Mountain PassEdit

In a mountain range in Southeast Asia, Eddy Houseman, co-founder of the construction company Gray & Houseman, is working with his team to build a path through the mountains.

Blasting the mountain

With explosives they make a gap between two mountains, where soon a new road will be constructed. When Eddy and his assistants Cheng and Taylor take a look, a rockslide forces them to make a quick return.Meanwhile, a bit further, the main engine of the company lays the tarmac road to the piece that has already been cleared by Eddy and his team. Eddy is congratulated by his partner Bob Gray, who is convinced that the road will be cleared on time. Speedy action is required because the rainy season soon begins. Eddy has done his part and decides to even take a vacation, planning to visit his old girlfriend, Tin-Tin.

A Visit From EddieEdit

On Tracy Island, the Tracy's get ready for the unexpected visit. Tin-Tin is surprised to see Eddy again, but Alan is jealous of their old relationship, made even worse when Gordon and Virgil tease Alan about the competition.Meanwhile in Asia, Lester, another employee of Eddy's business, reveals disturbing news. According to his seismographic research, there are a number of landslides about to take place near the gulf that Eddy and his team have built. With a heli-jet will they take a look, and their worst suspicion is confirmed. The rains and landslides in a short time will fill the gap again, causing heavy delays to the project. When Eddy hears the news, he left immediately without even saying goodbye to Tin-Tin, leaving her feeling sad and angry.

Back To BaseEdit

Back in Asia Eddy and Bob arguing about what to do next. Bob would like to apply for postponement and wait until after the rainy season, but Eddy wants to know nothing of this. It is their first major contract. If they will ask for a postponement, the company will go bankrupt. Eddy plans to blow up the top of the mountain with explosives so that the gap falls off instead of on, but Bob thinks this is too dangerous as there are still landslides taking place and one shift could cause things to explode prematurely. Meanwhile, Alan Tracy Island on its own problems. He tries to Tin-Tin cheer after Eddy's departure (and again to get her attention), but his efforts are no good. Grandma promised him will lend a hand.

Eddie Goes It AloneEdit

That night Eddy goes against all the advice of Bob by heading into the mountains with a load of explosives while all of his colleagues are sleeping. He drills holes and plants the explosives at strategic points. Meanwhile, in the headquarters sounds an alarm because the seismograph registers an extra large landslide. When other employees are awake, Eddy's absence is noted. Bob knows Eddy calling on the radio and warns him for the next landslide. The only thing he accomplished this is that Eddy decides to cause the explosives to detonate immediately, although his truck still stands almost on top of them. Eddy's plan succeeds, and the top of the mountain actually falls off the gap. The gap, and thus the project are now safe. Unfortunately, the explosion caused the truck Eddy was using to be hurled to the edge of a path, where he now balances precariously on the edge. Eddy is still in the truck but can not move because it would bring the truck off balance. To make matters worse, he still has a crate of explosives on board. If the truck plunges into the abyss, will explode the whole thing.

Calling International RescueEdit

Bob calls International Rescue, but John is left uncertain about the rescue given Eddy's experience of the Tracys, with the result that rescuing him could compromise their secrecy. However, Jeff decides that the organization will not risk lives to maintain their cover, and the mission goes ahead, sending Scott, Virgil and Alan with Thunderbirds 1 and 2. While they are away, Grandma claims to Tin-Tin that Alan went on the mission despite being ill because he knew that Eddy was important to her.

In the danger zone, Scott uses Thunderbird 1 to shoot a pair of metal pins into the mountainside above the truck to stop the falling rocks. Thunderbird 2 arrives and tries to pick up the truck with his magnetic clamps. Bob and his team have been very impressed with the Thunderbird Machines. However, the turbulence of his engines is enough to bring the truck off balance. Scott uses Thunderbird 1 to support the truck while Virgil and Alan make a second attempt. This time the action is successful, but the truck was too heavy for the grabs and eventually comes loose . Virgil sends Thunderbird 2 closer to a ledge that Eddy can jump out of the truck. Subsequently, the truck falls down and explodes.

On the ground Eddy is congratulated by his team for saving the project. When Eddy expresses a wish that he could thank his rescuers, they have already left, maintaining their secrecy as Eddy has not seen their faces. Tin-Tin calls Alan to express her concern about his health. Alan obviously does not understand what she's talking about but will talk to her about it when they return home

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