Equipment & Vehicles
Type: Rolls-Royce Saloon Car
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: 200 m.p.h
Main Operator: Parker
Appearances: Designated Driver

FAB 0 is a vehicle used by Parker to teach generations of the Tracy family how to drive. It appears in Designated Driver, where it is used to help teach Alan Tracy how to drive and then unexpectedly used to rescue Lady Penelope and her Great Aunt Sylvia when FAB 1 was stolen by two burglars. Alan had to drive and fly it to save FAB 1 after he crashed it and accidentally broke Parker's arm in the process.

Some modifications included a grapnel gun within the grill, rear mounted smoke screen generators and missile launchers. The wheels can morph into helicopter blades, granting it the ability to fly.


Trivia Edit

  • It is modelled right after, and is a homage to, the FAB 1 from the original series. Although it is still not a Rolls Royce, and it sports the same new emblem given to the show's version of FAB 1.
  • Parker reveals that all the Tracy brothers learnt how to drive in FAB 0.

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