The Crab Ship is a submarine built by the Mechanic.


City Under the SeaEdit

The Mechanic uses the Crab Ship to explore the submerged Bay City and locates the old Creighton Ward building. His plan is to retrieve the safe were the blueprints of Parkmoor Scrubs prison are, in order to break the Hood out of prison. However, a family of tourists renting a submarine are caught under rubble and trapped. They manage to alert International Rescue, causing them to dispatch Kayo and Gordon in Thunderbird 4. Once they arrive on the scene, the Mechanic spots them and deploys Ray Mechas. Meanwhile, Lady Penelope and Parker have also arrived in Fab 1 and are going through the building's ruins to get the safe before the Mechanic does. While Kayo draws the drones away from Gordon and manages to destroy them, Penelope and Parker find the safe but accidentally alert the Mechanic to their presence. A chase ensues, during which the Mechanic succeeds in acquiring the safe. However, Parker managed to activate the built-in failsafe that causes the safe to self-destruct before the Mechanic can get his hands on the plans.


The Crab Ship is a large submarine somewhat modeled after a crab. It boasts a red color scheme and it has a central cockpit that is Magna Prime, attached onto the ship. In each side of its hull it has a pair of large propellers that rotate to provide maneuverability. It is equipped with four large robotic arms situated on its underside which end in an appendage modeled after the pincers of its namesake. It also has a cargo bay in its underside from which it can deploy Ray Mechas and use for storage.

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