"I think we have our opening shot right here!"

Ellie Pendergast is a famous television explorer who stars in and films Into The Unknown With Buddy And Ellie with her co-star and husband, Buddy Pendergast.


Europa MissionEdit

When filming an episode on Jupiter's moon: Europa, Ellie and her husband fall through the ice and make it to their submersible, losing their rover and base camp in the progress.

Upon rescue, Ellie picks up signs of an unidentified life form and Buddy asks if it's possible to make a small detour to check it out. They discover not just one, but multiple forms of alien life - much to the awe of themselves, Gordon and Alan.

Before they are returned to their own ship that's orbiting the planet, Gordon asks them for an autograph, but is graced with a very special photograph of himself, Alan, and his favourite television personalities.