"Designated Driver" is the 22nd episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and was broadcast on 26th December, 2015.


Parker gives Alan driving lessons at the Creighton-Ward Manor in FAB 0 while Lady Penelope has tea with her great aunt Sylvia. Progress is slow until a pair of bumbling intruders attempt to kidnap the ladies. FAB 1 is the only vehicle that can reach them in time. Parker is injured and cannot drive so Alan has to conquer his fear and rescue them.



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International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit



  • This episode is more of a follow up to Comet Chasers.
  • The beginning of this episode is quite similar to that of Slingshot.
  • This episode was confirmed on February 26, 2015, alongside the first 'official' released images of Lady Penelope, Parker, Sherbet, Brains and FAB 1.
  • Introduced here, Penelope's Great Aunt Sylvia is both named after and voiced by Sylvia Anderson, co-creator of the original Thunderbirds and the original voice of Lady Penelope.
  • Various close-up shots of hands are filmed using real hands, a rather classic technique.
  • This episode takes certain plot elements from Brink of Disaster.
  • Alan both flies with Scott in Thunderbird 1 and drives FAB 1 with Parker for the first time.
  • The teapot is based on the communicator used by the original Lady Penelope.
  • Great Aunt Sylvia's dress is of a simular design to the one that Lady Penelope wore at the art exhibition in The Duchess Assignment.
  • While Alan can fly Thunderbird 3 and the various pods, he still doesn't know how to drive a car. While it can be argued that it doesn't make sense, both driving a car and flying aircraft/spaceships are two very different things, which is why once FAB 0 is in flight he has more idea on how to control the car while it's airborne than on the ground.

Goofs Edit

  • When the thieves are in FAB 1 and they start to speed up while spinning round, the thieves are leaning to the right. However, with the cars turning clockwise, they should be leaning to the left.
  • Bill said, "It's 2060. Nobody drives any more, m'lady." However, in Unplugged, there was a major traffic congestion, which means that there are still a number of people who drives in 2060.

Foreign titlesEdit

  • Dutch: Wie is de Bob?
  • French: Conducteur désigné
  • Spanish: Conductor Designado
  • Japanese: シルビア大おば様とティーを (Tea with Great Aunt Sylvia)