This page is a transcription of Earthbreaker

[African plains.]

Baines: "Here's a good spot. Pull over and we'll take a reading."

Vic: "Aye aye, captain."

Hutch: "Activating sonar."

Baines: "Wow! We could have ourselves another gold rush here, Hutch."

Hutch: "Except it's scandium ore, not gold."

Vic: "10 times as valuable though. Ka-ching!"

[Suddenly a shadow is cast across the vehicle. Baines sticks her head out of the door.]

Baines: "Ah! Uh! Drive. Drive drive drive!"

[A massive saw comes down, and the sonar vehicles get out of the way just in time. The ground beneath them begins to open.]

Hutch:' "What is that thing?"

Baines: "I don't know. Vic, can't you go any faster?"

Vic: "This truck ain't exactly a Thunderbird."

Baines: "The Thunderbirds! International Rescue, this is Ground Sonar D103, can you hear us? Please, we need help."

[The vehicles skids and falls into the crack in the earth. Pan up to the Earthbreaker. Cut to control cabin - the Mechanic.]

[Opening credits.]

Colonel Casey: "There's a squadron of GDF Fliers on the way. We'll take care of this machine, whatever it is."

John Tracy: "I'm sure you will Colonel Casey. But we're concerned about the distress call from Sonar D103. They're not showing up anywhere on Thunderbird 5's scans."

Colonel Casey: "Then you'd better gear up. We may need International Rescue's help on this one after all."

[Tracy Island.]

Kayo: "Let's go in strong. 3 ships at least."

Scott Tracy: "Agreed. Virgil, Kayo: get ready to fly."

Gordon Tracy: "Anything Alan and I can do?"

Scott: "Just hold down the fort."

Alan Tracy: "We could build one right here out of sofa cushions, heh."

[Everyone looks at him.]

Alan: "Or not."

Scott: "Alright then. Thunderbirds are go!"

[Thunderbirds 1, 2, & S launch.]

[Thunderbird 5.]

John: "EOS, this looks like a life reading. Can you get me a more detailed scan?"

EOS: "Of course, John."

John: "Woah!"

EOS: "It appears to be the driver."

John: "Yeah, he doesn't look very friendly either. Brains, what do you make of this machine?"

Brains: "Remarkable, isn't it? I believe it's a completely self-contained mining extraction and refinement facility."

John: "Thunderbird 1, our guess is that the machine is mining for scandium ore."

Scott: "Any sign of the geologists?"

John: "No, but we can see the machine's operator."

Scott: "I'm five minutes out. Where are the GDF?"

John: "On approach now."

[GDF Fliers surround the Earthbreaker.]

GDF Commander: "This is the Global Defence Force. Power down immediately. He's not shutting down, Colonel. What are your orders?"

Colonel Casey: "Fire a warning shot."

[Crevice. The D103 crew wake up.]

Vic: "Ohh. Saturday morning already?"

Baines: "Hutch, still breathing?"

Hutch: "Looks that way. Where are we?"

[They look out the window to see the Earthbreaker above them.]

Vic: "Bainesie?"

Baines: "Yeah, we're getting out of here."

Vic: "We're wedged between the rocks!"

Baines: "This is sonar vehicle D103. We need help. Anybody."

John: "International Rescue receiving you, D103. Help is on the way. Colonel Casey, I've made contact with the geologists. They're right in the path of that machine - and it doesn't appear to be stopping."

Colonel Casey: "Understood. Attention Fliers, this is GDF command. You have weapons clearance."

[The GDF Fliers launch missiles. The Mechanic is quick to react - he deploys air-mechas and they take care of the missiles. They go after the Fliers and electrify them.]

GDF Commander: "Our systems are overloading. We're going down."

[The Fliers crash. Scott and Thunderbird 1 fly over, looking at the wrecks.]

The Mechanic: "Stay away."

Scott: "Colonel Casey?"

Colonel Casey: "Stay back, Thunderbird 1. We're still assessing the situation. That's an order, Scott."

Scott: "FAB. Standing by. Brains, are you seeing this?"

Brains: "The technology is unlike anything I've seen before. Kayo, are you there?"

Kayo: "Go ahead, Brains."

Brains: "The rescue comes first, of course, but if you could help me get a better look at this Earthbreaker machine..."

Grandma: "If I were you, I'd be much more interested in whoever's driving that thing."

[Thunderbird 2 arrives on scene.]

Virgil Tracy: "What did I miss?"

Scott: "Nothing but trouble. I've got a visual on the sonar vehicle. It's down at the bottom of that crevice. We can't wait any longer, Virgil. Think you can fish it out?"

Virgil: "I think I can."

Scott: "Okay, stand by. Attention unknown mining machine: this is International Rescue. There are people in danger below you. Be advised that we are moving in to retrieve them."


Virgil: "Do we take that as a yes?"

Scott: "Be careful. And make it quick. I repeat: we are only moving in to rescue the people trapped below you."

Virgil: "Launching grapple."

[The Mechanic sends out air-mechas again.]

Scott: "Virgil, look out!"

[The mechas attack Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil: "Argh! I've lost VTOL!"

Scott: "Virgil, get out of there!"

Virgil: "Diverting all power to aft thrusters."

[Thunderbird 2's aft thrusters power up and she shoots away.]

The Mechanic: "I told you to stay away."

Scott: "Who are you?"

The Mechanic: "I am the Mechanic. And if your Thunderbird comes any closer, I'll break it as well."

[Ocean. Thunderbird 2 is billowing smoke from her tail.]

Virgil: "Three of my four VTOL engines are gone and half my systems are offline, but I still have horizontal flight. I'm going to try and get back to Tracy Island."

Scott: "The landing will be way too risky, Virgil. You need to ditch her in the ocean."

Virgil: "This is my ship and I say not a chance. Beside, this so-called Mechanic left one of his tools behind. Brains may wanna have a look at it."

Kayo: "Good luck Virgil. Okay Thunderbird 1, what's our plan?"

Scott: "We're gonna need a little bit of that stealth of yours."

Kayo: "With pleasure."

[Thunderbird Shadow collects Scott.]

Kayo: "Activating optical camouflage."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil: "Thunderbird 2 on final approach to Tracy Island. I hope this is gonna work, Brains."

Brains: "Virgil: hang in there."

Virgil: "Alright... Here goes."

[Thunderbird 2 crash lands at Tracy Island.]

Virgil: "Thanks Brains."

[Tracy Villa. Virgil has brought the remains of one of the Mechanic's air-mechas.]

Virgil: "What do you think?"

Brains: "Impressive engineering. I'll begin a systems analysis immediately."

Grandma: "It would take a lot of money to build that Earthbreaker. I don't know who this Mechanic fellow is, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts he's getting some help from the Hood."

Alan: "Uh, Grandma, the Hood's in prison!"

Grandma: "Which is precisely why our London agent is on her way to pay him a visit."

[Parkmoor Scrubs.]

Colonel Casey: "I can appreciate your concern Lady Penelope, but the security in this prison is second to none. the Hood's cell is isolated from the rest of the facility. He has no way to pass messages to anyone."

Lady Penelope: "Still, this has the Hood's dirty fingerprints all over it."

The Hood: "What a pleasant surprise. I don't get many visitors, you know. The guards aren't much for conversation, either."

Lady Penelope: "Well, we intend to have one, and it starts with, what are you up to?"

[Crevice. Scott has lowered himself down to the Sonar Vehicle.]

Scott: "Uh. Stay clear of the roof. I'm going to cut it open." [He cuts the door off its hinges.] "International Rescue. Don't worry, I'm going to get you all out of here."

Vic: "Get us out? How? You see that thing? It's about to swallow us whole! You need to stop that machine!"

Baines: "Don't crack up on me, Vic. This is International Rescue, they know what they're doing."

Scott: "These are harnesses, start putting them on."

Vic: "I'm not leaving! It's sucking up rocks like popcorn out there!"

Scott: "Vic, listen to me. You'll be attached to this line. The only place you're going is up. It's okay for you to be afraid, but can I count on you to trust me?"

Vic: "Uh..."


Kayo: "I'm inside the Earthbreaker. Scanning is active. Are you getting this, Brains?"

Brains: "Yes, I'm analysing the structure now."

Kayo: "FAB. I'll start working my way to the top."

[Parkmoor Scrubs.]

Parker: "You know, ma'am, I have ways to make him talk."

Colonel Casey: "I think Miss Creighton-Ward is doing just fine on her own, Parker."

Lady Penelope: "I like what you've done with the place. And this look suits you. Stripes!"

The Hood: "Yes, and red suits you. We could chit-chat all day if you like, but I suspect you're here because someone is in trouble. Perhaps, something worse than me has come to pass?"

Lady Penelope: "You mean the Mechanic? Oh, he's well in hand by now. His first mistake was taking shots at the GDF, his last was taking shots at my friends."

The Hood: "This has nothing to do with me, of course. Being in here."

Lady Penelope: "Certainly not. This Mechanic fellow has none of your style and sophistication. Ah, to think he could have gotten away with everything but no, he had to make a great big ugly witless show of it. By now that Earthbreaker machine of his should be in bits and pieces, and all of that priceless scandium ore he would have taken back in the ground for someone else to claim."

The Hood: "I've had enough! Leave me. Now!"

Lady Penelope: "He doesn't like the sound of that, does he Parker?"

Parker: "Indeed not, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "It almost makes you think he has something to lose, but of course how could he? Being in here."

[They exit.]

Lady Penelope: "The Hood is behind this, I'm certain of it."

[Earthbreaker control room. Kayo enters.]

The Mechanic: "Not another step."

Kayo: "Shut this thing down!"

The Mechanic: "The explosives you planted on your way up to me have been disabled."

Kayo: "Brains, we may have a problem."

The Mechanic: "I told you to stay away."

[He increases the power on the Earthbreaker's collection funnel.]

Scott: "Oh no!"

Baines: "Vic, please! We have to go."

Scott: "It's okay. Vic buddy, I'm sorry I have to do this."

Vic: "Ahh!"

[Earthbreaker. Kayo takes a run at the Mechanic, but is stopped by an air-mecha.]

[Crevice. Scott has cut Vic's chair out of the sonar vehicle and all three are on their way up. They get caught by the collection funnel, however.]

Vic: "Argh! Oh!"

[The Sonar Vehicle flies into the collection funnel.]

[Earthbreaker. Kayo runs out of the control room and into the belly of the machine. Two mechas follow her.

Kayo: "This guy's untouchable, Brains. You'd better have something for me."

Brains: "I do! I believe the Mechanic is using null-point energy in a recompetent distribution matrix."

Kayo: "I have no idea what that means."

Brains: "You don't need to. Just find a data-cable. Any one will do."

[Kayo climbs up a tank to get to one.]

Kayo: "Now what?"

Brains: "Grab hold. Don't worry, it won't harm you. The sensors in your glove are connecting you to the machine. And that will connect the machine to us! John, we need some help from EOS."

John: "We're standing by."

[Crevice. Scott and the D103 crew are nearly sucked into the collection funnel when everything stops.]

Scott: "Ah. Kayo, I don't know what you did, but thanks for doing it."

[Earthbreaker. A mecha forces Kayo to break the connection.]

EOS: "We've lost the connection."

John: "Kayo, are you alright?"

Kayo: "Not really! But the Mechanic is becoming his own worst enemy."

[Crevice. The crew have made their way out. The Earthbreaker's saw comes down on them.]

Scott: "Run! All of you! Get as far away as you can."

[The Earthbreaker chases Scott.]

Vic: "The whole world's gone bananas!"

Scott: "Kayo! I could really use some more of what you did before."

Kayo: "I'm trying! This guy knows how to multitask."

[Kayo manages to knock one mecha out of action and grab a hold of a new data-cable.]

EOS: "We've regained the connection."

John: "Good. That entire machine is one big neural link. Everything is connected. Find out whatever controls the drive system and shut it down."

EOS: "Searching... I believe I've found - No! Stop that! The Mechanic gained access to my systems, I had to sever the link. I'm sorry, John."

John: "It's not your fault, EOS. Kayo, you're on your own down there."

Kayo: "Brains, I need your help. I've got something."

[The Earthbreaker is still chasing Scott. He's remote piloting Thunderbird 1 to pick him up. Scott trips over a rock, but before the saw has time to kill him it stops.]

[Earthbreaker control room. Kayo's holding some broken wires.]

Kayo: "You'll be please to know our engineer is very impressed with your handiwork here."

The Mechanic: "He's a clever one, but not the only one with 'Brains'."

Kayo: "You know him? Who are you really?"

The Mechanic: "I'm just a cog in the wheel."

John: "Scott, Kayo. I'm picking up a massive power buildup inside that machine. I think he's gonna blow it up."

The Mechanic: "How fast can you run?"

John: "Kayo, get out of there now!"

The Mechanic: "Give my regards to Brains."

[Scott and Kayo return to their ships and take off. Scott finds the D103 crew and runs a ladder down for them to climb up.]

Scott: "Climb in! Quickly!"

[The Earthbreaker's control room ejects from the rest of the machine, just before it blows up.

Baines: "Thank you, International Rescue."

Scott: "Anytime."

Vic: "I sure hope not. I never want to be in the kind of fix where I want to see you people again. No offence."

Scott: "Ha. FAB."

[Tracy Island, night.]

Scott: "Way to stick the landing, Virgil!"

Brains: "Well I expect Thunderbird 2 to make a full recovery. I am, however, a little concerned about the Mechanic. That machine of his was most impressive. And not in a good way."

Kayo: "Any idea who he could be? It seems like he knows you."

Brains: "I haven't a clue. Behind that mask could be anyone."

Grandma: "Well if the Hood is pulling his strings, it's gonna be twice fun for all of us. We'll have to keep on our toes."

Scott: "Whatever the Hood and this Mechanic have planned, it's nothing that International Rescue can't face. Our first order of business - find out how he's controlling the Mechanic and talking to the outside world. Then, we shut him down."

[The Hood looks up. His right eye flickers yellow and he chuckles to himself.]

The End