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Derek Meddings


Date of Birth
15th January 1931
Date of Death
10th September 1995

Derek Meddings (15 January 1931 - 10 September 1995) was the Andersons' special effects director from Supercar through to their first live-action productions Doppelgänger and UFO. In addition to doing a lot of the storyboards, he was also the man responsible for designing the rescue vehicles known as the Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds (TV)Edit

  • Supervising Special Effects Director (31 episodes)
  • Special Effects Director (1 episode)

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

  • Visual Effects Director

Thunderbird 6Edit

  • Visual Effects Director


  • Won an Academy Award for his work on the movie Superman (1978).

Thunderbird 2 concept art. Painting by Derek Meddings.

External LinksEdit

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