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Manour House

Built in the eighteenth century, the Creighton-Ward Mansion stands on the site of a Norman castle in rural Kent. Designated by World Heritage as a grade one listed building, Creighton House has nonetheless been extensively, yet subtly, modernized to include infrared burglar alarms, inter-room video communications, and a forensic laboratory has been built in what were the servants quarters "below stairs". Running costs are kept to a minimum: only Parker and Lil live permanently on site with her ladyship.

The mansion is a miniature replica of Stourhead House.

Views of the House from OutsideEdit

The GardenEdit

House InteriorsEdit

The Entrance HallEdit

The Main LoungeEdit


When Warren Grafton pays a visit to Lady Penelope. Parker shows him into the Library.


Composite picture.

The SafeEdit

Hidden under the carpet of the library is Lady Penelope's safe. In Brink of Disaster, Harry Malloy and Selsden break into Creighton-Ward Manor and plunder the safe.

The Safe Alarm SystemEdit

The safe in the library is protected by an independent alarm system, that when triggered, will set off flashing lights inside Lady Penelope and Parker's bedrooms. The safe also has a video view, which is disguised as paintings on the walls of both bedrooms.

The KitchenEdit

Parker's StudyEdit

The Master BedroomEdit

Lady Penelope's bedroom.

Parker's BedroomEdit

Parker keeps his suitcases under the bed, one of which holds a submachine gun!

Communication devicesEdit

Creighton-Ward Manor has several different communication devices throughut the house.

Hall Way CommunicatorEdit

Used in Brink Of Disaster, Parker is able to contact Lady Penelope who is driving FAB 1 by twisting the figurine on the banister of the staircase.

Tea Pot - Main LoungeEdit

In Trapped in the Sky, Lady Penelope twisted the top of her tea pot to accept an incoming call from Jeff Tracy on Tracy Island.

The tea pot also appears in The Cham-Cham and Thunderbirds Are Go, and in a little cameo, with Scott, in Day Of Disaster.

Candle Holder Microphone - Dinning RoomEdit

Video Phone - Dinning RoomEdit

Lady Penelope has a standard video link inside an oak cabinet.

Room To Room CommunicationsEdit

Lady Penelope is able to contact Parker in the middle of the night by the use of her bedside microphone hidden inside a jewelry box. Parker's communicator is hidden inside the lid of his beer stein.

FAB 1's GarageEdit

Key Features of the HouseEdit

Below is a list of features of the house, (according to Graham Bleathman, in his "International Rescue book of FAB Cross-Sections"), not seen on screen.

  • First floor guest room
  • Main Guest rooms on the first floor
  • Book and video Library
  • Games Room
  • Attic containing emergency power system
  • Satellite communications room
  • Hallway
  • Banqueting hall
  • Recreation room, including art studio
  • Wine cellar
  • Weapons store
  • Ballroom
  • Entrance to an underground stream that runs to Creighton Village

The Family CrestEdit

This is the coat-of-arms of the Creighton-Ward family


2004 MovieEdit

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