Ocean Pioneer I.

  • During an argument over how the mission should have been handled, Scott proudly states that up to this point, he's been part of every single rescue, but he hasn't taken an active part in The Perils Of Penelope, which suggests that Danger at Ocean Deep takes place before that episode (unless Scott has forgotten that mission or regards it as a security operation rather than a rescue mission). Nor would he partake in the oil platform's rescue (instead sitting in for his father back at base) in Atlantic Inferno.
  • While still afloat, the Ocean Pioneer I clearly displays a Roman numeral I, but the floating wreckage seen after it blows up has an Arabic numeral 1.
  • The Commander of Ocean Pioneer I is visible in the crowd at Clydeside Dockyard yard during the launching of Ocean Pioneer II, although it seems impossible that he (or anyone else) could have survived such an explosion.
  • In Sir Arthur's office, he has a very old map of the world, hanging on the wall,as you can clearly see marked on the map "French West Africa" which ceased to exist in the 1960s.

The green area on the map of Africa is labeled "French West Africa"

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