EJ2 Jet

The EJ2 Jet was a VTOL aircraft seen in Operation Crash-Dive and The Impostors.


The EJ2 Jet is mainly used by the World Navy as an air-sea rescue aircraft.

The air-sea rescue version is capable of landing on water with its floatation tanks as long as conditions aren't too bad.

Technical DataEdit

  • Crew (minimum): 3
  • Crew (maximum): 20
  • Height: 42.32 feet
  • Length: 91.86 feet
  • Payload: Up to 8,200 kg
  • Range: 1,609 km (1,000 miles)
  • Weight: 32.474 tons
  • Wingspan: 80.38 feet

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

A blue and silver one was owned by a gang that hijacked Fireflash airliners and it was seen when the gang member shoots a flare from his boat after Fireflash 4 crashes into the ocean.

The ImpostorsEdit

A green and yellow one was owned by Carela and Jenkins. It was seen briefly before they come up from the underground well.

TV Century 21Edit

In a TV Century 21 comic-strip story focusing on Stingray, a blue and silver EJ2 Jet was described as a "Blue Whale" air-sea craft, which belonged to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (W.A.S.P).

The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale Air-Sea Craft

Stingray - Blue Whale

The Blue Whale Air-Sea Craft, as featured in a "Stingray" comic in TV Century 21.


  • The vehicle looked similar to that of Pokemon Hunter J's vessel in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series.

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