This page is a transcription of Day Of Disaster

Part 1

[Exterior: Allington Suspension Bridge]

[Opens to a scene of the Allington Bridge, night time. A storm is raging, so fierce it is shaking the bridge slightly.]

[Interior: Allington Suspension Bridge Control Room.]

Dave Clayton: "Some storm. Seems to be getting worse."

Controller: "[Unperturbed] Ahh, the bridge can take it."

[Exterior: Allington Suspension Bridge]

[Interior: Allington Suspension Bridge Control Room.]

Dave Clayton: "The tension's increasing."

Controller: "[Reassuring Dave Clayton] It's a long way from danger level. The bridge was built to stand against stronger storms than this."

[A clap of thunder sounds as the scene cuts to an overhead view of the bridge, shaken slightly from side to side by the ferocious winds. Cuts back to control. Dave Clayton looks at the danger reading at maximum tension.]

Dave Clayton: "Maximum stress. We'll have to make a full check up when it's over."

[The Unnamed Allington Suspension Bridge Controller nods in agreement. Cuts for the third time to the opening scene of the bridge before transitioning to the next day.

[Title card: Day of Disaster appears.]

[Allington Suspension Bridge Control Room.]

[ The Controller is on a telephone.]

Controller: "Yes, Minister, I agree ... Yes, but ... Yes, yes, I agree, but ... Yes, er, very well. There'll be no delay, you can rest assured of that, Minister. Hmm. I-I-I appreciate the situation ... Allington Bridge will be reopened as soon as we have checked there's no storm damage. Yes, I, I've got my men working on it now.]

[Scene cuts to under the bridge. A workman, Chuck, is hoisted down. He raises his left arm as the signal to stop being hoisted down more. He then checks the girders in front of him with an brick-shaped instrument for any sign of damage. It makes a crackling-like-noise like a radio that isn't tuned in properly. Chuck then raises his left arm moves forwards, raising his left arm again after a few feet. He checks the section there with his brick-shaped instrument, and it is also not damaged.]

Chuck: "[Through the sliver and black baton-shaped radio hooked to his jacket] All the joints in this section are OK, Dave. The readings are normal."

[Exterior: Close-up of the fully open left-side window of light blue Ford Commercial Transporter on the Allington Suspension Bridge. Dave Clayton is sitting on the driver's seat right side of the vehicle. Dave Clayton lifts up the baton-shaped radio that he is holding in his right hand so it is a little closer to his mouth.]

Chuck [Off-camera]: [Through his radio] "That completes the check."

Dave Clayton: "Right then. Make your way down. And how about you, Kirby?"

[Scene cuts to close-up of radio.]

Dave Clayton [Off-camera]: "How's it going?"

Kirby: [On radio.] "All's clear. So's Jerry."

Dave Clayton: "OK. Thanks fellas."

[Clayton drives the car back to Allington Control and takes the elevator up.]

[Allington Control. The lift arrives and opens. The Controller looks up.]

Controller: "Ah, there you are. Well, what did you find out?"

Dave Clayton: [Exiting the lift.] "Well, the readings were normal-"

Controller: "Just like all my instruments here said. Still think that spot check was worth it, eh?"

Dave Clayton: "That was a bad storm we had. It could have severely weakened the structure of the bridge."

Controller: "It could've, but it didn't. I'm giving the orders for the bridge to be reopened. We've wasted enough time."

Dave Clayton: "With all due respect, sir, I think it would be very unwise. Let's wait until we've carried out some more tests."

Controller: "Look, Clayton, let me put you straight about a few points. I'm responsible for what goes on here. While you were out I had the Minister on the line again, and I gave him my promise that the bridge would open straight away. We've gone right over it and found nothing..."

Dave Clayton: "Yes, but with the load that it's going to have to carry-"

Controller: "That load, as you call it, is well within the capacity of the bridge. The Martian Probe rocket must get to the takeoff site without a hitch and we're gonna make sure it doesn't get held up at Allington Bridge!"

[Cue March of the Oysters theme. Scene cuts to the convoy of the Martian Space Probe rocket traveling to the takeoff site. Scene cuts to a close up view of the nose cone then the transporter with M S P written on it. Cuts to a shot of it traveling through a town then it cuts to the nose cone interior at the end of the theme tune. The two astronauts, Bill Craddock and Frank, are inside. Bill is checking pipelines.]

Bill Craddock: "Great idea of theirs, sending us over to England with the ship. These tuning up jobs have taken another week."

Frank: "Well it wasn't done to give us a joy ride... Ya know, if they don't meet this launching date, it'll be another four years before Mars is in the right position again."

Bill Craddock: "Yeah, I know. [Checking the lines.] Well, that just about wraps it up. How about a cup of coffee?"

Frank: "You know, I get a kind of funny feeling inside when I think about this baby..."

Bill Craddock: "Maybe ya ate something that disagreed with you."

Frank: "No kidding, Craddock. Now just think, this rocket is all set to take off to Mars. All systems go. Ya know, it can take off, just like that. [Clicks fingers, then takes a seat.] What if something went wrong, Bill?"

Bill Craddock: [After closing lines' inspection hatch] "Don't worry, nothing's gonna go wrong. You're not gonna get thrown into space. The countdown can't start until the rocket is upended into Go-position."

Frank: "Yeah, but all the same..."

Bill Craddock: "Ah, quit worrying, will you? You'll be back in San Diego with your wife and kids before they even missed you."

[Scene cuts to outside view of the rocket. Cue Empire State Building theme. An N.T.B.S truck is recording the rocket convoy. Cuts to Creighton-Ward mansion where the same broadcast is shown.]

NTBS Reporter: "These are the last stages of the long journey that has brought the Martian Probe rocket ship all the way-"

[Camera zooms out from the TV to show Aloysius Parker standing by it.]

Parker: "Is the picture satisfactory now, sir?"

Brains: "Er, yeah, yeah, thank you Parker. Say, look, Lady Penelope! Get a load of that huge ship! Isn't it something?.

[Cuts to International Rescue London agent Lady Penelope Creighton Ward handing tea to Brains.]

Lady Penelope: "I've given you quite a weak cup, is that alright? Americans usually prefer it that way."

Brains: [Receiving the tea.] "Oh, er, thank you Lady Penelope. Oh, gee, I-I sure bet Professor Wingrove and his boys are excited now that their project is nearing completion. It sure was nice of him to invite me over to England to watch the blastoff. Oh, er, er look! There's Professor Wingrove now!

[Cuts to an image of Professor Wingrove.]

Professor Wingrove: [Speaking with French accent.] "I dare say most of you will have read in your newspapers in England, that because of the present position of Mars, the firing has to place from this side of the ocean. A launching of this size, without the facilities at Cape Kennedy, would cause a lot of problems. But we have solved this situation by making the space vehicle and the countdown completely automatic."

[Penelope switches off the TV.]

Lady Penelope: "Now, that's enough of that for the time being. I feel I'd be failing in my duties as hostess, if I didn't tell you that in my home, everything stops for tea. Now tell me Brains, how are Jeff and the boys keeping?"

[Scene cuts to the Tracy Island Villa Lounge. Virgil Tracy is playing a smooth tune on the piano just as Alan Tracy sits down next to Gordon Tracy, sighing heavily.]

Gordon Tracy: "Hey, what's up, kiddo?"

Alan Tracy: "I'm pooped, that's what's up."

Gordon Tracy: "Well, well! You go for a short sprint round the island, you come back exhausted! You're not fit, that's the trouble with you."

[Cuts to Scott Tracy, cigarette in hand.]

Scott Tracy: "A kid like you oughta be able to take things like that in his stride."

Alan Tracy: [grumpily] "I don't get it. You fellas sit around all day waiting for the next meal and YOU have the nerve to tell me I'm not fit."

[Cuts to Jeff Tracy, sitting at his desk.]

Jeff Tracy: "All right boys, that will do. I know all this waiting between operations is killing, but we'll get a call for help soon enough, you'll see."

Scott Tracy: "I wish now I'd gone to England with Brains to watch that Martian Probe take off."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, I gave you the chance. [Suddenly sees Grandma Tracy walk in.] Why, Grandma, Grandma, what's the matter?"

Grandma Tracy: "Oh dear! I've lost my personal edible transmitter! The one with the nice raspberry flavour that I like!"

Jeff Tracy: "That's serious. They're for use in emergency when anyone's captured and can't contact base."

Grandma Tracy: "I remember seeing it on the kitchen shelf when I was fixing the apple pie for lunch, but now, oh dear, it's gone!

Scott Tracy: "And one of us has eaten it. Is that what you're trying to say, Grandma?"

Grandma Tracy: "Yes, Scott, that's it exactly!"

Virgil Tracy: "But that's ridiculous. We always know when we've eaten our edible transmitters."

Jeff Tracy: "Not necessarily. Not now that Brains has been able to make them really small."

Alan Tracy: "Well, I had a light lunch before going training, so I can't have eaten Grandma's transmitter."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, we've got to find out who has eaten it, or it might be blocking other signals. So, Grandma, you go and mix up some of that transmitter dissolver that Brains left the recipe for."

Grandma Tracy: "All right, Jeff. Oh dear I'm awfully sorry... w-why don't I watch what I'm doing? What a terrible thing to happen..."

[Grandma exits. Gordon sits up.]

Gordon Tracy: "What's this about a transmitter dissolver?"

Scott Tracy: "You mean it's some kind of medicine?"

Jeff Tracy: "Yeah. But first we've got to find out whose got the transmitter inside them."

[Jeff presses a button behind his desk. Alan's picture on the wall is replaced by a map of the Tracy Villa. A red light is blinking in the Lounge.]

Scott Tracy: "Well, that mean that one of here in this room has swallowed the transmitter."

Jeff Tracy: "That's right, Scott. So you go to your room and we see what happens."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father." [Gets up to leave.]

Jeff Tracy: "If you boys took the trouble to chew your food properly, we wouldn't have had this trouble."

[Scott exits. The light hasn't moved.]

Alan Tracy: "The light hasn't moved, father, and Scott has left the room, so he can't have eaten it."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Gordon, you're next. You go to your room. Either you or Virgil has eaten the transmitter."

Gordon Tracy: [Annoyed.] "Oh, but father! I'd know if I'd eaten the transmitter!"

Jeff Tracy: "Go to your room, Gordon, and let's have no more of this childishness."

[Gordon exits. The light remains still.]

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Virgil. It's you who ate it. Go to your room and I'll send the medicine to you there."

Virgil Tracy: "But, father-!"

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Virgil. [Virgil gets up.] The trouble in this place is that you boys don't get enough to do..."

[Virgil exits. The light still hasn't moved.]

Alan Tracy: "Er, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "What now?"

Alan Tracy: "Father, the signal..."

[Jeff looks. The light has remained where it is. Tin-Tin enters with a bottle of transmitter dissolver.]

Tin-Tin Kyrano: "Grandma said to bring this in, Mr Tracy. Who should I give it to?"

Jeff Tracy: "Hehe, all right Tin-Tin, I'll go quietly."

[Behind his book, Alan laughs quietly.]

[Scene cuts to the Martian Probe rocket convoy. Cue again March of the Oysters.]

[Nose Cone Cabin.]

Frank: "Must be nearly there now, Craddock."

Bill Craddock: "Few miles yet. We've gotta cross the Allington Suspension Bridge first..."

[Cuts to view of the Allington Bridge, then the Control Tower, then the layout of the bridge, then the front view of the convoy. It then cuts to an overhead view of the bridge with the convoy moving slowly across. Scene cuts to Allington Control. The leading escort police vehicles start to cross.]

Controller: [On phone.] "Yes, sir, yes. We're already here for the rocket ship to cross. The bridge has closed to normal traffic ... Yes, sir, the leading escort vehicles have started to cross ... Goodbye. [Puts phone down.] Well, it would appear everything is proceeding exactly to schedule."

Dave Clayton: "And let's hope that we're not the ones to ruin it."

Controller: "Clayton, you're not still on about that! You know as well as I do that this bridge can take the weight of this spacecraft easily! Now for heavens sake, let's not hear anymore about it!"

[The Controller walks away.]

Dave Clayton: [sotto] "The bridge can take the weight O.K. in evenly distributed traffic, but can it in one solid mass?"

[Cuts to an overhead view of the rocket then to the nose cone cabin.]

Bill Craddock: "Once we've crossed the bridge, we're not far from the launch site."

Frank: "And boy, will I be glad to get out and stretch my legs for a bit."

[Scene cuts to a front view of the convoy then cuts to Creighton-Ward Mansion, where the rocket moving across the bridge is shown on the TV.]

2nd NTBS Reporter: "And this particular bridge was constructed forty-two years ago as a link in the mighty North-South Super Highway. The transporting of the Martian Probe rocket has caused a temporary diversion. Through-traffic today is being directed over the Hollis Bridge."

[Cuts back to the bridge where the convoy have reached the second suspension tower. Cuts to Allington Control. The Controller is surveying the scene.]

Dave Clayton: "The tonnage indicator is at maximum..."

[A brief shot reveals that the tonnage indicator reads "Overload".]

Controller: "I had no idea the rocket was gonna go as slow as this!

Dave Clayton: "Never mind. It looks as if the bridge can take it."

[Cuts to a behind shot of the convoy, then to the nose cone cabin. Bill and Frank are sitting on chairs, bored. Cuts to the side of the transporter with M S P. Cue World Exclusive Foiled! theme tune as an undershot shows the bridge moving slightly. Then the suspension cables begin to snap.]

[Nose Cone Cabin.]

Bill Craddock: "Hey, what's going on?!"

Frank: "What in thunder was that?!"

[More cables snap. Cuts to Allington Control.]

Controller: "She's not gonna make it... she's not gonna make it!"

[Cuts to Creighton-Ward mansion. Brains is on his feet.]

Brains: "Lady Penelope! Lady Penelope! The bridge, er, i-it's gonna collapse! LOOK, IT'S GONNA COLLAPSE!"

[The convoy is a couple of feet away from the third tower. More cables snap clean off. Some debris comes falling down. Cuts to Allington Control.]

Dave Clayton: "Come on... come on!"

[The transporter begins to slide and loses its balance.]

Frank: "We're not gonna make it, Bill! We're not gonna make it!"

[The bridge gives way, the third tower explodes and the rocket and the tower come crashing down into the river. The rocket hits the riverbed in takeoff position and becomes buried in debris.]

[Nose cone cabin. A countdown with both hands at 12 starts up.]

Frank: "Bill, do you know what's happened? The automatic countdown started! The impact must've started the countdown... We're gonna be blown to pieces!"

[A final shot of the clock ticking away and a shot of the Martian Probe rocket surrounded by debris before fading out.]

Part 2

[Scene fades back in to FAB 1 speeding along a motorway. Parker is driving, Penelope and Brains are in the back.]

Lady Penelope: "What do you plan to do when we get to the bridge, Brains?"

Brains: "Well, uh, I-I'm not sure, it'll depend on how bad it is."

Lady Penelope: "It said on television that there were men working inside. Do you, do you think they're still alive?

Brains: "I just don't know, I don't think I'd give much for their chances..."

[Scene cuts to the Allington River. A ship is trawling three cranes to the danger zone. Cuts to Allington Control.]

Controller: [On phone with Minister.] "Everythings in control sir... Yes... We've ordered three floating cranes from the Allington Docks."

Dave Clayton: "They're here."

Controller: "Oh, er, er, apparently they've arrived sir. We'll soon have the men up. Yes, we'll be handling the rescue from here... We haven't managed to make radio contact yet... We will, just as soon as one of the divers get a line down there."

[Scene cuts to a diver dropping down into the river and swimming to the rocket. Cuts to Nose Cone Cabin.]

Bill Craddock: "Can't anybody hear us? [To radio.] Come in, please."

Frank: "What are they doing up there? Three hours gone already... No sign of any action..."

[Scene cuts back to FAB 1.]

Lady Penelope: "We're not far now from the Allington Bridge Brains."

Brains: "Yeah, yeah, but there seems to be sort of, diversion ahead Lady Penelope. I've got to get to those trapped men, I simply got to!"

lady Penelope: "Never mind. Leave this to me."

[FAB 1 come to a halt at the blockade.]

Lady Penelope: "Oh, er, what seems to be the trouble, constable?"

Policeman: "I, thought I recognised the car, m'lady. I'm afraid there's a spot of trouble at the river."

Lady Penelope: "Yes, yes, so I believe. Can't you let us through?"

Policeman: "Oh, I wouldn't recommend it, m'lady. There's a large crowd of sightseers gathered at the bridge wanting to watch the rescue operations. The approaches are completely blocked."

Brains: "What's that ya say? Completely blocked?!"

Lady Penelope: "Oh dear, how tiresome. I hate crowds. Well, er, thank you, constable."

Policeman: "Oh, pleasure, m'lady."

[The Policeman exits.]

Brains: "I-I tell you, I've simply to get through, Lady Penelope! I couldn't face the fellas back at the base, if I hadn't tried to do something!

Lady Penelope: "Now, now, I quite understand it boy. Now why don't you cross these fields here, and make your own way to the Bridge?"

Brains: "Yeah, but what about you?"

Lady Penelope: "I'll see if we can't arrange some kind of rival attraction, to draw the crowds away."

Brains: "Oh, oh, o-o-o-OK, then."

Lady Penelope: "Good luck, Brains."

[Brains exits FAB 1.]

Lady Penelope: "Quickly Parker, let's take the side road."

[FAB 1 continues along the alternate route. Scene cuts to Allington Control.]

Crane Chief: [On radio.] "Hello Central Control?"

Dave Clayton: "Control, go ahead."

Crane Chief: "Our diver managed to get a radio link on to the hull. You should be able to talk to them now."

[Nose Cone Cabin. The timer has reached 3:30.]

Frank: "There must something we can do in here to stop the takeoff."

Bill Craddock: "Not a thing Frank. When the countdown starts, that's it."

Frank: "But couldn't we, couldn't we smash up some of the equipment or something?"

Bill Craddock: "Yeah, we could and the whole thing would probably explode."

Controller: [On radio.] "This is Central Control."

[Allington Control.]

Controller: "Can you hear me? This is Central Control,"

[Nose Cone Cabin.]

Controller: [On radio.] "can you hear me? Come in please, over?"

Frank: "They got through, Bill! They got through!"

[Scene cuts to the outskirts of Allington. FAB 1 stops.]

Lady Penelope: "It looks perfect..."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Still, we'd better make sure."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

[Parker drives FAB 1 onwards. Cuts to Allington Control.]

Controller: "Yes I understand. Nine and a quarter hours and the countdown is complete... Don't worry, the cranes are in position.

[Nose Cone Cabin.]

Controller: [On radio.] "We'll clear the bridge wreckage, and have you outta there with time to spare."

Frank: "Oh, thanks. We sure are glad to hear that it's all in hand. Still, don't ya think that just to be on the safe side, in case we're wasting time, you should call"

[Allington Control.]

Frank: [On radio.] "International Rescue?"

Controller: "International Rescue? Certainly not. We're in full control up here. The situation's quite in hand."

[Scene cuts to Allington Research Center. FAB 1 stops again.]

Lady Penelope: "Well, Parker?"

Parker: "Er, there's no-one 'ere, m'lady. We are quite alone."

Lady Penelope: "Very well, Parker. You know what to do?"

Parker: "Perfectly, m'lady. I er, I trust the h'operation will be quite above board?"

Lady Penelope: "Absolutely, Parker."

[Parker presses a button. The middle left headlight on FAB 1 reclines and out pops a machine gun turret. Parker presses another button. It fires. The building in front of them explodes twice. Parker fires again. The building explodes again, bigger.]

Lady Penelope: "Nicely, Parker. Good shooting."

[The gun turns to the left a little. It fires again, the further building explodes. Scene cuts to Allington Control.]

Controller: "What the blazes is going on over there?"

Dave Clayton: "Uh, seems to be coming from the old Allington Research Centre. They must have started demolition."

Controller: "Agh, fine time they picked to do it. Still, at least it's distracted the crowds..."

[Scene cuts to Brains ascending in the elevator, then back to Allington Control.]

Controller: "What dya mean, it'll take an hour to fit those crane cables?"

Crane Chief: "I'm afraid that's the best we can do. Our men can only work so fast."

Controller: "Now you listen to me. Men's lives are in danger! You'll have to get them to work faster than that!"

[Brains exits the lift.]

Brains: "Oh, er, er, hi there. Er, do ya think I can be of any help?"

Controller: "How did you get in here?! Er, I'll call you back."

Crane Chief: [On radio.] "OK. Over and out."

Brains: "Never you mind how I got here. Now, er, what's the position?"

Dave Clayton: "The rocket's activated itself. It's gonna blow up in just under eight hours."

Controller: "It isn't necessary for you to inform him of the position, Clayton..."

Brains: "Have you men attempted to call International Rescue?"

Controller: "No we have not called International Rescue. It's a perfectly straightforward problem that we are capable of handling ourselves."

Brains: "Ya mean to say that this is all the equipment you've got?"

Controller: [Icily.] "And what's wrong with our equipment, may I ask?"

Brains: "Awgh, this river dock stuff, it's antiquated! It's at least a hundred years out of date!"

Controller: "Oh, an expert on rescue are we?"

Brains: " Well, I-I, a-a-as a matter of fact... we, I er, t-t-t-that is..."

Dave Clayton: "Look, we haven't got time to argue. The fella's just trying to help."

Controller: "Yes, I suppose so, but we don't need any help from him or anyone else."

Brains: [Angrily.] "Well, listen! I think you do! And I'm not gonna sit by and-"

Controller: "Oh, so that's it! You're a troublemaker, huh?! Clayton, keep an eye on this fellow, we can't have him running all over the site, sticking his nose in. Don't try to interfere with things ya know nothing about!"

[The Controller walks away.]

Dave Clayton: "I'm sorry, don't blame him too much. He's sort of upset and worried at the moment..."

Brains: "I-I-I-I understand..."

Dave Clayton: "Look do us a favour: try and keep outta sight?"

Brains: "Oh-oh yeah, yeah, sure."

[Brains and Clayton walk off in opposite directions. Scene fades out.]

Part 3

[Scene fades back in to Allington Control. Brains brings his watch up close to his face.]

Brains: [Whispering.] "Calling International Rescue... Calling International Rescue..."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

Brains: [On monitor.] "Calling International Rescue... Uh, this is Brains,"

[Camera zooms in on John Tracy.]

Brains: [On monitor.] "at Allington Suspension Bridge, England."

[John walks over to the monitor.]

John Tracy: [into radio microphone] "This is John Tracy at International Rescue satellite. Is that you Brains? What's up?"

Brains: [On monitor.] "L-listen to me, John. And listen to me carefully. I've got a job for you."

John Tracy: "I'm all ears, Brains. What're you whispering for?"

[Allington Control.]

Brains: [Whispering.] "Well, the thing is, I'm over here at the bridge and there's a, um, rocket which is right under the, under the sea, and it could mean there's a pretty dangerous situation building up here..."

[The Controller and Clayton are glancing at him.]

Controller: "What on earth's he up to now?"

Dave Clayton: "I don't believe it, I, I just don't believe it! He talking into his watch!"

Controller: "Ah, I knew it all along. The man's a nut..."

[Scene cuts back to Thunderbird 5.]

John Tracy: "Yeah, OK, Brains. I get the picture. Thunderbirds 1 and 4 required. Standby..."

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa Lounge.]

John Tracy: [On portrait screen.] "There's only seven hours before the rocket blasts off, father."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, John. Tell Brains we'll be there as soon as we can. We've been waiting for some action."

John Tracy: "Right, Dad. Over and out!"

Jeff Tracy: [to Scott Tracy] "Carry on, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Yes sir."

[Cue Thunderbirds are Go! theme. Jeff watches as Scott swivels round at his entry door and boards the gantry leading to Thunderbird 1's nose cone hatch. The hatch opens. Scott climbs in. Cuts back to the Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Gordon, Virgil, away you go, good luck."

Virgil Tracy: "Thanks, father."

[Virgil walks over and stands by the rocket portrait and this tips over onto the slide. He swivels to the left at the bottom, then descends feet down to Thunderbird 2. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 being lowered down to its takeoff site beneath the pool. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2's main body being lowered over Pod 4. Scene cuts to the cliff face descending and the hangar doors being lowered. Once they are, Thunderbird 2 moves out. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 blasting off into the sky.]

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "Changing to horizontal flight."

[Scot pushes both levers and Thunderbird 1 flies horizontally. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 blasting off from the island. Scene cuts briefly to Virgil, then to Thunderbird 2 gaining height before cutting back to the Allington River. The floating cranes have managed to fix lines onto pieces of the wreckage.]

[Nose Cone Cabin.]

Frank: "They don't seem to have done anything..."

Bill Craddock: "You hear what they said. Took them a while to fix the cables. Relax, will ya?"

Frank: "Relax, relax, he says... Take a look at that clock."

[The timer reads 7:00.]

Bill Craddock: "There's still five more hours..."

Frank: "Yeah, and seven gone..."

Controller: [On radio.] "Hello there. This is Rescue Central Control"

[Allington Control.]

Controller: "we're ready for the big lift!"

Frank: [On radio.] "And about time too..."

Controller: "Sorry we kept you waiting, but it won't be long now. Standby all cranes."

Crane Chief: "Ready when you are."

Controller: "Good. Then get that wreckage out of the way!"

[Scene cuts to pieces of debris being pulled up. Cue The Rescue of Ned Cook. Scene cuts to the cranes whirring away. Scene cuts to the nose cone cabin. Frank and Bill feel the rocket moving as the wreckage is being pulled up. Scene cuts back to the cranes. Crane 306 is showing a slight strain. Cuts to Allington Control.]

Dave Clayton: "They're not gonna make it."

Controller: "Oh yes they will. They've got to!"

[Scene cuts again to the cranes. Crane 306 is straining under the weight of the debris. Cuts to nose cone cabin. Frank and Bill feel another piece of debris being dislodged. Scene cuts back to the cranes. 306 cannot sustain the weight and gives way. Cue World exclusive Foiled! tune. The crane tips and falls under. Scene cuts to Crane 307 exploding and stops working.]

[Allington Control.]

Crane Chief: "It's all right! We got clear!"

[Scene cuts again to the cranes. 306 has capsized and sinks. Scene cuts again to Allington Control]

Dave Clayton: "It didn't work. And we haven't got time to set up again."

Controller: "What are we going to do?"

Dave Clayton: "I don't think there's enough time left... even for International Rescue."

Brains: [somewhat dejectedly] "Yeah, I was feeling the same thing, myself..."

[Scene cuts to the riverbed. As the crane sinks and crashes near the rocket, the scene fades out.]

Part 4

[Scene fades back in to Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Scott should be reporting in soon."

Alan Tracy: "Yeah, he'll be arriving any time."

[Scene cuts to the rocket. Frank is looking anxious.]

Frank: "It's no good. I've got to call them. Rescue, central control. Have you contacted International Rescue yet? Over."

Controller: "No, I haven't! Clear the wavelength, I'm still trying. International Rescue! Calling International Rescue!"

Brains: "Why don't you listen to me? It's a waste of time to keep trying with that thing. As a matter of fact, they're on their way."

Controller: "I thought I told you..." [Hears sounds of Thunderbird 1's engines] "What in thunder is that?"

Brains: "Well, I-I guess it must be, International Rescue."

[Thunderbird 1 arrives at the bridge.]

Controller: "The fellow's right. It is International Rescue!"

Dave Clayton: "Yes, isn't she a beauty?"

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "I've arrived, Dad. It looks pretty bad. I can't do much till Gordon and Virgil arrive. They may be anything up to an hour behind me."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Scott. What about Brains?"

Scott Tracy: "He says he's holed up in the tower, but he's gonna try to guide us in from there."

Jeff Tracy: "What about the countdown? How much time left?"

[The clock shows there are only three hours remaining.]

Bill Craddock: "It's nearly an hour since International Rescue arrived. That equipment should be here any time now. At least, that's what Control said."

Frank: "Let's stop kidding ourselves, Craddock. They can't help us now! We're gonna go up with this thing and you know it."

[Thunderbird 2 arrives at the bridge. The craft flies around behind the cranes and hovers above the collapsed section of the bridge.]

Virgil Tracy: "Releasing pod now."

[Virgil pushes a lever on his left. The pod is released, the door is lowered (Cue Thunderbirds to the Rescue theme) and Thunderbird 4 launches into the water, Gordon piloting it. Scene cuts to Bridge Control. Brains is talking softly into his watch.]

Brains: "Gordon, I can't talk any louder, so please listen carefully. What's it like down there?"

Gordon Tracy: "Brains! You old son of a gun. Keep tuned in and I'll give you the full rundown!"

Brains: "Yeah yeah. Yeah, yeah. Sure. I get you. I see. Uh-huh."

Controller: "You'd think they'd have the decency to advise ME of their plans! What's the matter?"

[They look to see Brains talking again into his watch.]

Dave Clayton: "That poor chap's talking to his watch again!"

Controller: "Say, I uh... you don't suppose... You don't suppose he might have escaped from somewhere?"

Brains: "...and then Thunderbird 2 can lift it in sections."

Gordon Tracy: "All right, Brains, I'll try it, but it's gonna take some time."

[Cue Thunderbirds to the Rescue theme. Thunderbird 4 approaches the rocket and starts cutting through some of the debris.]

Gordon Tracy: "You'll have to give me about twenty minutes, Scott."

Gordon Tracy: "OK, Scott. Clear for Virgil."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks, Gordon. Thunderbird 2, it's all yours."

[Thunderbird 2 lowers its grabs into the water and picks up some debris. It then flies off and dumps it on the river bank.]

Alan Tracy: "They can't have much time left, father."

Jeff Tracy: "No, son. They're cutting it fine."

[Thunderbird 2 picks up more debris.]

Brains: "Gordon, is the nose cone clear yet?"

Gordon Tracy: "No! And there's only 15 minutes left. We'll never make it in time!"

Brains: "Now, look, this may sound crazy, Gordon, but this is what I want you to do. You've got to get that nose cone clear by firing the missiles."

Controller: "He's still at it, poor fellow. Seems to be under some delusion that he's in charge of the rescue."

Dave Clayton: "We're desperate enough even to listen to him."

Controller: "Yes, but he's just suggested that they should fire missiles!"

[Cuts to Thunderbird 4 firing two missiles at the rocket.]

Frank: "Hey! What are they trying to do? Blow us to pieces?"

Bill Craddock: "They needn't bother. Look at the time now."

[The clock shows only 8 minutes remain.]

Brains: "Is the debris clear yet, Gordon? Is it clear?"

Gordon Tracy: "I can't see yet. It's OK, Brains! She's clear!"

Brains: "And then, Thunderbird 2 can get them clear. I sort of doubt if it will work, but it's my only suggestion."

Scott Tracy: "It's worth a try, Brains. Stand by, Virgil."

[Thunderbird 2 hovers around the danger zone.]

Frank: "It's gone quiet again."

Bill Craddock: "They won't give up until the end. They're planning something."

[Thunderbird 4 rams into the rocket, loosening the nose-cone, which gently floats up to the surface.]

Controller: "They've done it! They've got the nose cone clear!"

Brains: "Well done, Gordon. It's all yours, Virgil."

[Cue Thunderbirds Are Go! theme as Thunderbird 2 lowers its grabs and picks the nose-cone up out of the water, and flies away.]

Frank: "Hey, Bill! We're airborne! - We're clear of the river!"

Bill Craddock: "Yeah, with half a minute to spare."

[The clock ticks down the remaining few seconds and the rocket blasts off. After a short, erratic flight, it blows up in mid-air.]

Controller: "They did it. International Rescue saved them!"

Brains: "Hey, w-well done, f-fellas! Yippee! Oh, boy!"

[Brains is hopping around for joy.]

Controller: "Who can save that poor boy over there...?"

Brains: "Oh, gee! Gosh!"

[Scene cuts to a psychiatrist's office. Brains is lying on the couch.]

Dr. Korda: "Tell me, my boy. How long have you had this desire to talk to watches? Try not to be afraid. I think I can help you."

[The door opens and Lady Penelope walks in.]

Lady Penelope: "Mr Korda?"

Dr. Korda: "Yes?"

Lady Penelope: "I called about..."

Dr. Korda: "Ah, yes. You must be the person who telephoned. A sad case."

Lady Penelope [to Brains] "Come along, my dear. I'm here to take you home."

Dr. Korda: "Oh, but I really recommend treatment."

Lady Penelope: "I'm afraid it's a hopeless case. Here, this should cover all your expenses. He's being treated by ten of the best doctors in Europe. We really wouldn't want to tie you up any more. Ready? Then come along, my poor darling."

Dr. Korda: "But, madam, if you'd just listen."

Brains: "Thanks, Lady Penelope."

Lady Penelope: "Think nothing of it, dear boy. Parker's outside. I won't be a minute."

[She takes out her powder compact and talks into it, while Dr Korda watches her in stunned amazement.]

Lady Penelope: "Hello, Scott? Yes, I've got him. We'll be straight home."

[Lady Penelope leaves.]

Dr. Korda [to himself:] "Watches? And now powder compacts?! Perhaps it's me. Perhaps I should see a psychiatrist...."

[Scene cuts to the drawing room of Creighton-Ward Manor. Everyone is talking and relaxing. The teapot beeps and Jeff's voice is heard.]

Jeff Tracy: "International Rescue here."

Scott Tracy: "OK, I'll get it."

[Scott picks up the teapot.]

Brains: "Hey, Scott! What are you doing?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, Dad's calling us. What's the matter with you, Brains?"

Brains: "Oh, nothing... It's just that if you're gonna start talking to teapots, there's a guy I think you ought to see!"

[They all laugh. Scene fades out.]

The End

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