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Dover Missile Base is a location from the Thunderbird 6 film. It is the place where Skyship One crashed to the ground and exploded.


During the evacuation of the base, a number of vehicles drive through the shots that were either seen before in the TV episodes, or appeared in one of Anderson's subsequent series (Joe 90 or Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons).

  1. Car from Move - And You're Dead (repainted)
  2. Policecar seen in Big Ben Strikes Again ("Captain Scarlet")
  3. Sam Loover's car, from "Joe 90".
  4. Snow Cougar 21, from the "Captain Scarlet" episode Noose of Ice. The missile trailer appeared in Renegade Rocket.
  5. Superon Tanker Truck
  6. Seen as the Moon Tractor in the "Captain Scarlet" episode Crater 101.
  7. Atomic Irrigation Station Tour Bus
  8. Professor Gabriel A. Carney's Car, from Codename Europa. ("Captain Scarlet")
  9. Spider Jeep
  10. Unknown army truck


  • The official name of the base is unknown, but according to Scott, it is located "five miles east of Dover". Oddly, 5 miles east of Dover would be somewhere in the English Channel, whereas the film shows the base surrounded by lush English countryside.