Equipment & Vehicles
Excavator moving
Type: Dual-function rock and debris clearance machine
Affiliation: International Rescue
Main Operator:
Virgil Tracy
Appearances: Martian Invasion

The Excavator is a specialised digging operations machine used by International Rescue. Rescue operations involving the Excavator often include mine or cave collapses.

The Excavator is equipped with a powerful precision drill in the scoop containing the rock crushers that can cut through extremely tough rock and metal.

The rock cutter spins forward, scraping rock pieces into the scoop where they are crushed. The crushed rock and dust goes through some ducts and out two extraction nozzles at the rear of the vehicle.

Technical DataEdit

  • Length: 68 feet
  • Power Source: 800 bhp high-compression engine
  • Weight: 26 tons
  • Width: 25 feet

Cross-sections (Cutaway Drawings)Edit


  • The Excavator's precision drill is made from Formula C30/1 Cahelium alloy. The Mole's drill bit is also constructed from this.

The Excavator In ActionEdit