Equipment & Vehicles
Type: Rolls-Royce Saloon Car
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: In excess of 200 m.p.h (land)
50 knots (sea)
Main Operator: Aloysius Parker
Lady Penelope

FAB 1 was a pink Rolls-Royce saloon car owned by Lady Penelope and driven by her manservant Parker.

It was made for the Creighton-Ward family and was Lady Penelope's preferred mode of transport. It had been modified by Brains and the Rolls-Royce company.

Some of the modifications included: Front and rear machine cannons, rear harpoon cables, two rear laser cannons, a rear-view TV camera, bulletproof tires with retractable studs, a modified gas turbine engine, skis for snow use, and hydrofoils enabling it to travel on water.

FAB 1 was presumably destroyed when Skyship One crashed to the ground in the movie Thunderbird 6.


Grill Machine CannonEdit

The grille-mounted machine cannon could fire in non-automatic and automatic mode and could be loaded with explosive rounds.

Non-automatic Headlight Machine CannonEdit

Two non-automatic headlight machine cannons which can act like sniper rifles — one stored behind the three headlights either side of vehicle.

Rear Mounted Machine GunsEdit

Used in Brink Of Disaster while being chased by crooks.

Smoke ReleaseEdit

The smoke release could release thick smoke to lose pursuers.

Oil ReleaseEdit

Oil could be poured onto road from the back of FAB 1 in an effort to eluded being followed.

Used in Brink Of Disaster while being chased by crooks.


The harpoons, with the cable attached, could be used to shift heavy objects or pull down a door. Without the cable, they could be used as a weapon.

In The Perils Of Penelope, Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge are trapped in a basement filling with gas, Parker fires FAB 1's rear mounted harpoons into the locked door so he can pull it off its hinges, enabling them to escape.


FAB 1's Hydrofoils enabled it to travel over water at high speeds.



FAB 1's lift

In the comic strip story Mr Steelman (which was FAB 1's first ever appearance), it had a lift in the boot. This particular gadget was never seen again, but it did get a mention in the book Thunderbirds Manual (Agents' Technical Manual).

"Down and Under" DoorsEdit

Retractable doors: FAB1 was fitted with a unique retractable door mechanism for ease of access.

(1),(2) & (3) door swings down until level with car floor. (4) Door slides under car floor to give easy access.

Of course, to enable people to enter or exit in a dignified manner, the glass canopy had to be raised up as well. FAB 1 was only ever seen with a raised canopy in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go, first in the dream sequence, and again later, when Alan meets up with Penelope after the rescue.


FAB 1 also featured a megaphone, which can be heard by people outside the car. Parker uses the megaphone in The Man From MI.5, when he tells Jimmy Bondson: "The lady said don't move!"

Technical DataEdit

Length: 21 feet
Width: 8 feet
Weight: 3 tons
Top Speed on land: Between 200 and 300 mph, at sea: 50 knots
Seating Capacity: 3 (1 driver and 2 passengers)
Front Armaments: 2 machine guns and 1 central machine cannon
Rear Armaments: 2 machine guns, 4 harpoon launchers, smokescreen canister, oil slick dispenser and 2 laser guns

Inside FAB 1Edit

Telecall CommunicationsEdit

Appearances - EpisodesEdit

Trapped in the SkyEdit

FAB 1 is needed to prevent The Hood from getting away with the photographs he made of Thunderbird 1 at London International Airport.

Vault Of DeathEdit

FAB 1 takes Lady Penelope and Lord Silton to the Bank of England when a staff member is trapped in the vault.

Brink Of DisasterEdit

While driving FAB 1, Lady Penelope is attacked by two villains, eventually blowing them off the road.

Perils Of PenelopeEdit

FAB 1 travels from Paris to Anderbad while on the trail of the lost Professor Borender.

Day Of DisasterEdit

Lady Penelope takes Brains to the Allington Suspension Bridge, when the Martian Space Probe Rocket falls into the river.

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Lady Penelope and Parker race to the rendezvous point of the Erdman Gang, and bring down the Helijet (with cannon fire) as it takes off.

The ImpostorsEdit

Jeff Tracy contacts Lady Penelope to help him find the "Impostors". She sets off to America (accompanied by Parker), on board the Fireflash, taking with her a mountain of luggage stowed inside FAB 1.

The Man From MI.5Edit

FAB 1 is needed to take Lady Penelope to the Forest of Digne for a meeting with Jimmy Bondson.

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

FAB 1 was needed in the south of France to chase after the Casino Owner, where it came under machine-gun fire, later in the episode, we again see FAB 1 travelling to Royston (England) to see the duchess at her castle home.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Parker takes Lady Penelope around Australia, from opening an Australian Mountain Pass and then onto her ranch at Bonga Bonga.


Path Of DestructionEdit

FAB 1 takes Lady Penelope on a visit to Jim Lucas, when the shut down emergency code for the Crablogger is needed, after the machine goes on a path of destruction.

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Parker takes Lady Penelope to the fashion show on board the Skythrust. FAB 1 is stowed inside the cargo hold.

Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

In Lord Parker's 'Oliday, Fab 1 is used to take Lady Penelope and Parker on their holidays to the Mediterranean town of Monte Bianco. They stay in hotel run by Senor Faccini, and were among the invited guests to witness a new solar generator's first test to power the town.

A Great DisasterEdit

The mountains surrounding Monte Bianco block out all radio signals, so when, the town is threatened with disaster, Lady Penelope takes FAB 1 out to sea to call International Rescue.

Appearances - FilmsEdit

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • While Derek Meddings designed FAB 1, Sylvia Anderson wanted it to be pink in colour.
  • Being valuable, the prop was locked up when it wasn't being used.
  • FAB 1, along with Scott Tracy, Lady Penelope, Parker and Brains appeared in British comedian Peter Kay's "Animated All Star Band" for BBC Children In Need 2009.
    • Alan and Gordon also cameoed on the cover of the CD the song was released on.

Life Size FAB 1Edit

At least three full-size FAB 1's have been built. One is currently on display at the Dezer Car Museum in Miami, Florida; another one was built to promote the movie Thunderbird 6. The third was built by Thunderbirds fan Melvin Jarvis.


There have been many FAB 1s produced over the years, both in model and kit form. Some are now very hard to find.

Construction KitsEdit

Main article: FAB 1 - Construction Kits

Lincoln ToysEdit

Lincoln Toys of Hong Kong also produced a FAB 1 in a simple clip-together kit in 1967. It is now very rare in unassembled condition.

FAB 1 ModelsEdit

For Dinky Toys see:

Main article: Dinky Toys

Century 21 Toys, made by J.Rosenthal of Hong Kong released the first toy FAB 1 in 1965, in two versions, Battery-operated and a cheaper Friction drive model. Both now are very rare and command a high price when sold.

Dinky Toys also produced a FAB 1 in 1966 and it was so popular that it was re-released many times, creating several different versions. The main differences are in the shades of pink paint and variety of wheels. Packaging also varied over the ten year it was produced. Corgi Models produced the "Dinky" FAB 1 in the late 1990's and again, like Dinky, re-released it by popular demand. A special 40th Anniversary edition was released in 2005.

Probably the most common of the lot is the Matchbox version, produced in the 1,000's in 1992. Due to being mass-produced, it can still be found quit cheaply for sale. It was also given away by "Kellogg's Frosties" in 1993 as part of an on-pack promotion.

A more rare version was released in Spain by Estrela (1995).

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