"Crosscut" (sometimes styled as "Cross Cut") is the fourth episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and ninth produced overall. It premièred at the MIPJunior event, on 11th October 2014, at 6pm.


An old Uranium mine in South Africa has been opened and is leaking out radiation so Scott and Virgil are sent to investigate and close the mine. When Scott arrives first on the scene, he discovers that they have a ‘sight seer’ deep within and decides to find them before they close the shaft for good.

The ‘sightseer’ - Marion Van Arkel - is busy trying to take a large quantity of Uranium from the mine to sell to a potential client in order to save her family name after the closure of the mine had put her family out of business. Scott tries to convince her that what she is doing is wrong and when the main exit is destroyed, they both need to leave the mine via an old back entrance. A storm that was on the way towards the mine and the nearby city of Pretoria becomes an ever increasing danger and Scott tells John that if he doesn’t make it out of the mine to seal it off to save the lives of the city’s inhabitants.

Just when things take a turn for the worst, Virgil digs through into the mine with the mole pod and brings Scott and Van Arkle out to safety.


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  • Scott: "Careful, you never know who's listening. And for the record, I LOVE Grandma's chicken wings."




  • John is missing the holographic interface on his sash in his hologram early in the episode.

Foreign titlesEdit

  • Dutch: De kortste weg (The Shortest Route)
  • French: Galeries croisées
  • Spanish: Corte Transversal
  • Japanese: 危険な鉱山を閉鎖せよ (Close the Dangerous Mine)