Copter Watchdog.

Copter Watchdog is the callsign of a U.S. Army helicopter featured in Pit of Peril.

U.S. Army helicopter no. 52723 is the support helicopter to the Sidewinder. On board are the pilot, General Peters and Lieutenant Ralph.

Technical DataEdit

  • Fuselage length: 17 metres
  • Length overall: 26 metres
  • Max range: 2735 miles
  • Max take-off weight: 18,600 kgs
  • Maximum Speed: 220 mph
  • Power: 4 T66-L70 turboshaft engines; 2 UEI-N77 topside turbojets
  • Rotor blade diameter: 17.84 metres
  • Weight (empty): 9,505 kgs
Helicopter (Pit of Peril)


The name of the pilot is unknown. He holds the rank of Captain.

Other PassengersEdit

Cut-away drawingEdit


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