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