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David Graham in Crossroads to Crime

David Graham (born July 11, 1925) is an English character actor and voice artist. Born in London, he trained as an actor in New York City, and has since worked mainly in British television. Graham is known for his voice work for the series Thunderbirds during the 1960s. He also co-wrote F.A.B. with Desmond Saunders, which in 2015 was turned into a visual episode.

Graham provided the regular voices of Gordon Tracy, Brains, Parker and Kyrano for the TV series Thunderbirds and its film sequels Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6, as well as dozens of minor characters.

Other credits from his association with Thunderbirds producer Gerry Anderson include Four Feather Falls (1960), Supercar (1961–62), Fireball XL5 (1962–63), Stingray (1964–65) and The Secret Service (1969). He also appeared in the first movie Anderson ever directed, Crossroads to Crime (1960).

Thunderbirds Are Go!Edit

Almost 50 years later, Graham returns as the voice of Parker for the remake of Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds Are Go!. From season 2 onwards, Graham also returns too voicing guest characters, beginning with Vic in Earthbreaker.

Gallery: Characters voiced by David GrahamEdit

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