This is a list / Link of Confectionery & Bubble Gum cards.

Thunderbirds Series 1: Sweet cigarette cards (Set of 50) published by Barratt and Co, UK 1965.

Thunderbirds Series 2: Sweet cigarette cards ( 2nd Set of 50) published by Barratt and Co, UK 1965.

No 1

Somportex Bubblegum Cards: Published in 1966, set of 72 black and white cards

Card No.21

TV Shows By Monty Gum Published in 1966. A set of 55 coloured cards, Thunderbirds subjects 17 - 29 (12 cards).

Adams Bubble Gum (1st Series). Released in the Netherlands, a set of 34, "TV 2000 Club".

Adams Bubble Gum (2nd Series). Different backs from "1st Series".

Adams Bubble Gum (Series c). A set of 10 "Adams TV 2000"


Somportex Series 2 (Colour) Cards. A second series (73 cards) printed in the Netherlands by Monty Gum

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