Countdown to Disaster

Alan Fennell


ITC Entertainment
Channel 5


1982, 1986


95 Mins

Countdown to Disaster (aka Thunderbirds: Countdown to Disaster) was a compilation film originally released by ITC Entertainment in 1982. It was the third and final in a series of three films comprised of two episodes each, spliced together into a single feature-length movie.


The film is a compilation of Terror In New York City and Atlantic Inferno. (For plot-related info, please visit their respective pages.)

Deleted ScenesEdit

Terror in New York CityEdit

  • Virgil praising Kyrano's cooking
  • Ned Cook and Joe tumbling down into the abyss
  • The panning shot of the IR team in the audience at the Ned Cook Show

Atlantic InfernoEdit

  • The entire opening sequence of Lady Penelope blowing up a mountain
  • The sequence showing the World Navy preparing for their target practice


Opening Credits:


Closing Credits:


Copyright ITC Entertainment, Inc. 1982

All rights reserved.



Channel 5 VHS video tape.


The VHS tape was later reissued as volume 1.

  • Transition Between Episodes: As Ned Cook delivers his gratitude to International Rescue live, the image fades back to Tracy Island with Jeff receiving a call from Lady Penelope. No attempt is made to explain the passage of time.
  • Countdown To Disaster is the only film of the series not to have "Thunderbirds" in the opening titles.
  • The opening credits are displayed over a scrolling text background. Although most of this text is semi-nonsensical technospeak, it also includes a number of lines that appear to have been inserted as some kind of practical joke. Among them:
    • "Brains is Howdy Doody's illegitimate son"
    • "Troy loves Phones"
    • "Danger Oscillator 5-3877 is out to get you"
    • "Captain Scarlet Lives"


  • Grenville Nott is miscredited as Granville Nott

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • Hebrew: הספירה לאחור ("The Countdown")

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