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The Exopod (also called the Wingsuit) is a suit used by John Tracy in Ghost Ship and Impact.

The Exopod is a variation of exo-suit that is designed for space flight and rescues. It first appeared in Ghost Ship worn by John who also subsequently damaged the suit by accident when a builder bot on the EDEN Generation ship attacked him as a hostile. The suit has wings and jets to propel and steer it through space, as well as an over shoulder high-beam light and an unused plasma laser on the right wrist.


This suit is assembled in the main corridors of Thunderbird 5, the machine that assembles it sits outside the main communications hub and builds the suit around John as he makes his way to the rear airlock.


Ghost ShipEdit

The Exopod is first assembled to save Captain Ridley O'Bannon, who has been thrown into space after an airlock failure on EDEN. Once Ridley has safely back onboard EDEN, the suit was damaged when John had a fight with a Builder Bot, rendering the starboard thruster useless. The Exopod later came in handy to escape the ship, which was rapidly being torn apart by the Bots.


A repaired Exopod was once again assembled to save Ridley, when she got stuck between a few solar panels on her new satellite Global One. The suit again received some damage thanks to some comet debris, and Ridley had to retrieve John from the debris.

Clean SweepEdit

John had to take the Space Elevator down to the rescue site and assist a rescue down on Earth. Therefore, he assembled the Exopod, and this was the first time the Exopod was used on Earth.