The EJ2 Jet was a VTOL aircraft seen in Operation Crash-Dive and The Impostors.


The EJ2 Jet is mainly used by the World Navy as an air-sea rescue aircraft.

The air-sea rescue version is capable of landing on water with its floatation tanks as long as conditions aren't too bad.

Technical DataEdit

  • Crew (minimum): 3
  • Crew (maximum): 20
  • Height: 42.32 feet
  • Length: 91.86 feet
  • Payload: Up to 8,200 kg
  • Range: 1,609 km (1,000 miles)
  • Weight: 32.474 tons
  • Wingspan: 80.38 feet

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

A blue-and-silver painted EJ2 was owned by the gang that hijacked Fireflash airliners; and it was seen when the gang member shot a flare from his inflatable life-raft, after Fireflash 4 had crashed into the ocean.

The ImpostorsEdit

A green-and-yellow-painted EJS was owned by the crooks Carela and Jenkins. It was seen briefly before they came up from the underground well.

Cross-section (Cutaway Drawing)Edit

To date, only one cutaway drawing of the EJ2 has been produced. Pictured below, it was illustrated by Graham Bleathman and featured in No. 18 of the Redan Thunderbirds comic.

EJ2 cross-section


  • Question: The hull of the fake Thunderbird 2 sports the words International Rescue. Which (if any) of the real Thunderbirds does?
  • This vehicle may have inspired Pokemon Hunter J's vessel in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series.
  • The GDF Flyer's in Thunderbirds Are Go! may also have been inspired by this vehicle.
  • Answer: The only Thunderbird the public never sees - Thunderbird 5, where International Rescue is prominently displayed in space monitor John Tracy's control room.

TV Century 21Edit

In a TV Century 21 comic-strip story focusing on Stingray, a blue-and-silver EJ2 Jet was described as a "Blue Whale" air-sea craft, which belonged to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (W.A.S.P).

The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale Air-Sea Craft

Stingray - Blue Whale

The Blue Whale Air-Sea Craft, as featured in a "Stingray" comic in TV Century 21.