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The Creighton-Ward Manor is a Southern English mansion, which has been the home of the aristocratic Creighton-Ward family for many generations. International Rescue agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, her pet dog Sherbet, and her manservant Parker currently live in the manor.

The manor first appeared at the end of Unplugged, when Virgil and Grandma joined Lady Penelope for tea.

In The Hexpert, a GDF Plane landed at Creighton-Ward Manor to collect Parker's tools in order to break into an anti-matter vault.

In Designated Driver, a pair of crooks visited and kidnapped Lady Penelope and Great Aunt Sylvia . They hijacked FAB 1 but Alan, Scott and Parker stopped them in an aerial pursuit with FAB 0 and Thunderbird 1.

In Legacy, the Manor briefly appeared when Lady Penelope activated protocol W.A.S.P.




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