"Getting the Crown Jewels is a bit different than the heirlooms we've stolen so far..."
Dawkins is a jewel thief by profession, as well as chauffeur for his employer and criminal cohort, Mr. Charles. Together, the two embarked upon a notorious string of robberies (being exceedingly selective, in what they stole) of British stately homes - including Creighton-Ward Manor, which drew the notice of its owner, the aristocratic (and International Rescue agent) Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.

Dawkins' boss, however, has a far-loftier target in mind: nothing less than the theft of the British Crown Jewels!. He and Mr. Charles infiltrate the historic Tower of London to steal them - but their plans are ultimately thwarted, by Penelope and her own chauffeur (and fellow IR agent), Parker, along with International Rescue aquanaut Gordon Tracy; and both Dawkins and his employer are subsequently arrested for their crimes...

Voiced by Ray Barrett, Dawkins appears in both the original 1960s audio version of The Stately Homes Robberies (Century 21), and its 2015 visual counterpart for Thunderbirds 1965.


  • The artwork for Dawkins' puppet head was unveiled officially on the official Thunderbirds 1965 Kickstarter, Twitter and Facebook page on November 19, 2015.
    Dawkins Puppet Head Artwork

    Dawkins' puppet head concept art.