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Bob Williams: "Oh.... Oh, where am I? I must have fallen over. The ledge broke my fall. Oh, my leg. My leg, it hurts. Gotta get help. Gotta get help."

Bob Williams: "Made it. Calling International Rescue. Calling International Rescue."

Bob Williams: "Calling International Rescue. I've fallen over a cliff edge. I think my leg's broken. I'm on a ledge. It stopped my fall. Can you hear me, International Rescue? Please, save me."

John Tracy: "This is International Rescue calling. Are you receiving me, over?"

Bob Williams: "I'm lost. I'm scared. Please, please don't let me die. Please send help. Please! Gee, I hope they picked up my message."

John Tracy: "Sounded like a small boy, Australian."

Jeff Tracy: "Didn't he say where he was?"

John Tracy: "No. He said he was lost, but I couldn't ask any questions, he was only transmitting. All I got was, he was trapped on a ledge and couldn't move. He sounded pretty scared."

Jeff Tracy: "What do you think, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "There isn't much to go on. If only we knew the exact location."

John Tracy: "Fortunately, he stayed on the air long enough for me to get a fix on him. I've got his location to within a mile."

Jeff Tracy: "That's near enough. Right, Scott, on your way."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "John will give you your directions when you're skyborn."

Scott Tracy: "Australia, here I come."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, John, Scott's on his way. Leave it to us."

John Tracy: "I'm worried about that kid. If he's as scared as he sounded, he could panic and fall."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, watch out for him transmitting again, John. You could then get a more precise fix on him. Meanwhile, International Rescue is on its way."

Bob Williams: "Oh, gee. It'll soon be dark. I should have been found by now. Help! Help!"

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. I shall be in sight of the rescue zone in approximately three minutes from now."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Scott. He's down there somewhere, try and locate him on the scanner."

Scott Tracy: "Will do. Over and out."

Bob Williams: "Hey! Hey!"

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. I've spotted him."

Jeff Tracy: "How does he look, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, from this hight he looks fit enough. He's on his feet. He's waving at me."

Bob Williams: "International Rescue. Boy, they saved me."

Jeff Tracy: "You gonna need any help?"

Scott Tracy: "No, I can handle this one. I'm going in to land."

Bob Williams: "You arrived just in time. What can I say, you saved my life."

Tony Williams: "That's all right, sonny. We're doing it all the time."

Bob Williams: "Yeah, but surely you'll take a reward. A couple of million or so."

Tony Williams: "We don't take money. We just save people. We only ask one thing."

Bob Williams: "Sure, sure, whatever you say."

Tony Williams: "Don't try and follow me when I leave here. Our base is secret. And please, no photographs."

Scott Tracy: "Well, now I've seen everything. So, you never did need rescuing. I think someone had better do some explaining."

Mr Williams: "I'm sorry, Mr Tracy. It's my responsibility, and I guess it's all my fault."

Bob Williams: "Oh, you can't blame yourself, Dad."

Scott Tracy: "It's not who's to blame. You gotta realize that while we were dealing with this call, someone really needing help could have lost their life."

Mr Williams: "We realize the seriousness of the situation, Mr Tracy. And we're not trying to make excuses, but try and look at it from the boys' point of view. You see, when their mother died, I had to try and be a mother and a father to them. Well, life's pretty dreary around here for a couple of lively boys. I try to make it up to them. And I made them these walkie-talkie outfits. But I keep pretty busy at the weather station, and they do have to amuse themselves."

Tony Williams: "We play International Rescue all the time."

Bob Williams: "Yeah, it's our favourite game."

Mr Williams: "You and the other members of your organisation are their heroes, Mr Tracy. You're the greatest, in their book."

Scott Tracy: "Well, erm... this is a serious matter, you know. I understand the situation, but this little escapade could have had very tragic results."

Bob Williams: "Gee, we really are sorry, Mr Tracy."

Tony Williams: "What are you going to do to us, Mr Tracy?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, there are several things I should do, but I'll tell you what I've decided. I've decided to take you on a little trip."

Bob Williams: "A trip?"

Scott Tracy: "That's right. If it's OK with your dad, I'm gonna take you to our headquarters. Then you'll see just how much trouble a false alarm causes."

Bob Williams: "It can't be true! It can't be true! Dad, Dad, you gotta let us go. Wow, we're really gonna ride in Thunderbird 1!"

Scott Tracy: "You boys OK?

Tony Williams: "Sure are, Mr Tracy."

Bob Williams: "Wow, this is great."

Scott Tracy: "Hold tight then. We're on our way."

Jeff Tracy: "Good. Very good, boys. I just wanted to make sure you were all up to scratch. With Scott bringing two such admirers as Tony and Bob here, we really got to be on our toes."

Brains: "Thunderbird ETA two minutes, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "Thank you, Brains. I want you fellows to give these two boys a real warm welcome. Is that clear?"

Gordon, Alan, Virgil: "Yes, father."

Scott Tracy: "Well, we're nearly there, boys. Now, you know the drill, don't you?"

Tony Williams: "Sure, Scott."

Bob Williams: "We understand."

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue is a top secret project, and it must stay that way. Too many of the wrong guys would like to get their hands on our secrets."

Bob Williams: "OK, Scott. We're ready."

Tony Williams: "You can take her down now."

Scott Tracy: "OK."

Tin-Tin: "Oh, Mrs. Tracy! There's enough food to feed an army."

Grandma Tracy: "An army, maybe. Two growing youngsters, I'm not so sure."

Tin-Tin: "Hmm, coming along nicely. You really can cook, Grandma."

Grandma Tracy: "Well, I hope I'm not out of practice. The problem with living on a secret base is, visitors are few and far between. Where are the boys now?"

Tin-Tin: "Oh, Uncle Alan is taking them around the grand tour in the monocar."

Bob Williams: "Will you take a look at that!"

Tony Williams: "Where are we now?"

Alan Tracy: "These are some of the vehicles that we use when we're out on rescue operations. Of course, these are just some of our minor craft. In just a moment, you'll see something much more impressive."

Alan Tracy: "Well, here we are in Thunderbird 3 bay."

Bob Williams: "Hey, that's some spaceship."

Tony Williams: "I expect Scott's the only one allowed to pilot that one."

Alan Tracy: "Well, uh, as a matter of fact, I'm the one who takes control of the spaceship."

Bob Williams: "You do? You mean to say you control that craft all by yourself?"

Alan Tracy: "Well, I do take Scott with me as a rule. Just to keep me on course."

Scott Tracy: "Sir, you'll pardon the intrusion, sir, but would you mind telling the boys that lunch is ready?"

Grandma Tracy: "Too much, eh, Tin-Tin? We only just had enough."

Jeff Tracy: "Feeling better, boys?"

Tony Williams: "Yes, sir."

Bob Williams: "Gee, the best meal I ever had."

Brains: "What do you think of the base? Did you enjoy your tour?

Bob Williams: "It was super. Wish I lived here!"

Tony Williams: "And we really understand now why we mustn't call you out without a good reason."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, if you've learned that, I guess the trip was worthwhile. You young fellows have been really privileged you know, coming to a top secret base like this. That's why we made you wear those blindfolds. So you wouldn't know what part of the world you were in. Well, we'd better be getting you home. I'll hand that over to Thunderbird 2. Right, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Yes, sir."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, Tony, Bob, it's sure been great having you here."

Bob Williams: "Thank you, sir."

Tony Williams: "Goodbye, everyone."

Everyone: "Goodbye! So long."

Bob Williams: "Bye."

Scott Tracy: "Come on, I'll take you to the passenger chute."

Jeff Tracy: "And don't forget: no more fooling around with phoney distress calls. OK, away you go Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, Dad."

Virgil Tracy: "Here we go, boys."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks for letting me bring the boys here, Dad."

Jeff Tracy: "That's OK, Scott. When we haven't got time to do things like that, well, it'll be a sad day. And besides, a thing like that isn't gonna cause any harm."

Tony Williams: "Well! Certainly made the news, Bob."

Bob Williams: "Yeah, it's quite a good photograph of the house, isn't it."

Tony Williams: "Where's dad?"

Bob Williams: "He's in his office, I think."

Tony Williams: "Come on, let's show him this. He hasn't seen the paper yet."

Mr Williams: "Good, well, I guess that's enough for today. I wonder what those boys are up to."

Tony Williams: "Dad! Dad! Look what it says in the paper."

Mr Williams: "What's this? What's this?"

Bob Williams: "Just cue in that. We're famous."

Mr Williams: "Yes, I see. "Resident at Charity Springs". It's a pity the press got hold of this story. Somebody might start to suspect things."

The Hood: "A weather station. Ha-ha! A likely story. This could be just what I've been looking for. And now it is within my reach. And who would have thought that International Rescue would be the ones to lead me to it! Perhaps I should send them some of the profits I shall make from their secret."

Part Two

Sergeant: "Spy satellite Alpha 20 approaching the Australian coast, sir."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "Right. Thank you, Sergeant."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "This is Satellite HQ to Dunsley Tracker. This is Satellite HQ to Dunsley Tracker. Come in, please."

Mr Williams: "Satellite HQ from Dunsley Tracker. Satellite HQ from Dunsley Tracker. I am now on stand-by."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "Alpha 20 is now coming up to you, Dunsley Tracker. The radio photographs of its orbit are now coming up to you."

Mr Williams: "Thank you, HQ. Message received and understood. All systems are functioning. Readings: clear, clear, clear. Over and out."

Bob Williams: "Right, my turn to rescue you, Tony. Where are you gonna go?"

Tony Williams: "I thought the old mine up at Dunsley Hill."

Bob Williams: "Hmm... a job for Thunderbird 2. OK."

Tony Williams: "Give me half an hour's start, eh? I should be ready by then."

Bob Williams: "Right, thirty minutes it is."

Bob Williams: "Dad? Dad. Are you in the dark room?"

Bob Williams: "Hi, Dad."

Mr Williams: "Hello, Bob. I'm afraid I'm very busy in the dark room. I won't be out for a couple of hours."

Bob Williams: "That's all right. We're just going out to play, that's all."

Mr Williams: "International Rescue, I suppose?"

Bob Williams: "Yeah, sure."

Mr Williams: "I see. Don't forget what Mr Tracy told you. Keep your radios turned off."

Bob Williams: "Of course we will, Dad. We know better than that. We're not kids, you know."

The Hood: "Now, before I make a move, I must be sure where everyone is."

The Hood: "Very interesting. My young friend seems to be making for the old mine. Yes.... that would keep the two boys out of the way."

Tony Williams: "There should be a place here somewhere."

The Hood: "Hi there, young fella."

Tony Williams: "Hello. What are you doing here, mister?"

The Hood: "Oh, I've just been sent out to survey this derelict mine. Hey, aren't you Tony Williams?"

Tony Williams: "That's right. How do you know that?"

The Hood: "I saw your picture in the papers. Yeah, that's right, you've got a brother, haven't you?"

Tony Williams: "Yeah, Bob."

The Hood: "Of course it is, Bob."

Tony Williams: "He's coming to look for me right now. I'm trying to find a good place to be rescued from."

The Hood: "Well, Tony, I'll tell you. I know just the place."

Bob Williams: "Tony! Tony, I don't think we should play around here."

The Hood: "Hello, son."

Bob Williams: "Who... who are you?"

The Hood: "I'm a surveyor, looking this place over for the government. Sure, I did tell Tony you could play here, but, well, it's too dangerous. I think you'd better collect him and go home."

Bob Williams: "Yeah. Yeah, OK."

The Hood: "Is your father at home, Bob?"

Bob Williams: "Dad? Yeah, why?"

The Hood: "It's just that I may have to go and see him, that's all. He is alone, isn't he?"

Bob Williams: "Oh, yeah. Dad won't have visitors in the house. He may not even see you."

The Hood: "I'll try not to bother him. Especially if he's working."

Bob Williams: "Oh, he's working all right. In the dark room."

The Hood: "The dark room? What's that then, Bob?"

Bob Williams: "I don't know exactly. Dad won't let Tony or me go in there. You see, he's got a lot of equipment that breaks easy. Did Tony go in there?"

The Hood: "Yes. Where exactly in the house is this dark room?"

Bob Williams: "Well, I'll just go and get Tony."

The Hood: "Hey! Hey, come back, Bob! Oh, well. I expect I shall be able to find it myself quite easily. But first of all, I must deal with these foolish boys."

Part Three

Bob Williams: "Tony? Tony! Tony, where are you? The game's off. Tony!"

Tony Williams: "Bob! I'm down here."

Tony Williams: "Hey!"

Gordon Tracy: "Ahh... oh, this is the life!"

Tin-Tin: "Don't get yourself too comfortable, Gordon."

Virgil Tracy: "Tin-Tin's right. Usually when we get a chance to put our feet up, we get an emergency call."

Gordon Tracy: "Well, if we do get a call, let it put it on to Tony and Bob."

Tin-Tin: "Oh, yes."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "That sounds great, Williams. We'll have them check them for us, but that last batch of photographs could show the installations we've been searching for. I should think they'll be able to arrange a collection tomorrow."

Mr Williams: "That's the news I've been wanting to hear. Once this project's successful, I'll be posted back to my old job. I'll see more of the kids then... won't be just on their school holidays."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "You betcha. Over and out."

Mr Williams: "Over and out."

Mr Williams: "Hey, you! What do you think you're doing in here?"

Mr Williams: "I said, what... are you...."

The Hood: "Open the door, Williams. Open the door."

Mr Williams: "Got to... turn off... the screen."

The Hood: "Open the door!"

Bob Williams: "We promised we wouldn't use the radio, Tony."

Tony Williams: "This id different, Bob, it really is an emergency. Calling International Rescue. International Rescue!"

Tony Williams: "International Rescue!"

John Tracy: "International Rescue here. Receiving your call, over."

Tony Williams: "Oh, boy, look, you... you've got to come! There was this guy who tricked us into the mine. When Bob and me were in here, I guess he must have thrown in a bomb!"

John Tracy: "Hey, wait a minute. Is that Tony? Tony and Bob?"

Tony Williams: "Yes, it is!"

John Tracy: "Now, son, we told you not to involve us in your game."

Tony Williams: "But this time, it's true. You tell him, Bob."

Bob Williams: "We really are trapped down a mine, mister. Please, listen. Please!"

John Tracy: "You know, fantastic as their story was, they had me believing them at times."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, thanks for reporting it, John."

Virgil Tracy: "Ha! How do like that. A man tricking two kids in to a mine, then throwing in a bomb. And then John turns around and says he started to believe them!"

Jeff Tracy: "That's not John's fault, Virgil. When kids play games, they really do believe them. I can remember things when you lot were youngsters."

Scott Tracy: "I thought they were a couple of good kids. Try and give 'em something special, and they let you down, break their promises."

Jeff Tracy: "Forget it, Scott. Boys will be boys. Let's go and have something to eat, huh?"

Tony Williams: "Why didn't they believe us, Bob? Why didn't they believe us?"

Bob Williams: "Tony."

Tony Williams: "What?"

Bob Williams: "Nobody... nobody's gonna find us here. We'll never get out. Never."

Part Four.

Colonel Jameson: "Well, that's great news, Lieutenant. Great news."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "Yes, sir. I've arranged for the photographs to be collected first thing tomorrow."

Colonel Jameson: "Yeah, well... seems a long time to wait. Are they gonna be safe there?"

Lieutenant Lansfield: "Just as if they were in Fort Knox, Colonel."

Colonel Jameson: "Yes, of course. We did fit a central security dome office at Dunsley Tracker, didn't we?"

Lieutenant Lansfield: "That's right, sir. And anyway, because it is a top secret set-up, we've put that station so far in the Australian bush, I think that's the earliest we can get there."

Colonel Jameson: "Expecting a call?"

Lieutenant Lansfield: "No, sir. It's Williams from Dunsley Tracker."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "This is Satellite HQ to Dunsley Tracker. Go ahead."

Mr Williams: "Lieutenant, can you hear me? This is an emergency."

Colonel Jameson: "Here, let me talk to him. Williams, Colonel Jameson here. What sort of emergency? You still got those photographs?"

Mr Williams: "Yes, Colonel, yes... but there's somebody trying to get in here. And my boys... Colonel, you got to...."

Colonel Jameson: "Get a grip on yourself, Williams. I want you to tell me exactly what's happening there. Lieutenant, find out just how fast we can get some men there."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "Yes, sir."

Colonel Jameson: "Williams, I'm waiting."

Mr Williams: "Yes, sir. Well, I heard someone outside. I thought it was one of me sons, so I turned on the two-way TV, then I saw this man out there. Never seen him before. He started to, well, hypnotise me, I guess. I just managed to turn the screen off. I'm kinda tied down. I can't take normal security measures. If I face him, even with a gun, those eyes, those eyes. He... he's outside now. He's trying to get in."

John Tracy: "Thought I'd let you know that Tony and Bob must have gone home for tea. They've stopped calling."

Jeff Tracy: "I knew they would, if we took no notice. Thanks, John."

Colonel Jameson: "Well?"

Lieutenant Lansfield: "It'll take three hours to get men there. That's the fastest we can do."

Colonel Jameson: "Three hours!?"

Lieutenant Lansfield: "That station is in the middle of nowhere, Colonel. Even if we tried to send help from the nearest town, it would take them two hours to get there, and bang! would go all our security."

Colonel Jameson: "Williams, listen to me. We can't get help to you for several hours."

Mr Williams: "Several hours? He's practically through!"

Colonel Jameson: "Hold out as long as you can. And if he gets in, and you don't think you'll be able to use a gun, destroy those photographs. Burn them, anything, but don't let him get possession. But whatever you do, don't destroy them until you're certain, absolutely certain he's through. They're vital, and we must save them if we possibly can."

Mr Williams: "Colonel, what about International Rescue?"

Colonel Jameson: "Well, what about them?"

Mr Williams: "International Rescue made it here in 35 minutes. Even they might not make it in time, but 35 minutes, that's better than anything else."

Colonel Jameson: "All right Lieutenant. I'll try and get permission. Keep in touch with Williams."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "Very good, sir."

Bob Williams: "It's gonna come down, Tony. It's gonna collapse, on top of us."

Colonel Jameson: "International Rescue. Calling International Rescue. This is an emergency. An emergency."

Jeff Tracy: "Of course, it all fits together. Those boys weren't playing, they must really be in the mine."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, someone just wanted to get them out of the way."

Virgil Tracy: "While he breaks in to the tracking station to get the secret photographs."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. We're not a political organisation, but those boys are in real danger, and we can't ignore a call like this. Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, sir."

Jeff Tracy: "You go and look after Williams. Virgil and Alan, Thunderbird 2. You've got to get down to that mine and bring those two boys out."

Virgil Tracy: "Right away, father."

Jeff Tracy: "John will give you the final details when you're in the air. All right, boys, off you go."

Gordon Tracy: "So, remember what I told you, Tony, Bob. The Thunderbirds are coming!"

Tony Williams: "OK, we'll be brave. Won't we, Bob?"

Bob Williams: "Yes, sir."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "International Rescue should be there very soon, sir."

Colonel Jameson: "Yeah, yeah, I know."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "I was just wondering, do you think that character at the Williams house could have known about the photographs from Alpha 20?"

Colonel Jameson: "Frankly, Langfield, I don't know what to make of it. Clearly, we're dealing with no ordinary thief."

Lieutenant Lansfield: "And that business with the two boys trapped down the mine is all too cleverly contrived."

Colonel Jameson: "Yeah. He went there to get his hands on these photographs, and it looks like he'll stop at nothing."

The Hood: "Williams!"

Colonel Jameson: "Hello? What's happened? Com in, please. Come in, please!"

Scott Tracy: "Hey there!"

Virgil Tracy: "Taking her down, Alan. Radio base. Tell them to keep the boys talking. We'll home in on their walkie-talkie."

Alan Tracy: "Sure, leave it to me."

Gordon Tracy: "Keep talking, boys. Virgil and Alan have arrived. They'll have you out of there in no time."

Bob Williams: "OK, Mr Tracy. But hurry, there's not much time."

Alan Tracy: "This way in looks as good as any, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Alan. You can contact the boys direct. I'll get the equipment ready."

Alan Tracy: "Tony, Bob, you all right? We're coming down now."

Bob Williams: "Sure, we're all right."

Tony Williams: "I think the roof's gonna cave in."

Alan Tracy: "OK, Virgil, I'll go first."

Alan Tracy: "Tony, Bob, use your walkie-talkie."

Tony Williams: "It's the roof, Mr Tracy. It's giving way! You'd better not come after us."

Alan Tracy: "Did you get a reading?"

Virgil Tracy: "11, 18, 32. This way, Alan."

Virgil Tracy: "Hold it, Alan!"

Virgil Tracy: "Let's try it now."

Tony Williams: "It's them! I can see their lights."

Bob Williams: "They made it."

Alan Tracy: "OK boys, don't worry. We're soon gonna get you out of there."

Alan Tracy: "Right, Virgil. While I lift the beam, you pull the boys clear."

Scott Tracy: "He couldn't have stood a chance. I guess that's the last crooked game he'll ever try to play. Well, I'd better go and collect those photographs."

The Hood: "Curse those foolish boys! Curse their stupid father. And curse International Rescue!"

Mr Williams: "Mr Tracy, I don't know what to say. You've saved the photographs, sure, but... more than that, you've saved my sons' lives."

Scott Tracy: "We're glad that we were able to, Mr Williams. I should have known that Tony and Bob wouldn't have broken their promise."

Tony Williams: "Scott, before we have tea, there's something Bob and I want to show you."

Scott Tracy: "Sure, Tony. You lead the way."

Bob Williams: "Dad fixed it up for us."

Tony Williams: "Now, you have to lie on the table, Mr Tracy."

Scott Tracy: "Oh, well, I'll try anything once."

Tony Williams: "OK, Bob? Emergency, Scott! Away you go!"

Bob Williams: "Gee, Mr Scott... we're sorry."

Tony Williams: "I guess you're too heavy for our emergency exit."

Scott Tracy: "The things I do for International Rescue!"