Collapsed BridgeEdit

The scientists at NASA have decided that the optimum location from which to launch their Martian Space Probe rocket is in England, so they transport it fully fueled and containing two engineers completing the launch preparations. To get to the launch site, however, the huge transport lorry must cross over the Allington Suspension Bridge,

The MSP covered in debris

which was hit by a massive storm the night before. The load is well within the overall capacity of the bridge, but one engineer points out that this is meant for spread out traffic, not one concentrated mass. As the MSP slowly travels over the bridge, the suspension cables begin to snap and the bridge collapses, tipping the MSP from the transporter vehicle into the Allington River. The rocket lands on the sea bed in an upright launch position, but covered in debris from the bridge. The impact sets off the automatic launch countdown, which will destroy the rocket and kill the two engineers trapped in the command module.

Brains' Visits Lady PenelopeEdit

Meanwhile, Brains is visiting Lady Penelope in England and both witness the disaster taking place on television. They rush to the bridge in FAB 1, but the approach is blocked by sightseers. Brains makes his way to the bridge on foot, while Lady Penelope and Parker create a diversion by blowing up the disused Allington Research Centre nearby, drawing the crowd’s attention away from the bridge so as not to hamper the rescue operation.

Mad Man On A BridgeEdit

Brains arrives at the Bridge control centre, where the Bridge Controller refuses to acknowledge the need for International Rescue. Instead, he has arranged for several antiquated dock cranes to clear the debris away from the rocket. Divers attach the cranes' cables to the debris, the loads prove too heavy and two of the cranes capsize. Having predicted their failure, Brains has already contacted John in Thunderbird 5 via his personal wrist communicator and directed the Thunderbirds craft to his location.

The Controller

The RescueEdit

Thunderbird 1 arrives at the bridge, followed shortly by Thunderbird 2. Virgil releases Thunderbird 4, which is piloted by Gordon into the river to survey the wreckage. Gordon cuts through the debris with Thunderbird 4’s lasers as Virgil airlifts the wreckage away from the nose cone. Unfortunately, the process turns out to be far too time-consuming. With time running short until the rocket launches, Brains instructs Gordon to blow the wreckage away with Thunderbird 4’s missiles, believing the rocket to be capable of withstanding the blast. The wreckage is successfully cleared, leaving Gordon a free path to ram the nose cone -- which houses the engineers -- clear of the MSP. The nose cone rises to the surface and is lifted away by Thunderbird 2's magnetic grabbers. The Thunderbirds only just get away in time as the countdown expires and the rocket launches a short way into the atmosphere before exploding spectacularly.

A Visit To The PsychiatristEdit

The Bridge Commander had been overhearing Brains directing the rescue by muttering into his watch and believes him to be delusional. He consequently turns Brains over to a psychiatrist. Before long, Penelope and Parker come to collect him and take him back to the manor house, where the boys are all waiting to celebrate another successful rescue mission.

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