"Computer Madness" is the second episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and ninth produced overall. The episode first aired in Japan on June 19, 1982.


The Master Computer on Moonbase Omega is due to be replaced. In response, the program takes over the colony and mass-produces an army of assault vehicles. IRO's efforts only make matters worse, as the runaway Computer counters their retaliation by draining the life support of its captured humans.


(To Be Added)

IRO Equipment UsedEdit


The Master Computer



Thunderbird 6

  • After making a fleeting cameo in Firefall, Thunderbird 6 properly appears for the first time.

Anderson Stock LibraryEdit

  • Beginning this episode, a variety of background music and sound effects from various Anderson productions are worked into the series. Recycled stock from this episode include:
    • The ominous music from Thunderbirds Are Go, as the MEV crosses Mars.
    • The 'orbital' sound effect always played as the camera pans towards Thunderbird 5.
    • The emergency sirens infamously heard at the start of Countdown To Disaster.

Foreign NameEdit


Title Card (Japanese version)

  • Japanese: The Lunar Surface City (月の表面市))

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