This page is a transcription of Desperate Intruder

Part 1

[Title card Desperate Intruder is displayed.]

[Scene opens to the Hood's temple in the Malayan jungle. Cue The Hood theme. Scene cuts to the interior of the temple. The Hood is sitting by himself, thinking.]

The Hood: "International Rescue. So, now your members seek further glory in the hunting of ancient treasures. But this time... this time, you will fail."

[He presses a button. The bead curtain covering the statue of Kyrano swishes open and the statue is lit up.]

The Hood: "The treasure that International Rescue seeks, will be mine! And they and their expedition will be buried at the bottom of Lake Anasta... And you, Kyrano, [Scene cuts to Kyrano's statue which gradually glows red.] my half-brother, you will help me. KYRANO!"

[Scene cuts to the Tracy Villa kitchen. Kyrano is working right when he starts screaming in pain and falls to the floor. Scene cuts to the Hood's temple.]

The Hood: "Kyrano! Kyrano, it is useless to resist my power. The secrets of the lake must be mine! Speak! Kyrano! Speak!"

[Tracy Villa kitchens.]

Kyrano: "Arrggh!!!"

[The Hood's temple. The Hood's eyes begin to glow.]

The Hood: "Answer me! When does the International Rescue expedition set off?"

[Kyrano is writhing on the floor, still in pain before he speaks.]

Kyrano [O.C.]: "They... are leaving... tomorrow, to make a survey... of the temple."

[Scene cuts to the Tracy Villa lounge. Brains and Tin-Tin are sitting on couches in desert outfit. Scott and John are laughing heartily.]

Scott Tracy: "And don't forget to save me a gem or two, Tin-Tin. Everybody's giving them as Christmas presents this year."

Tin-Tin: "Right, Scott. Anything special you would like, John? How about a bright little diamond?"

John Tracy: "Well I think I'd rather I'd have a dirty old bar of gold."

Jeff Tracy: "You think you're really going to find buried treasure down there, Brains?"

Brains: "Oh, oh, I-I-I sure think so, Mr Tracy. It seems ninety per cent certain that there's something at the bottom of that lake-"

Scott Tracy: "Yes and it's as good an excuse as any to have a vacation. I saw all those fetching new swimsuits you've had sent out, Tin-Tin."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, vacation or not, you deserve a break, both of you. [Kyrano enters.] Ah, Kyrano. All set?"

Kyrano: "Yes, Mr Tracy. Everything is ready."

[Virgil Tracy's portrait beeps repeatedly.]

Jeff Tracy: "Ah, good. Virgil's ready for launching, Tin-Tin. You and Brains better make your way to the passenger elevator. Your father and I are going to the end of the strip to watch the launching. [Turns to Scott.] Scott, take over the talk-back for the launch."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 runway. Thunderbird 2 takes off. Cuts briefly to the cockpit. Virgil is in his brown overalls and golden shirt, Brains and Tin-Tin are sitting behind him. Scene then cuts to the end of the runway where Jeff and Kyrano are watching.]

Jeff Tracy: "Only ten short days, Kyrano, and then she'll be back."

Kyrano: "That is what i keep telling myself, Mr Tracy. But I can't shake off these fears."

Jeff Tracy: "Come now, Kyrano, there's nothing to fear. A beautiful lake miles and miles from anywhere. What could be safer?"

[Scene cuts to a Middle Eastern desert. A large eight wheel cargo truck is surging forward. The Hood is behind the wheel, his frown expression on.]

The Hood: "Sand... sand, nothing but sand. How much further before I get to this lake?"

[The truck continues forward before cresting the top of a hill and stopping.]

The Hood: "At last!"

[Scene shows an open view of the beautiful Lake Anasta. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 cockpit. Tin-Tin is looking out.]

Tin-Tin: "Ohh, look Brains! The pyramids!"

[Scene cuts briefly to show a trio of pyramids down below before cutting back to Thunderbird 2 cockpit.]

Tin-Tin: "We're nearly at the rendezvous."

Virgil Tracy: "And we're well up to time too."

Tin-Tin: "Just think, Brains. In a few more hours we'll be down there... what do you suppose Professor Blakely will be like?"

Brains: "Well, from what I've heard, he's quite a character. The best man in his field."

Virgil Tracy: "Now look. When we get down there and I drop the Pod, you've got to move fast. We mustn't let the professor know that you're connected with International Rescue in any way."

Tin-Tin: "That's right, Virgil. And if he asks, we came out to the Middle East by charter flight."

Virgil Tracy: "All set, Brains?"

Brains: "F.A.B."

Virgil Tracy: "Right. Going in to land, now."

[Thunderbird 2 starts to descend. Virgil presses a switch. Thunderbird 2 activates its landing thrusters and lands on the desert floor. Virgil press another button. The main body of Thunderbird 2 ascends. Once it is fully raised, the door of Pod 5 is lowered, and a half-track with two caravans in tow drives out. Cue desert exploration theme. Brains is wearing his hat and Tin-Tin is wearing her headscarf. The half-track continues to move along as Thunderbird 2's main body descends.]

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott. I'm on my way home again."

Scott Tracy: "Right, Virgil. And keep in touch."

[Thunderbird 2 takes off for base. The half-track takes a right turn onto a desert road.]

Brains: "Well, I hope our sort of secret landing passed off sort of secretly. And now to meet up with Professor Blakely."

Tin-Tin: "He should be at the crossroads three miles along this road. He's coming down the other desert highway."

[Scene cuts to a battered old taxi driving throught the desert. A sign on the side reads: "HASSAN ALI. LUXURY TAXIS. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. The engine backfires, startling the passenger, Professor Blakely.]

Professor Blakely: "By Jingo! What was that?"

Hassan Ali: "Nothing, master, nothing. Have no fears, master, I am exquisite driver. Only half mile to go."

Professor Blakely: "Well, I just hope we'll make it. I've got an appointment I'm rather anxious to keep."

[The taxi trundles on, backfiring again. Cuts to Brains and Tin-Tin who are drinking lemonade in one of their caravans.]

Tin-Tin: "It's beautifully cool in here."

Brains: "Yeah, well, Tin-Tin, it's got to be. With temperatures of up to 112 in the shade outside- "

[They hear the engine of Blakely's taxi backfiring again.]

Tin-Tin: "What on Earth was that?"

Brains: "Professor Blakely, I presume."

[The taxi drives, backfiring twice, pulls up and the Professor gets out.]

Professor Blakely: "Hello, there! Mr Brains, isn't it?"

Brains: "Yes, Professor Blakely. That's right."

Professor Blakely: "Glad to meet you at last, old boy."

Brains: "I'm sure glad to meet you too, old boy. May I introduce you to my assistant, Miss Tin-Tin Kyrano?"

Professor Blakely: "Delighted, I'm sure! Charming, charming. Well, Brains, this is the day of reckoning. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and all that, what what?"

Brains: "What? Oh yeah. Well now, what would you like to do first, Professor Blakely?"

Professor Blakely: "Well, I thought we might pop down to the old lake and make an old recce. Let me just pay off this cabbie. What's the damage, old boy?"

Hassan Ali: "Six Ackers, please, master. [He receives the money.] Thank you, master. Good safari! Oh, yes."

[Hassan Ali turns the taxi round, honking his horn and it backfires yet again.]

Brains: "Perhaps you would care to come into the caravan sir, for a cooling drink before we set off."

Professor Blakely: "Yes, I dare say the treasure can wait. Don't think anyone's gonna steal it from under our noses, eh? Hahaha."

[Cue Desperate Intruder underwater ominous theme. Cuts to the Hood who has arrived at the edge of the lake. He unloads a 3E mini sub from his truck and drives off. Scene then cuts to Brains' half-track.]

Tin-Tin: "Look, Professor! It's the Anasta pipeline. That means the lake must be quite near."

Professor Blakely: "That's right, my dear. With a bit of luck we can have a quick look at the temple before nightfall."

Brains: "Yes, certainly, Professor. We'll do just that."

Tin-Tin: "There it is - Lake Anasta."

[Scene cuts to The Hood in his sub. He's watching their arrival at the lake through the periscope.]

The Hood: "Excellent! My friends are just in time. In fact... DEAD on time!"

[The Hood puts up the periscope and the sub dives into the lake. Scene fades out.]

Part 2

[Scene fades back into the lakeside. The half-track has been unhitched from the two trailers. Brains and Tin-Tin are in scuba gear.]

Brains: "Well, Professor, we're just going to take our first look at the temple."

Professor Blakely: "Oh. Jolly good luck!"

Tin-Tin: "Just think: we will be the first people to set eyes on the temple for over 100 years."

Professor Blakely: "Well, a hundred years may have affected the stonework, so be careful down there. It could be treacherous."

Brains: "We will."

Professor Blakely: "Be sure and bring me back something interesting."

[Cuts to Brains and Tin-Tin swimming under water.]

Tin-Tin: "There it is! It's the temple."

[Cuts to show the temple then back to the duo.]

Brains: "Now, be very careful, Tin-Tin. Professor Blakely was right. It doesn't look too solid."

[Cue Desperate Intruder underwater ominous theme. Cuts back to The Hood.]

The Hood: "Good! They're going to lead me straight to the treasure."

[Cuts back to Brains and Tin-Tin.]

Brains: "Now, the problem is, which column contains the treasure?"

Tin-Tin: "Let's try that one over there."

Brains: "You know, Tin-Tin, you may be right. This could be the one."

Tin-Tin: "Let's take a sample of it back to the Professor."

[Brains takes out his pickaxe and chips away at the column, peeling off a piece.]

Brains: "Oh, Professor? I'm going to bring you up a sample from the central column."

[Lake Anasta.]

Professor Blakely: "Jolly good show! You bring it up and we'll have a look at it before lights-out."

[Brains and Tin-Tin then head back, Brains carrying the rock. Cuts to The Hood again.]

The Hood: "So... they have found something. They have found the treasure! But where? I think I can persuade them to tell me."

[The sub ascends. Cuts to the caravan. They're examining the sample.]

Brains: "Say, look there, Professor! What's that?"

Tin-Tin: "Well, Professor? What about it?"

Professor Blakely: "Mr Brains, Miss Kyrano, I'm glad to say that the Anasta expedition is a success. You have located the lost treasure."

Tin-Tin: "Brains, we must radio Mr Tracy right away and tell him!"

[Cuts to the caravan that evening. Brains is examining a piece of stone.]

Brains: "Oh beautiful! Just beautiful! I always knew my theory was correct. And tomorrow... Oh, boy! Tomorrow I can collect lots more evidence."

[There is a knock on the door.]

Brains: "Huh? Hey, what was that?"

[Brains goes to the door and opens it. It's The Hood, dressed as an Arab tribesman.]

Brains: "Who are you? What do you want?"

[The Hood hypnotises Brains.]

Brains: "Who... are... you?"

[Brains collapses on the floor. The Hood removes his mask. Scene cuts to the kitchen of Tracy Villa.]

Scott Tracy: "Great news, everybody! Brains radioed in last night to tell me they had traced the lost treasure in the lake."

Jeff Tracy: "That IS good news. When did he tell you this?"

Scott Tracy: "He reported in before turning in for the night. He and Tin-Tin went down to the underwater temple as soon as they got there."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, they should be through with their next routine contact call soon, so I shall convey them our congratulations then. Why, Grandma, what's the matter? You look like you've swallowed your egg spoon."

Grandma Tracy: "Well, I don't know what Tin-Tin wanted to go down hunting that treasure for. She's got enough pretty jewellery already."

Scott Tracy: "Ah, but they're not going down there to rob the temple. It's all in the interest of science. Whatever they find goes back with Professor Blakely to the International Museum of Archaeology."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, back to work, I suppose. I'm going up to the lounge to wait for the next call from Brains. Gee, they must be feeling pleased with themselves."

[Cuts to the desert. Brains is buried up to his neck in sand. He is slowly regaining consciousness.]

Brains: "Tin-Tin? Tin-Tin, what happened? Tin-Tin? Professor? Where are you? What happened? Oh, that stranger... Those eyes, those staring eyes What happened? I'm so thirsty. I gotta get some water.

[Cuts to lakeside view.]

Brains [O.C.]: "Tin-Tin! Professor!"

[Cuts to one of the caravans. Tin-Tin and the Professor are both unconscious.]

Brains [O.C.]: "Tin-Tin! Professor! [Cuts to Brains.] Ooh, it's no use. He must have got them, too. If only I could get to the radio..."

[The Hood appears out of nowhere.]

The Hood: "What would you do then, my friend? Inform your friends at International Rescue? No, that is out of the question I'm afraid."

Brains: [weakly] "Where are the others? What have you done with the others?"

The Hood: "I shall deal with them later. But first I want some information from you. Where is the treasure concealed in the underwater temple?"

Brains: "Water. I gotta have some water."

The Hood: "Answer my question! I saw you come from that temple with some of the treasure. Where is the rest of it?"

Brains: "I don't know who you are, but please, let me have some, water."

The Hood: "Tell me where the gold is, and then I shall let you and your friends go. It is a simple choice to make."

[Brains passes out. Scene cuts Jeff Tracy in his office with Kyrano.]

Jeff Tracy: "I don't get it. Brains has never been late before. Let's try again. Brains? Are you receiving me? (Radio static) Nothing on auto-transmission, either. Look, Kyrano, go and fetch Scott, will you?"

Kyrano: "Yes, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "Anasta expedition base from International Rescue headquarters. Do you read me?"

[Scene briefly cuts to the radio in the caravan. Tin-Tin is still unconscious.]

Jeff Tracy: [on radio.] "Come in, Anasta. Do you read me?

[Tracy Villa Lounge. Jeff tries two channels and is met with static.]

Jeff Tracy: "Nothing! Not a whisper."

Scott Tracy: "What's up, father? Kyrano seems to think there's something wrong at the lake."

Jeff Tracy: "I just don't understand it. Brains hasn't checked in yet, and he's overdue now by 14 minutes. Did everything seem alright last night when he called in?"

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father. He seemed in great spirits. He said that the others had turned in for the night and he was just about to do the same thing himself. What about his tape-call and other transmission? Could be they're just busy."

Jeff Tracy: "No. There's nothing on that either. I've tried both channels."

Scott Tracy: "Well, it's certainly not like Brains to lose contact completely like this."

[Something beeps repeatedly.]

Scott Tracy: "Father!"

Jeff Tracy: "Yes! It's the emergency signal! Right, that settles it. You'd better get out there, Scott... fast!"

Scott Tracy: "Yes sir."

[Thunderbird 1 launches.]

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Scott. Virgil will be following you. Proceed at maximum speed."

Scott Tracy: "You betcha, father."

[Thunderbird 2 launches]

Part 3

[Cue Desperate Intruder Helpless theme. Scene opens to the two caravans by the lake, and Brains, still buried in the sand. He has dark shadows under his eyes from the heat.]

Brains: "Oh... International Rescue from Anasta base... Water!"

[Cuts to The Hood in his sub. He is observing the caravans through his periscope.]

The Hood: "In just nine more minutes, I shall go to see whether my friend from International Rescue has changed his mind. No man can stay in the burning sun for long without having his tongue loosened."

[Cuts to Scott aboard Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "Approaching the danger zone now, father."

Jeff Tracy: "FAB."

[Cuts back to the sub. The Hood spots Thunderbird 1.]

The Hood: "International Rescue! What is happening!?"

[Cuts to Scott.]

Scott Tracy: "I've been overflying the danger zone, father."

Jeff Tracy: [On radio.] "Well?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, it all looks very quiet to me. Perhaps too quiet."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Isn't there any sign of life, Scott?"

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "Well, the caravans are there at the edge of the lake, but I can see no sign of Brains or Tin-Tin."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Right, now hear this! Thunderbirds 1 and 2 from International Rescue. I want tri-circuit contact maintained at all times.

[Thunderbird 2.]

Jeff Tracy: "Is that clear?"

Scott and Virgil: "Yes, father."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Virgil, what's your ETA?"

Virgil Tracy: [On radio.] "ETA now 2.5 minutes, father."

Scott Tracy: [On radio.] "FATHER!"

Jeff Tracy: "Yes?"

[Thunderbird 1. Scott has his frown expression on.]

Scott Tracy: "Father, I can see Brains! Down below in the sand!"

Jeff Tracy: [On radio.] "So?"

Scott Tracy: "He's BURIED in the sand! Up to his neck! I'm going down now."

Grandma Tracy: [Frown expression on.] "And Tin-Tin! What about Tin-Tin?"

[Cuts to The Hood's sub.]

The Hood: "So! They have found my victim in the sand. But I can turn this setback to my advantage. I now have the chance to destroy International Rescue utterly... after they have led me to the treasure."

[Cuts to Virgil in Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "This is Thunderbird 2. ETA now one minute."

[Cuts to Brains.]

Brains: "Oh... Water, please give me water..."

[Scott turns up beside him.]

Scott Tracy: "Brains! Who on earth did this to you?"

Brains: "Oh, Scott... Scott. Thank heaven. Where's Tin-Tin?"

Scott Tracy: "I don't know, fella. W-we'll soon find her. And don't you worry about anything. First I'm gonna get you out of here."

[Cuts to The Hood. He is watching Thunderbird 2 land right next to Thunderbird 1.]

The Hood: "Good! A veritable swarm of Thunderbirds. Now for the first part of my plan."

[He flicks a switch labelled Photoscope. Inside Thunderbird 1, the Automatic Camera Detector goes off. Scene cuts to Virgil as he enters Tin-Tin's caravan.]

Virgil Tracy: "Tin-Tin!"

[Cuts to Scott and Gordon who have dug out Brains.]

Scott Tracy: "How do you feel now, Brains?"

Brains: "I'm all right, but Tin-Tin..."

Gordon Tracy: "She's gonna be OK, but the Professor's not so good."

[Cuts back to Virgil in Tin-Tin's caravan.]

Virgil Tracy: "All right, Tin-Tin. Try again. There was this stranger, you said."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, that's right. And he had these terrible eyes that I couldn't look away from, and as he spoke, I felt I was slipping away all the time. It was horrible!"

Virgil Tracy: "Who do you think it could have been, Tin-Tin? - Did you recognise him?"

Tin-Tin: "No, I had never seen him before in my life, and yet I felt I knew him in some far-off way. Virgil, I'm so sleepy still."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, you just take it easy for a bit. Scott is radioing the base to inform them that you're safe."

[Cuts to Jeff Tracy's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Thanks, Scott. We're all mighty relieved at the news. Meanwhile, I want all International Rescue members to come straight back to base in the morning as soon as the helicopter has taken care of Professor Blakely."

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "Yes sir. And the Anasta expedition?

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff Tracy: "Listen, Scott, Brains' treasure at the bottom of the lake will have to wait. International Rescue was not set up to go joyriding on treasure trails. At this moment, it's not even functional. Is that clear?

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father."

[Cuts to Brains and Tin-Tin's caravan.]

Brains: "Oh, gee! I feel a lot better now. Say, how's the professor?"

Gordon Tracy: "Well, he's still unconscious, I'm afraid. But I guess he's gonna be OK. Oh, hi, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Hi! How are the invalids?"

Brains: "Very much better, thanks, Scott. What's the news from base?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, father is going to arrange for a helicopter to ship out the professor to hospital, and uh, then he says we have to hotfoot it back to base."

Brains: "Well, I guess he's right. We do seem to have caused a lot of trouble, one way and another."

Scott Tracy: "There's just one thing that puzzles me."

Tin-Tin: "What's that, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "After father had gone off the air, I noticed that the photo-alert had been operating."

Gordon Tracy: "The photo-alert? But that's impossible! Who could be taking photographs of Thunderbird in this area? There's nobody within miles of us."

Brains: "Oh, of course! That's it! Why didn't I think of this before?"

Tin-Tin: "Think of what, Brains? What are you talking about?"

Brains: "I regret to say that this whole expedition has been used by our enemies as a means of drawing International Rescue to a lonely spot. We have walked straight into a trap."

[Cuts to the temple at the bottom of the lake.]

Part 4

[Cuts to Tin-Tin's bedroom. It's night-time and she's asleep. The bedroom door opens, and she wakes up.]

Tin-Tin: "Oh!"

Brains: "Shh! Tin-Tin, it's only me."

Tin-Tin: "Brains. What are you doing up at this time of night?"

Brains: "Tin-Tin, I haven't been able to sleep for worry."

Tin-Tin: "What about?"

Brains: "Well, you heard what Mr Tracy said about the Anasta expedition having caused International Rescue a lot of trouble?"

Tin-Tin: "Yes, but I don't think he meant we had done it deliberately."

Brains: "No, but I feel awfully guilty about it. And to cap it all, we've got someone spying on us."

Tin-Tin: "It must be the same person who hypnotised us yesterday."

Brains: "Yeah, that's what I figured. And there's only one place he could be observing us from: the centre of the lake. Now look, Tin-Tin, I've got to try and make amends for all the trouble I've caused."

Tin-Tin: "Brains! You're not going out into the lake tonight?"

Brains: "I am. I'm gonna see what's down there. Now here's what I want you to do. Would you keep in touch with me all the time on talkback."

Tin-Tin: "All right, Brains, but I don't like it."

[Scene cuts to Brains swimming towards the temple.]

Brains: "I'm approaching the temple now, Tin-Tin. I'm gonna take a look in there."

Tin-Tin: "Be careful, Brains, please!"

[Brains reaches the temple. He examines the same pillar again. He breaks off a piece of stone, revealing some shiny pieces of metal.]

Brains: "Professor Blakely was definitely right, Tin-Tin. We HAD found the right column."

Tin-Tin: "Brains, is there anyone down there?"

Brains: "Uh... no, Tin-Tin. There appears to be no one down here."

[He move a piece of rock, which triggers an alarm in The Hood's submarine.]

The Hood: "So, I have visitors. My little alarm system works."

Tin-Tin: "What's the matter, Brains?"

Brains: "Tin-Tin, I think I'm on to something. I found a cable leading from this column, and... hey! Here's another one!"

Tin-Tin: "Brains, I don't like it. I'm going to go and wake Scott and the others."

Brains: "No, Tin-Tin. There's no need for that yet."

[The Hood leaves his sub wearing scuba gear and swims to the temple. Brains is following the wires he found. Suddenly, he is face to face with The Hood. His eyes start to glow.]

Brains: "Oh, those eyes... those eyes... Those staring eyes!"

Tin-Tin: "Brains!"

[Brains collapses on the floor. The Hood swims away. Cuts to the caravan. Scott, Virgil and Gordon have their frown expressions on.]

Tin-Tin: "I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen."

Virgil Tracy: "Come on! We've got to get down there right away."

[Cuts to The Hood in his sub.]

The Hood: "Now to get the treasure before his friends find him."

[He presses a button. Scene cuts to temple exterior. KaBOOM! Boulders and a statue fall down. One of the two towers then explodes. Another boulder is sent crashing down. KaBOOM! Pieces of debris are thrown everything. The other tower then goes bang! One of the statues topples over. The front entrance goes KaBOOM! The produced rubble partly blocks the entrance. Brains is buried in rubble. Cuts to Thunderbird 2 lifting itself up, revealing Pod 4. Cue Thunderbirds to the Rescue theme.]

Virgil Tracy: "Stand by for launch, Gordon."

Gordon Tracy: [On radio.] "FAB, Virgil."

[Virgil pulls a lever. Cuts to the Door of Pod 4, which starts opening.]

Gordon Tracy: "Thunderbird 4 to Thunderbird 2 and base control. Commencing launch."

[Thunderbird 4 leaves the Pod and enters the water.]

Gordon Tracy: "Thunderbird 4 to Anasta base. Submerging now."

Scott Tracy: "Let me know if you need help, Gordon."

Gordon Tracy: "FAB."

[Thunderbird 4 arrives at the temple.]

Gordon Tracy: "The temple is in ruins, Scott. Brains couldn't have survived."

Scott Tracy: "Search the area, Gordon. If he is alive, he's got about seven minutes of oxygen left."

Gordon Tracy: "Not a sign, Scott. I'll try again but it doesn't look too good."

Scott Tracy: "Right Gordon. There's still five and a half minutes."

Gordon Tracy: "Scott! There's air bubbles coming from under some rubble here. Hurry, bring the aerostatic lifting kit. It might be Brains!"

Scott Tracy: "It's on its way, Gordon."

Gordon Tracy: "Virgil, I'm gonna start clearing."

[Cuts to The Hood in his sub.]

The Hood: "So! At last! Now to destroy International Rescue and then collect the treasure."

[He fires a torpedo at Thunderbird 4, which narrowly misses.]

Gordon Tracy: "I'm being attacked! There's another craft down here! Keep Scott clear till I call for him."

[The Hood fires another torpedo and turns away. Thunderbird 4 goes after him. Gordon fires a torpedo at The Hood's sub, which springs a leak.]

The Hood: "My motors! They're flooding!"

[His sub hits the bottom of the lake hard.]

Gordon Tracy: "Hey...."

[The Hood leaves his sub through the airlock. The submarine explodes. Cuts to Virgil and Tin-Tin at the edge of the lake.]

Tin-Tin: "Oh, Virgil, what happened?"

Virgil Tracy: "Gordon! Gordon, what happened? Gordon, do you read me?"

Gordon Tracy: "I'll explain later. Get Scott down here fast! I'm going after Brains."

[Gordon and Scott both swim over to Brains. Cuts back to Virgil.]

Virgil Tracy: "Better go and make the professor comfortable - the helicopter's due in three minutes."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "How's it going, Gordon?"

Gordon Tracy: "Well, Brains found his treasure, alright. In fact, we're swimming in it! Now, we're gonna release the lifting kit."

[The lifting kit is a self-inflating balloon. It lifts up the stone pillar that was pinning down Brains. Unfortunately, the rope is fraying even as Gordon goes over to move Brain from under the pillar. Just as they're in the clear, the rope breaks and the pillar comes crashing down. Scene cuts to the caravans. A helicopter is just leaving.]

Tin-Tin: "Oh dear, I hope the professor understands."

Virgil Tracy: "How do you mean, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Well, it looks a bit heartless, shipping him out like this, just so that he doesn't see that Brains and I belong to the International Rescue team."

Virgil Tracy: "Well, I guess the best thing for him in his condition is hospitalisation. But he's sure gonna get a surprise when he comes to."

[Cuts to Professor Blakely, in a hospital bed.]

Professor Blakely: "Jolly nice of you to look me up like this, I must say."

Brains: "We're all sure glad you're better now."

Tin-Tin: "Now that the world has heard about our discoveries at Lake Anasta, how does it feel to be a celebrity, Professor?"

Professor Blakely: "Pretty fair, m'dear, pretty fair. I say, how are you two fixed over the next few months?"

Brains: "Well, er we do have one or two commitments. Why, Professor?"

Professor Blakely: "I'm reading here about some old treasures sunk at the foot of the Caribbean 400 years ago. Thought you might be interested in taking a trip out there and have a look."

[Brains and Tin-Tin quickly get up to leave.]

Professor Blakely: "Why, what's the hurry? Are you off then?"

Tin-Tin: "Erm... Visiting hours are over, Professor. I'm afraid we've got to go."

Brains: "Yeah, we must dash. Well, so long, Professor."

[They leave the room.]

Professor Blakely: "What an odd pair. The excitement's too much for them, I suppose. Not used to it."

Tin-Tin: "You know, Brains, what we need is a nice quiet rescue to soothe our nerves. Come on, let's get back to base."


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