Equipment & Vehicles
High-Speed Elevator Cars
Image elevator car pods
Type: Elevator Car
Affiliation: International Rescue
Appearances: Fireflash
The Elevator Cars are one of the possible vehicles that the Pods can become. These high-speed cars have large, flat platforms on top of them, and they are used to safely catch crashing planes.


They first appeared in Fireflash, where two were created and driven by Alan and Gordon Tracy. They attempted to support the crashing Fireflash Aircraft, but they were unsuccessful, as the Fireflash was too heavy. Fireflash had to take off again, and the powerful blast of its engines caused the Cars to crash. Thankfully, Alan and Gordon survived and climbed out of their wrecks.

Specifications Edit

Height: 6.4 feet

Width: 6.4 feet

Length: 12 feet

Top Speed: 321 M.P.H


  • Along with the Mole, the Elevator Cars are based on a type of Pod Vehicle of the same name from the original series. In fact, both versions of the vehicle are used for the same mission, saving a crashing Fireflash.
  • Both of the Elevator Car Pods are labelled with "Master Elevator Car", even though they are both the same. This is a direct reference to the originals, where only one was manned and the others were radio-controlled.


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