"He's still at it, poor fellow. Seems to be under some delusion that he's in charge of the rescue."
— Allington Bridge Controller

"Day of Disaster" is the sixth episode of Thunderbirds Season 1, originally broadcast on 4th November 1965. It was the fifteenth episode produced.


A severe electrical storm weakens the Allington Suspension Bridge, causing it to collapse when the Martian Space Probe convoy tries to cross it. Two technicians become trapped at the bottom of the river and, to make matters worse, the impact with the riverbed starts the automatic onboard launch system. International Rescue must free the men from their precarious position before the MSP's engine fires up and blows them both to smithereens.


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Regular CharactersEdit

Guest CharactersEdit


The policeman

Cameo RolesEdit

  • 1st NTBS Reporter (not seen on screen, voice only) - Peter Dyneley
  • 2nd NTBS Reporter (not seen on screen, voice only) - Matt Zimmerman
  • Crane Chief (not seen on screen, voice only)- Peter Dyneley
  • Engineer Kirby (not seen on screen, voice only) - Ray Barrett

International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit


Day Of Disaster 8mm home movie.

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit




TB4's 2nd appearance


Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Le pont
  • German: Zwölf Stunden Angst
  • Spanish: Día desastroso
  • Italian: Attesa per il lancio del razzo sonda
  • Dutch: Operatie marsraket (TV 1966); Een rampzalige dag (TV 1991); Dag des onheils (VHS, DVD)
  • Japanese: 火星ロケットの危機

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