This page is a transcription of Edge Of Impact

Part 1

[Scene: a military jet streaks across the sky. Cue Edge of Impact theme. Somebody speaks to the pilot over the radio.]

General Bron: "Now, Captain, proceed with attack on installation Y."

Captain: "Yes, sir."

[The Captain goes into a nose dive and fires several missiles at a refinery, causing a number of fiery explosions. It then attacks a ship, with the same result. Title card Edge of Impact is displayed.]

[Scene cuts to hill-top bunker. Two men have been watching the airplane.]

General Bron: "All right, Captain, that will do. Return to base."

Captain: "Yes, sir."

General Bron: "Now, are you convinced?"

The Hood: "General, I am beside myself with admiration. It is the most vicious weapon I have ever seen!"

General Bron: "Yes. With such an aircraft, I could be master of the land and sea as well, if it were not for Red Arrow!"

The Hood: [Frown expression on.] "Red Arrow? What is that? Surely no aircraft is superior to what you have just shown me?"

General Bron: "Yes, in speed alone the Red Arrow can outmanoeuvre us. I want you to do something for me. A little favour. For which I shall repay you generously. [The Hood's eyes glow.] I am tired of competition. My army is becoming impatient and restless. All rivals must be removed from my path! Do you follow me?"

The Hood: [Normal expression on.] "Perfectly, General. Perfectly."

General Bron: "Very well. All prototypes of Red Arrow will be destroyed. Soon they will be carrying out the first test. It must fail! Do you understand?"

The Hood: [Frown expression on.] "Perfectly. Leave it to me. The Red Arrow is doomed!"

[Scene cuts to London Airport. A siren blares. Commander Norman talks into a microphone.]

Commander Norman: "This is central control. This is central control. All personnel to clear test area 20. Clear area 20. Maximum security conditions should be operating during test procedure. And I want Airport activity to be reduced to an absolute minimum. All emergency personnel will proceed to security stations M, P and Q, and will stand by until further notice. The countdown for Red Arrow project is now operating. This is your final clearance." [He puts down the microphone.] "Begin the photographic alert procedure."

Tower Lieutenant: "Yes, sir."

Commander Norman: "Well, Colonel, the test can proceed. I'm handing over the airfield control to you."

Colonel Casey: "Thanks, Norman. OK, clear the hangar and get me the pilot."

Tower Lieutenant: "Very good, sir. Hangar now clearing, sir. Pilot's on channel two."

Colonel Casey: "Thanks."

[Cuts to a hangar. The door opens, and the hangar moves backwards, revealing a red military jet on a short ramp.]

Colonel Casey: "Hello, Race. This is Colonel Casey at base control. I want you to pay close attention to what I am gonna say. Now, this is no normal aeroplane that you'll be taking up today. Remember that. I want no exhibition flying. I want all flying instructions carried out to the letter and no more. Is that clear?"

Race: "Yes, sir."

Colonel Casey: "All right then. Here are the routines that you'll follow: take off and climb to 6,000 feet."

[Cuts to a blue laundry van parking. The Hood is behind the wheel, and he's wearing a disguise.]

The Hood: "Yes, this is as good a place as any to watch the Red Arrow. I don't think it will go very far today!"

[Cuts to Red Arrow 1 on its launch ramp, which lifts to 30 degrees. Cuts to control tower.]

Colonel Casey: "Well, here we go."

Commander Norman: "Good luck, sir."

Colonel Casey: "Thanks, Norman."

[Brief cut to The Hood watching through binoculars, then back to the tower.]

Colonel Casey: "Yeah, that's it Race. Now, remember, to the letter!"

Race: "I understand, sir."

Colonel Casey: "Good luck."

[The Red Arrow takes off.]

Commander Norman: "Well, Colonel, that's some aircraft you've got there."

Tower Lieutenant: "Yes, sir, what a performance!"

Race: "This is Red Arrow One to GB-7. All systems go. Altitude 6,000. Air speed 4,000. Fuel 7.5. Air speed increasing!"

Colonel Casey: "GB-7 to Red Arrow, hold your air speed below 4,000. Repeat. Hold your air speed below 4,000."

Race: "Air speed control reaction negative. Still increasing!"

Colonel Casey: "Red Arrow One, you MUST cut your air speed!"

Race: "I-I can't hold her! I'm being pulled off course! Cabin pressure dropping."

Commander Norman: "Here she comes!"

The Hood: "Excellent! Excellent! It's working even better than I dared hope it would!"

Tower Lieutenant: "I think he's blacked out, sir."

Commander Norman: "Sound red alert!"

Colonel Casey: "Red Arrow from GB-7. Bale out! Repeat. BALE OUT!"

Commander Norman: "He's going to crash!"

[The Red Arrow jet crashes into an airport hangar. The Hood starts his engine and drives off.]

Colonel Casey: "Oh, what went wrong? What went wrong?"

[Scene cuts to Tracy Island. Jeff, Scott, Virgil and Gordon are having breakfast. Jeff is reading from a newspaper.]

Jeff Tracy: "The crash occurred during the first of a series of tests to be carried out on the Red Arrow. Colonel Tim Casey says that in spite of the crash, tests would continue, though he would no longer be supervising the operation. Officials at World Space Control are convinced, etcetera and so on."

Scott Tracy: "Isn't that the Tim Casey who was with you in the early days of space travel?"

Jeff Tracy: "That's right. Looks like he's got quite a problem on his hands."

Scott Tracy: "Gosh, you'd think they could eliminate all fault conditions before take off was attempted."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, don't forget Red Arrow is powered by twin rockets and that's still a pretty new field, you know. But it's not like Tim Casey to test a new project and make a slip. Of course it could be sabotage."

Scott Tracy: "Sabotage?"

Gordon Tracy: "What makes you think that, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, Gordon, the Red Arrow is a mighty powerful weapon. A weapon that some people would like to see it out of action for a long time."

[Scene cuts to The Hood's temple in a jungle. The Hood and General Bron are sitting at a table. Bron burps loudly.]

General Bron: "Ah, a most delicious feast, my friend."

The Hood: "Thank you, General. I'm glad it suited your mood of celebration."

General Bron: "Yes. The fate that befell the Red Arrow was most gratifying. You have indeed served me well."

The Hood: "And services merit rewards."

General Bron: "Ha-ha, I was forgetting." [He lifts the lid of a casket, revealing a mass of jewelry. Before The Hood can touch it, he slams it shut again.]

General Bron: "Soon, Red Arrow Two goes out on test. It too must fail!"

The Hood: "It will! It will!"

General Bron: "Good. When the entire Red Arrow project is abandoned, this casket will be yours. You must not fail me in this. My own aircraft must not be superseded!"

The Hood: "I will not fail you, General. The gold will be mine!"

[Cuts to Tracy Island. Brains and Alan are watching the radar.]

Brains: "Hmm, something's approaching the island."

Alan Tracy: "Seems to be travelling at quite a speed too, Brains."

Brains: "Yah, but it's still a fair distance away. Maybe it's not coming here. Maybe it's headed for the Island of Moyla."

[Scene cuts to another room.]

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, those early moon shots with Tim Casey sure were exciting. He used to be quite a character."

Scott Tracy: "Well, does he know anything about the International Rescue set-up that we've got?"

Jeff Tracy: "Of course not. You know the policy of the organisation. And besides, he's a member of the armed forces."

Scott Tracy: "I guess I just thought that with you and the general being buddies in the early days, you might have talked it over with him."

[Alan's portrait bleeps.]

Jeff Tracy: "Hold it, Boys. Something's up."

Scott Tracy: "We're not expecting visitors, are we, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "I don't think so. Unless it's some more of Tin-Tin's admirers. Brains, give me a reading."

Brains: "There's an unidentified object approaching on high altitude flight path 408, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "OK then, Brains, keep tabs on it."

Brains: "OK, Mr Tracy."

Scott Tracy: "408? That's not a commercial flight-path."

Jeff Tracy: "No, it's quite unusual, I must say."

Virgil Tracy: "What are we going to do, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "What do you expect us to do, intercept? No, as long as our base remains undiscovered, it's unlikely that anyone will attack the island."

Virgil Tracy: "There is one thing we should do though, father."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah."

Jeff Tracy: "And what's that?"

Scott Tracy: "Operation cover-up!"

Jeff Tracy: "Right."

[Jeff presses a button. The portraits change. Cuts to Brains and Alan.]

Brains: "Well, he's not calling a-at the Island of Moyla. He's heading straight for our base!"

[Cuts to Jeff, Scott and Virgil, who have moved to the balcony.]

Scott Tracy: "Here he comes!"

Jeff Tracy: "He's diving!"

Scott Tracy: "We're being attacked!"

Jeff Tracy: "Down!"

[The mysterious jet unfurls a banner with the words "Greetings Jeff Tracy" on it.]

Scott Tracy: "What happened? They didn't attack!"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, I'll be. Just take a look at that! It's Tim Casey. Couldn't be anyone else. Boys, looks like we got a visitor."

[Scene cuts to a telecom tower at night. The Hood is standing next to it. He is attaching something to the base of the tower.]

The Hood: "Good!"

[Cuts to the top of the tower. An intercom beeps.]

Jim: "Sky Control."

[The Hood is at the other end.]

The Hood: "Erm, this is the relief maintenance speaking. I've checked the cross-stanchion at 200 feet. You shouldn't have a thing to worry about in tomorrow's storm."

Jim: "Oh, fine. We sure feel a lot happier now. Thanks for checking it out for us at such short notice."

The Hood: "Don't mention it. I'm glad to help you out. Goodnight, then."

Jim: "Goodnight."

The Hood: "And now all I have to do is wait for the next test of Red Arrow."

Part Two

[Scene: Jeff and Casey are relaxing in the garden.]

Jeff Tracy: "What's the matter, Tim? Still worried about that test tomorrow?"

Colonel Casey: "Yeah... I keep remembering about the last test. Every component was checked and double checked. Red Arrow One should never have crashed."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, here comes Brains now. Maybe he can shed some light on the mystery. What's the verdict, Brains?"

Brains: "Well, I've been over all the blueprints of Red Arrow. I can find nothing to fault."

Colonel Casey: "I knew Red Arrow was sound! She should never have crashed!"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, it looks, Tim, as if it was a case of sabotage after all."

Brains: "Well, er, my theory is that the aircraft was sabotaged by some sort of homing device which the pilot was unaware of."

Colonel Casey: "Yeah, that would be one way of slipping through security."

Brains: "Well, I've rigged up a small detector which could tell the pilot whether it was being diverted during the next test. Here's the circuit diagram."

Colonel Casey: "Yeah, good. Well, thanks for your help, Brains. I think I ought to send Goddard back to the base now. Perhaps this detector will do the trick."

[Scene cuts to Casey's plane on the runway.]

Colonel Casey: "OK, Goddard, off you go. Thanks for the ride. Good luck with the test. Sorry I won't be with you."

Goddard: "So am I, sir."

Colonel Casey: "Don't forget to watch the diversion detector that Brains has given you."

Goddard: "Right, sir. Let's hope we've got those saboteurs licked now."

[Goddard takes off. Scene cuts to the telecom tower. There's a storm blowing.]

Jim: "Just as well we got that stanchion fixed. Sitting above this lot, we'll wave about like a palm tree in a monsoon."

Stan: "Hey, check the scanner on channel 58. She's dropping."

Jim: "That means the storm has reached Iceland already."

Stan: "Looks like we're in for a swinging time."

[Cuts to the hangar at London Airport. The door opens and the hangar moves back.]

Tower Lieutenant: "Hangar's open, sir."

Commander Norman: "Thanks. Well, if I had my way, Colonel Casey would be here as well today. I only hope they can clear up the mystery of Red Arrow One as soon as possible. Right, away you go, Goddard, and good luck."

Goddard: "Thank you, sir"

[Red Arrow Two takes off.]

Goddard: "Red Arrow Two to GB-7. All systems are go."

Commander Norman: "Keep her steady, Red Arrow."

Stan: "The storm's definitely on its way now, Jim."

[Jim is looking at some dials.]

Jim: "Hey, look at this! Could that be caused by the storm?"

Stan: "I doubt it, but what the blazes could be causing it? It must be an aircraft in the vicinity."

Jim: "There can't be! There's no flight path for miles around here!"

[Cuts to the cockpit of Red Arrow Two.]

Goddard: "Yes sir, I'm veering off course. I tell you, this plane is flying itself!"

Commander Norman: "Now listen to me, Red Arrow Two. This is the same trouble as before. You are already 80 miles off your flight-path. You are over open country. Dip your nose to crash position and eject. Is that clear? Eject!"

Goddard: "GB-7 from Red Arrow. Diving now and ejecting."

[Goddard ejects. The Red Arrow is making a beeline for the device attached to the base of the telecom tower by The Hood. Cuts to the top of the tower.]

Stan: "I've checked the relays, Jim. It could be all this static that's flying about doing it."

Commander Norman: "This is GB-7. Airial Test Control to UK International Tele-relay. We have an urgent message for you."

Stan: "Jim, that's us."

Jim: "Go ahead, GB-7."

Commander Norman: "There is an unmanned aircraft in your vicinity."

Jim: "An unmanned aircraft?!"

Commander Norman: "We advise you to evacuate Sky Control. Repeat: evacuate Sky Control. Over and out."

Jim: "They're crazy! It's probably a million to one chance we'd get hit!"

Stan: "Well, they wouldn't have told us to evacuate Sky Control unless we're in real danger. Now for Pete's sake, get that elevator up here! Quick!"

[Jim walks over and presses a button.]

Jim: "The elevator's on its way, Stan.

Commander Norman: "Attention, Sky Control, the unmanned aircraft is on a collision course for your tower."

Jim: "Collision course?!" [To the elevator:] "Come on! Come on, will ya?"

[Cuts to London Airport Tower.]

Commander Norman: "It's incredible! I can't believe it. Whatever it is that's drawing Red Arrow off course must have fantastic power!"

Tower Lieutenant: "The pilot of Red Arrow Two has landed safely, sir."

Commander Norman: "Well, get him up here right away."

Tower Lieutenant: "Yes, sir."

[Cuts back to the telecom tower.]

Stan: "Jim, listen. It's coming straight for us! Where's that elevator?"

Jim: "It's too late! Here she comes! Hang on!"

[Red Arrow Two slams into the tower, knocking both men off their feet.]

Stan: "Are you OK, Jim?"

Jim: "Yeah, I think so. Looks like we got hit pretty badly."

Stan: "Jim, this place is gonna go over any minute! We're trapped!"

[Cuts to airport control tower.]

Commander Norman: "You're absolutely certain about this, Goddard?"

Goddard: "Positive, sir. The diversion detector registered definite interference."

Commander Norman: "Right. Thank you. I only hope they'll accept it as evidence at the inquiry."

Tower Lieutenant: "It looks as if the Red Arrow has hit the relay station, sir. Radio contact with the men inside has been severed."

Commander Norman: "What can we do? We can never get them out of there. A helicopter would be out of the question with that storm raging."

Jim: "How much, how much longer can we go on like this? What are you trying to do, Stan?"

Stan: "I'm gonna try and fix this radio. Maybe we can get through to International Rescue. If anyone can help us, they can."

Jim: "What can they do for us in a storm like this?"

[Scene cuts to Tracy Island. Scott and Alan are sitting around.]

Tin-Tin: "I don't know where you boys get your energy...!"

Alan Tracy: "Take it easy, Tin-Tin. We've just finished an exhausting game of checkers!"

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, and we're conserving our energies for that walk around the island that we promised the colonel for this evening."

Tin-Tin: "Where is the colonel now?"

Alan Tracy: "He's down at the pool with father."

[John's portrait beeps. Cuts to Casey and Jeff by the pool.]

Colonel Casey: "Gee, some place you've got here! There's just one thing baffles me."

Jeff Tracy: "What's that, Tim?"

Colonel Casey: "I just can't figure what you do with yourselves all the time. I mean, those boys of yours, they oughtta have something to occupy themselves with."

Jeff Tracy: "Yeah, I guess you're right, Tim." [Jeff's drink stirrer is flashing.] "Oh, excuse me a minute, Tim, will you?"

Colonel Casey: "Oh, sure thing, Jeff."

Alan Tracy: "This would have to happen when we have a visitor on the island"

Tin-Tin: "Oh, I'm sure we could trust Colonel Casey."

Scott Tracy: "Well, that's not the point, Tin-Tin. You remember what father said. We've got to remain a secret organisation."

[Jeff enters the room.]

Jeff Tracy: "What's up, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "An emergency call, father. And there's been bad news for Colonel Casey, I'm afraid. The Red Arrow has been sabotaged again. It crashed into the UK international relay tower, and there's two men trapped at the top."

Alan Tracy: "And the weather conditions are awful, father. A conventional rescue would be impossible."

Jeff Tracy: "I sure am sorry to hear about the Red Arrow. I'm not gonna enjoy having to tell Tim about this. But first of all, we've got to get out there and save these two men. Right, Scott, off you go."

Scott Tracy: "Yes sir."

Jeff Tracy: "Alan, you go and get Virgil up here."

Alan Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Tin-Tin, you've got to get Tim Casey out of the way. I don't care how you do it, as long as he doesn't see what we're doing."

Tin-Tin: "Alright, Mr. Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: [to Virgil] "Get moving, boy. A moment's delay could mean the difference between life and death! Tin-Tin's gonna give me the all-clear when the Colonel is out of the way."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1 and 2 preparing for launch, then to Tin-Tin and Colonel Casey. They're both wearing scuba-gear and are entering the sea.]

Colonel Casey: "Now, do you mind telling me what this is all about, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Sorry, Colonel, but we've just heard that there's a water mamba in the area."

Colonel Casey: "A water mamba?"

Tin-Tin: "Yes. It's a rare tropical mammal. You may never get another chance to see one."

Colonel Casey: "But I'm an airman, not a frogman!"

Tin-Tin: "There it is! Quick!"

[She dives under.]

Colonel Casey: "Hey! Hey! Hey, wait!

Tin-Tin: [whispers into microphone] "Mr Tracy, I'm taking the Colonel down to the underwater caves. Give me a call me when the boys come back."

Jeff Tracy: "Good work, Tin-Tin. OK, Scott, clear to go!"

Scott Tracy: "F.A.B."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1 and 2 launching, then to the cockpit of Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 1. Come in Scott."

Scott Tracy: "This is Thunderbird 1. I've been in contact with danger zone. They've cleared the area for International Rescue. Local conditions reported to be very bad." [To Himself:] "Boy, it must be tough on top of that tower right now...."

[Cuts to the top of the telecom tower. Jim and Stan can hardly stay on their feet. Jim falls over.]

Stan: "Jim! Are you OK? Jim!"

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1 landing next to the tower. It's raining]

Scott Tracy: "Have arrived at danger zone. There's no place here to set up a control centre. I'm going to operate from Thunderbird 1."

OK, Scott. Be with you in 4.5 minutes."

Scott Tracy: "Right. Channel in remote camera."

[The remote camera flies out of Thunderbird 1 and starts filming the tower. Virgil and Alan watch the images in the cockpit of Thunderbird 2.]

Alan Tracy: "Look at that main stanchion. It's nearly gone."

Virgil Tracy: "Take the camera up to the top, Scott. Let's see what shape they're in. Be with you in two and one half minutes."

Scott Tracy: "Right. Now, this site is pretty dangerous, Virgil. When you come in, land on the west side, away from the impact area."

[Cuts to the top of the tower.]

Stan: "It's no good, Jim. I guess we'll just have to wait for International Rescue to get us out of this mess."

Jim: "Yeah... but the steelwork can't hold out much longer."

Stan: "Jim, look!"

[The remote camera has appeared at a window.]

Jim: "What the heck's that?"

Stan: "I don't know. But it means that someone's down below."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "This is Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 1. Approaching danger zone."

[Thunderbird 2 lands.]

Scott Tracy: "Nice landing, Virgil. Now make it snappy, this thing ain't gonna last much longer."

Virgil Tracy: "We're on our way."

[Alan exits Pod 3 in the Booster Mortar.]

Alan Tracy: "Right, Scott. Booster Mortar in position. Can you angle it onto the platform?"

Scott Tracy: "Hang on, Alan, I'll get the camera up there. Another of the secondary stanchions gave way. Now, make it quick as possible."

Stan: "Gee, this steelwork isn't gonna last much longer, Jim."

Jim: "International Rescue, whoever they are, had better hurry up, or we'll be down there beside them... in bits!"

Stan: "Yeah, but how are they gonna get up here, Jim?"

[Cuts to the Booter Mortar.]

Alan Tracy: "Are you OK, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, yeah. Angle the mortar."

Alan Tracy: "Angle 78."

Virgil Tracy: "78, check.

Alan Tracy: "Wind velocity, force eight."

Virgil Tracy: "Force eight, check."

Alan Tracy: "OK, Scott, pull in the remote camera."

[Scene cuts to the top of the tower. Jim and Stan see the remote camera leave.]

Jim: "Hey, it's gone!"

Stan: "I wonder if it's too rough out there to attempt a rescue."

Jim: "They can't just leave us up here! They've got to try something to get us down!"

Scott Tracy: "Right, fellas, it's International Rescue all systems go! Good luck!"

Alan Tracy: "Rescue go!"

[The booster Mortar fires a rescue pack through the window of the control room at the top of the tower.]

Jim: "Hey, what's going on?"

Stan: "What is it, Jim?"

[Stan inspects the contents.]

Jim: "What's inside?"

Stan: "Here. Get this on, Jim, before it's too late!"

[Stan hands Jim a package. Scene cuts to Virgil and Alan.]

Virgil Tracy: "What's keeping these guys!?"

Scott Tracy: "Come on, come on!"

[Cuts back to the tower. Stan opens window.]

Stan: "OK, Jim, you first."

[Jim climbs out of the window onto the balcony, followed by Stan.]

Jim: "Here I go!"

[Jim pulls a pin on his jetpack, starting up a couple of rockets at the back. He shoots up into the air. Stan does the same.]

Virgil Tracy: "Look out!"

[The tower collapses.]

Virgil Tracy: "Gee, those poor guys. We were just seconds too late. This is the first time International Rescue has failed."

Alan Tracy: "No, fellas, look! Look!"

[Cuts to Jim and Stan, who are slowly floating down to the ground.]

Scott Tracy: "We did it! We did it! They're safe!"

Virgil Tracy: "Hey, what's that over there?

[Cuts to the device The Hood had attached to the base of the tower; then, to Jeff's office on Tracy Island.]

Jeff Tracy: "Gee, I sure wish there was something we could do to vindicate Tim Casey. Perhaps this relay tower crash will bring something to light."

General Bron: "How's the operation going, by the way?"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, I don't like to pester the boys with needless radio calls when they're in the midst of a rescue, so I don't...."

[Virgil's portrait beeps.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "We've managed to save the two relay operators, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Well done, Virgil. Are they OK?"

Virgil Tracy: "Yes, they're OK. father, we've just found something that may account for the disaster."

Jeff Tracy: "What is it, son?"

Virgil Tracy: "I'm putting it on the other channel. Perhaps you or Brains might have some ideas about it."

Jeff Tracy: "What do you think, Brains?"

Brains: "Yeah, I-I think we have the solution, Mr Tracy. This will account for the Red Arrow going off course during testing."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. Virgil, inform the police the saboteur is most likely in the area of the relay tower. Quickly. There's not a moment to lose."

Virgil Tracy: "Yes, sir!"

[Scene cuts to The Hood speeding down a road.]

The Hood: "At last, at last the Red Arrow is destroyed! In a few short hours, the gold will be mine!"

[A police car starts chasing after him.]

The Hood: "What? Police! Hah, they will never catch up with me."

[Cuts to police car.]

First Policeman: "Proceeding along Highway FR in pursuit of van, registration number OMC 119."

Police Radio: "Roger. Will intercept at Ridgeways crossroads."

[Cuts to a roadblock. The sign reads Ridgeways Crossroads Diversion. Scene cuts to The Hood.]

The Hood: "An ambush! They cannot stop me now!"

[The Hood drives straight through the roadblock. He picks up a microphone.]

The Hood: "This is 671 calling General Bron. 671 to General Bron. International Rescue must have discovered some evidence at the relay tower and International Rescue have sent the police after me."

General Bron: "You fool! Don't you know you can never get away from International Rescue?"

The Hood: "Already I have managed to shake off the police!"

[Scene cuts back to the roadblock.]

Second Policeman: "Yes, sir. We tried to warn him that the bridge was down, but he deliberately drove through."

First Policeman: "Well, we'd better go and see what's become of him."

[Scene cuts to the Hood. He fails to notice the bridge is broken and crashes into the abyss. He is still alive.]

General Bron: "You fool! What was that bang I heard? Not only have you let International Rescue ruin my plans, but you have proved you cannot even drive a car! You must fend for yourself now!"

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 and 2 landing on Tracy Island, then to Tin-Tin and Colonel Casey in an underwater cave]

Colonel Casey: "Er yes, Tin-Tin, it sure is beautiful. And you say that it's down here that the water mambas live?"

Tin-Tin: "Well, I think so. Although I haven't seen one down here for a long time. Maybe they've moved on again. You know how it is with these water mambas."

Colonel Casey: "Now look, Tin-Tin, you've shown me over 20 underwater caves and we haven't seen a mamba yet. I think if there'd been any of them around today we'd have seen one by now!"

Tin-Tin: "Oh, but Colonel. You must see a water mamba before you go back."

Colonel Casey: "I guess I wouldn't break my heart with disappointment if I didn't see one, Tin-Tin!"

Tin-Tin: "But Colonel..." [A little light on her diving gear starts flashing.] "All right then, perhaps we ought to be getting back."

[Cuts to Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Right, everything must be exactly as it was before the rescue opperation."

Virgil Tracy: "Here's Tin-Tin with Colonel Casey now."

Alan Tracy: "Just wait till he hears the news we've got for him!"

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Alan, let me tell it. Well hello, Tim. We've been looking for you everywhere!"

Colonel Casey: "Oh, yeah. Well, uh... Tin-Tin and I have been for a swim. Maybe we should have told you where we were going."

Jeff Tracy: "We've just heard on the newscast that the Red Arrow sabotage case has been split wide open!"

Colonel Casey: "Oh, that's great news! Who do I have to thank for that?"

Virgil Tracy: "International Rescue, Colonel. They found that Red Arrow was being drawn off course by a homing device placed by saboteurs."

Colonel Casey: "Now that's what I call real enterprising! Oh, I bet you fellas sometimes wish that you belonged to an organisation like that!"

Alan Tracy: "The Colonel is right, you know. It would give us something to occupy ourselves with. Nothing ever happens around here."

Jeff Tracy: "And another thing, Tim. They've also sent out a request for you to get back to the research base at once, for reinstatement."

Colonel Casey: "Well, well, Tin-Tin! Things were sure happening when we were out swimming!"

Tin-Tin: "They certainly were, Colonel. They certainly were."

[Scene cuts to island runway. Colonel Casey takes off in his plane, with Jeff and Tin-Tin watching. Colonel Casey waves goodbye, and Goddard releases another banner from the rear of the plane; this time with the words "Thanks Jeff Tracy".]


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