Crablogger Base Control is a vehicle from Path Of Destruction. It served as a mobile command and control center for the Crablogger forest-clearance vehicle.


Side by side with the Crablogger


Simms and Jansen (Standing)

The Crablogger Arrives at Base ControlEdit

Crablogger 1, a huge tree-felling machine, arrives at base camp in South America in preparation for its first mission. In the evening the base commander (Jansen), takes the crew for a meal at a local restaurant in nearby San Martino, as they are not due to start work until the next morning.

Tracking the Crablogger on its Path of DestructionEdit

In the morning, when the Crablogger sets off from the camp both of the two-man crew collapse, the victims of food poisoning, and the Crablogger veers off course, heading straight for San Martino.


  • The Crablogger Base Control model was later converted into an ambulance for use in the subsequent Gerry Anderson production "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons", first appearing in Winged Assassin, where it is used to recover Captain Scarlet from the crash site, and again later in Treble Cross.