Seen in Cry Wolf, Mr. Williams runs a satellite tracking facility under the guise of a weather station and is engaged in top-security research for the Military. The station is located in the Northern Territory of Australia at Charity Springs.

The Dark RoomEdit

To keep the boys unaware of its true nature, Mr. Williams refers to he concealed room containing his tracking equipment as the "Dark Room". He tells the boys it is full of breakable things so they must keep out.

Dark Room CommunicationsEdit

Williams is able to see and talk to whoever is outside the Dark Room, via a video link.

The Hood at Dunsley TrackerEdit

The Hood attempts to break into Williams's control room , but Williams gets a message to Colonel Jameson, who orders him to destroy the top-secret photos from the spy satellite, as it will take three hours to get help out to the remote station. He then burns his way through Williams's security door with a welding torch. He hypnotises Williams before he can destroy the photos and then escape with them in his Spider Jeep.

International Rescue BaseEdit

The boys have their own home-made International Rescue base with table-top launching facilities. Scott is invited to have a go but proves too heavy for the boys' set-up and crashes their soapbox Thunderbird 2 into the chicken coop.


  • All of the characters refer to William's station as "Dunsley Tracker", but a caption on an alert signal reads "Densley Tracker".
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  • In addition to a poster of an American fighter jet from the 1960s, the boys' bedroom wall has a picture of the moon landing on it, an event that happened over a century ago.
  • The house was later used in an episode of Joe 90.

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