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Equipment & Vehicles
Type: Demolition and Object moving machine
Top Speed: 50mph
Main Operator: Scott Tracy
Appearances: The Duchess Assignment

The DOMO (Demolition and Object Moving Operator) is a Pod vehicle used by International Rescue to lift objects that weigh up to fifty tons. It is also used to hold up structures in danger of collapsing. The DOMO featured in The Duchess Assignment.

It is commonly used in conjunction with Firefly and the Mole, which are used after the DOMO has secured dangerous buildings from collapse and / or removed any heavy objects from the danger zone.


  • Length: 68 feet
  • Power Source: 800 bhp high compression single turbine engine
  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Width: 25 feet
  • Weight: 26 tons

The three powerful suction pads

The DOMO in ActionEdit

In The Duchess Assignment Scott uses the DOMO to hold up the wall of the collapsing building, in which the Duchess of Royston has been left in, after she was kidnapped by Brophy and Chandler.

Holding up the wall enabled Virgil to rescue the Duchess by tunnelling down in the The Mole, to the basement.


  • The DOMO is carried in Pod 3.

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