Deadly Danger! is the third in a series of seven Thunderbirds novels released by FTL Publications in the United States. Published in October 2009, the paperback novel was written by Joan Marie Verba, and features a new adventure starring Virgil Tracy.


A twisted technological genius is bent on deploying an armada superior to International Rescue in every way. Only Virgil Tracy can find and stop the seemingly indestructible fleet.


Jeff Tracy, his five sons, and their associates run an organization called International Rescue, which helps people beyond the aid of the usual first responders. Virgil Tracy, the second of Jeff Tracy’s sons, pilots the heavy-rescue craft, Thunderbird 2, which carries the specialized rescue equipment to the danger zone. In addition to his expertise as a pilot and engineer, Virgil is also a talented pianist and artist. Virgil’s calm disposition serves him well in the extreme hazards that he faces as a member of International Rescue. In Deadly Danger, Virgil will have to draw on all of these skills to meet the challenges he faces: a California wildfire, a mine disaster in South Africa, a volcano eruption in the Pacific, an airliner in trouble, a town in Peru in danger of vanishing into a sinkhole, a bridge collapse in India, explorers in danger of grinding ice in the Antarctic. Most of all Virgil and his brothers and associates must find a warped genius who will stop at nothing to build and deploy a fleet of advanced machines to prove he is the greatest rocket scientist of the 2060s.[1]



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