The Dicetylene Cage is a piece of rescue equipment seen in the episode 30 Minutes After Noon. It is fitted with chemical foam extinguishers and can be lowered into the lift shaft of a burning building; a clamp fitment provides the means to salvage a disabled lift car beneath it. The chemical foam (Dicetylene) is a super-retardant compressed compound developed to extinguish even the most intense flame. Dicetylene foam has proved invaluable in a fire related rescue.


In 30 Minutes after Noon, it was never explained how the Dicetylene Cage made its way to the lift shaft of the burning Hudson Building. This riddle was later resolved in the Thunderbirds Manual (Agents' Technical Manual), which showed a drawing of the Dicetylene Cage Transporter.

The Dicetylene Cage Transporter is a specially designed vehicle that transports the subsidiary carriage to the lift shaft. It is yet another variation on the Midget Minidozer, the others being the Booster Mortar and the Laser Cutter Vehicle.

Dicetylene cage

Dicetylene Cage in ActionEdit

Used in the episode 30 Minutes After Noon, to rescue Tom Prescott from the bottom of the lift shaft of the Hudson Building.


  • In the episode it was not shown, or explained, how the Zwerg minidozer transporter managed to get above the 19th floor in order to perform the rescue.