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Somewhere in Australia, a boy called Bob has fallen and is hurt. He thinks his leg is broken,
but he manages to crawl to his bag and pulls out a radio. He calls International Rescue, and John Tracy picks up his call. John tries to talk to him but something seems to be wrong with the boy's radio.

John gets in touch with Tracy Island and says that the boy could only transmit messages. But he stayed on the airways long enough for him to get a fix on where he was to within a mile. Jeff tells Scott to move out and Thunderbird 1 blasts off minutes later.

Bob hopes someone finds him as it is getting dark. Meanwhile, Scott arrives in the area John told him about, and starts to fly around it. He sees the boy, and is surprised to see that he is on his feet. He tells Jeff that the boy looks fit enough, and is waving at him.

Scott lands Thunderbird 1. Moments later, a line is dropped down to Bob and he grabs hold onto it. He is then pulled up and saved, and he thanks his rescuer.

But the guy at the top is not Scott - it is Bob's brother, Tony Williams! Bob asks if he wants some money, but Tony says International Rescue doesn't need it -they just save people.
But he asks that Bob does not try and follow him when he leaves, and please - no photographs. Scott has been watching and says now he's seen everything. He goes forward and says someone had better start doing some explaining.

The boys take Scott to their father, who apologizes for not watching what his sons were doing. Scott says it doesn't matter about who is to blame, what they need to understand is someone else could have died who really did need rescuing whilst Scott came out to them here. The father tries to get Scott to understand: when his wife died, he had to become a father and a mother, and life is fairly dull out here. He tried to make it up to them by making them their walkie-talkies, as he is very busy with his work at this weather station. The boys say they play International Rescue all the time, and the members of the organization are their heroes. Scott decides on what action he is going to take: he says the boys can come back with him to see their base, and learn of what a false alarm could do.

Scott takes off with Tony and Bob in Thunderbird 1 and heads back to base. Having learnt of what is going to happen, Jeff makes sure his sons are ready as he wants them to give the new arrivals a warm welcome. As Thunderbird 1 approaches Tracy Island, Tony and Bob put on their blindfolds. Scott says nobody can know the location of their base as if the wrong people get that info they would want to steal their advanced technology.

Thunderbird 1 lands. Tin-Tin Kyrano sees how much food Grandma Tracy has made, and says it is enough to feed an army. Grandma doesn't think so - an army maybe, but for two growing young boys, she doesn't think she's made enough.

Alan Tracy starts the tour via the monorail system
they have on the island, and shows them some of the pod vehicles in Thunderbird 2's hangar. He then shows them something much more impressive: Thunderbird 3.

It is then time for lunch, and the boys easily eat their way through everything Grandma has made. They say it was the best meal they've ever had. Brains asks if they enjoyed the tour, and they say it was super. Bob wants to live here whilst Tony says they have learnt now why it is important not to call International Rescue unless it is a real emergency. Now they know that, Jeff says their trip was worth it, and it is time for them to go. He says they can go in Thunderbird 2.

They head down the passenger elevator and soon take off in Thunderbird 2 with Virgil Tracy. A short time later, after the boys have returned home, the press picks up on the story and it makes front page news on some papers.

The boys are excited when they read the story, as they are now famous, but their father isn't quite as happy. Out in his temple, The Hood has seen the story and laughs
when he reads that the place the boy's story is a weather station. Since International Rescue have helped him, he considers sending them some of the profits he will shortly make.

Whilst it is meant to be a weather station, the Williams' house is actually a satellite tracking station. Williams gets a call from central command, stating that one of their satellites will be passing over shortly. As it does, it takes several pictures of the Earth, which Williams collects.

Meanwhile, at Tony and Bob's secret base, the boys are one again going to play International Rescue. Tony is the one who needs help this time, and says he'll go out to the old mine. He gets a 30 minute start before Bob comes to help him in Thunderbird 2. As Tony makes his way, Bob lets his Dad know that they are going out for a while.

The Hood has arrived and before he makes any moves, he wants to know where everyone is. He sees one of the boys head out, and believes that judging from the direction, he must be going to the old mine as it is the only thing of interest that way on the map he has. The Hood puts on a mask and heads to it. He finds Bob looking for a place to hide.
He tells him that he has been sent here to survey the old mine, and he recognises him from a story he read in a newspaper. Tony says his brother Bob is coming to look for him, so The Hood suggests a good hiding spot.

A short time later, Bob appears in his Thunderbird 2 and arrives at the entrance of the mine. He also sees that the place does not seem steady, and some debris falls out of the mine. He calls out to Tony as he doesn't think they should play here, when The Hood appears. He tells Bob he is a surveyor and told Tony that he could play in the mine, but now thinks it is too dangerous, and Bob should go in and get him. The Hood then manages to get some info out of Bob, such as his father being the only one at home, and there being a lot of equipment in his lab.

Bob doesn't like the looks of the surveyor and says he'll be off now into the mine to find his brother. The Hood tries to get him to wait, but he still goes off. He thinks it doesn't matter as he should be able to find what he wants and then shoots a grenade into the mine entrance. The large explosion causes the boys to fall down a shaft, trapping them under a lot of rubble.

Back on Tracy Island, Gordon says this is the life -just being able to enjoy the day like this.
Virgil tells him not to get used to it as when they are this quiet they usually end up getting an emergency call. Gordon jokes that they should send Tony and Bob to deal with it if they do. Meanwhile, at the central command building, Williams reports to his superiors that he has received the photos, and they show the location of an installation they have been searching for. He is told that someone can come and pick them up tomorrow, and he is glad it is all over as now he can go back to his old job, which means less work and more time to see his kids.

Just then The Hood enters the Williams' home and has a look around. Williams hears a noise outside and soon finds that there is an intruder. He gets a monitor screen to come on and tells the man what does he think he is doing in here, but The Hood starts to use his hypnosis powers to try and get Williams to open the door.

Williams manages to shut the monitor off instead, and keep the door sealed, but passes out soon after. Meanwhile Bob and Tony have survived, but they are trapped under rubble. Bob doesn't want to use the radio again as they promised they wouldn't, but Tony says this is different this time as there really is an emergency. He makes a call to International Rescue, which John receives in Thunderbird 5.

Tony starts to explain their situation, but John recognises his voice
and realises that Tony and Bob are calling him again. They try to explain that this is a real emergency this time, but John doesn't believe them and ends the call. He reports it to Tracy Island and says he started to believe them. Virgil thinks that the story about a guy tricking the two boys into a mine and then blowing it up is silly and John is nuts for believing them. Scott is just disappointed that after all they did for the two, they've still gone and broken their promise of not calling them again. Jeff tells him to just forget it, and they should all go get something to eat.

Bob comes to realise that nobody is going to find them down here and they can't get out. Meanwhile at central command, Lt. Lansfield lets Colonel Jameson know that Williams has got the pictures they need. Just then Williams contacts them unexpectedly. He says that someone is trying to get into the room he is in, where the pictures are. Jameson tells Lansfield to find out how fast they can get some of their own men out to him.

Meanwhile The Hood finds a blow torch and starts to use it to burn his way through the wall.
Lansfield finds out it would take 3 hours for their men to get to Williams, as he is out in the middle of nowhere. Jameson tells Williams that if that guy gets through, he must destroy those photos, but not until he is absolutely sure he will have to do that. But whatever happens, he must not let that man take the pictures. Williams suggests they call International Rescue -they made it here in 35 minutes last time. Jameson goes off to call them.

John picks up the call and Jameson explains what is going on. Jeff soon finds out and realises that what Tony and Bob were saying was true. It all makes sense -that man who is trying to steal the photos got the two boys out of the way by trapping them in that mine. Jeff tells Scott to go and help Williams, whilst Virgil and Alan need to get to that mine and help Tony and Bob.

Meanwhile Gordon tells the two boys to be brave as the Thunderbirds are coming. Meanwhile The Hood has almost finished burning through the wall. Williams decides he had better destroy the photographs, but before he can set them on fire with his lighter, The Hood kicks down the wall and calls out to him.

The Hood uses his powers to knock Williams out, and then he grabs the photos. As this is going on, Scott arrives in Thunderbird 1 and touches down next to the Williams' home. He gets his hoverjet out and heads towards the house.

The Hood leaves the house and sees Scott, but ignores him and quickly gets into his truck.
He flees the scene, but Scott goes after him. Near to the mine, Thunderbird 2 has arrived on the scene and lands. Virgil and Alan find an open shaft, and after setting up harnesses, descend down it.

The ceiling above Tony and Bob is clearly about to collapse. Tony uses his radio to tell Alan not to come after them, but by using it, it lets Virgil get a signal and point them out in the direction they need to go to find them. They soon find the two boys. Alan lifts a beam up son Virgil can pull Tony and Bob out from under it.

He does this just in time as as they move out of the way, the ceiling falls apart and covers the area they were trapped in with lots of rubble. Meanwhile, The Hood is trying to make his escape, but sees he is being followed.

He speeds up, but ends up losing control of his vehicle and crashes off the side of a cliff. The truck hits the ground below and explodes. Scott sees this and doesn't think that the guy could have stood a chance. He goes down there to collect the photos.

What he doesn't know that The Hood has survived - he fell out of his vehicle
on the way down and landed on a branch. He curses everyone he has met today, but then the branch snaps and he plummets into the water below. Later on, Williams thanks everyone for getting the photos back and saving his son's lives. Before International Rescue can leave, Tony and Bob say they've got something to show Scott. They take him to their base, and show him how they launch their Thunderbirds machines. They ask him to lie on the table. Scott says he'll try anything once. Bob pulls a rope which lifts the table up, and Scott slides down it and then down a chute,
landing in Thunderbird 2. But he's a bit too big and ends up crashing the soapbox vehicle straight through a barn, and then into some bins. The things he has to do for International Rescue!

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