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"No man can stay in the burning sun for long without having his tongue loosened."
— The Hood
Season 1, Episode 8
Image DI
Air date 18th November 1965
Written by Donald Robertson
Directed by David Lane
Episode Guide
30 Minutes After Noon
End Of The Road

"Desperate Intruder" is the eighth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 18th November 1965. It was the seventeenth episode produced.

Brains and Tin-Tin go on an expedition to find the lost sunken temple in Lake Anasta in hopes of finding hidden treasure. However their quiet vacation is cut short when the Hood goes to dangerous lengths to stop them and claim the treasure himself.

Episode GuideEdit

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Guest Voice CastEdit

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  • When Brains is hypnotized by The Hood for the first time and collapses, between shots his glasses simply disappear. They are subsequently shown to have fallen off, but the action is not seen on-screen; one moment the glasses are on his face, and the next they have vanished.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Le trésor du lac
  • German: Der versunkene Schatz
  • Spanish: Un Intruso Siniestro; Intruso desesperado (DVD)
  • Italian: Il tesoro perduto
  • Dutch: Verdronken schat (VHS); De wanhopige indringer (VHS, DVD, TV 1966); De gevaarlijke indringer (TV 1992)
  • Japanese: 湖底の秘宝

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