No. 1
Written by Joan Marie Verba
Action Alert!

Countdown To Action! is the first in a series of seven Thunderbirds novels released by FTL Publications in the United States. Published in June 2008, the paperback novel was written by Joan Marie Verba, and features a new adventure starring Jeff Tracy and his family of heroes.


A series of chance encounters lead young Air Force cadet Jeff Tracy on the adventure of a lifetime. An adventure filled with love, loss, sacrifice, and the dream to form an organisation dedicated to saving the lives of others...


  • First Thunderbirds novel published to contain original fiction since 1967.
  • Countdown To Action! features an amalgamation of characters and concepts from alternate sources. For instance, the novel is set in 2065, yet incorporates elements from the '2026' timeline, including Lucille Tracy, and listing John Tracy as the third-eldest son.

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