Several types of cutting equipment were used throughout rescue operations, to cut through various types of material.

Metal Cutting Laser PistolEdit

Was used by Virgil Tracy to cut through the metal door of the Bank of England in Vault Of Death.

Metal Cutting Pistol (Torch Version)Edit

In Danger At Ocean Deep, Scott Tracy used a torch version of the cutting gear to cut through the cabin door of the Ocean Pioneer II.

Experimental Cutting EquipmentEdit

Experiments carried out with new cutting equipment fuelled by oxyhydnite gas gave Scott and Virgil side-effects, causing them to pass out.

Modified Oxyhydnite Gas - Cutting EquipmentEdit

Brains modified the new cutting equipment, by replacing the torch and supplying the gas via bottle. It can be strapped to the back of a Hoverjet for better manoeuvrability.

It was used successfully in City Of Fire to rescue the Carter Family who were trapped the basement of Thompson Tower.

Metal Cutting LanceEdit

Used in Path Of Destruction to cut an entry hole through the roof of the Crablogger.

Metal Cutting Lance (Space Environment)Edit

In Ricochet, Alan Tracy used a Metal cutting lance to cut through the door of the stricken KLA Satellite to rescue Rick O'Shea.

Reinforced Glass CutterEdit

Used for cutting through all types of glass, primarily windscreens. Used in Operation Crash-Dive by Gordon Tracy, to free the trapped crew inside the Fireflash.

This glass cutter is used in conjunction with a safety harness, that has rubber suction cups, which when placed on the glass holds the operator in position, so he has both hands free to control the cutters movements.

Laser Cutter VehicleEdit

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