FAB 1 is a pink, six wheeled saloon car owned by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, and driven by her manservant Parker. It was presumably, judging by the IR emblem, designed by International Rescue.

FAB 1 is designed to be swift, solid and functional for Lady Penelope's dangerous missions, while also looking posh and sensible enough to suit Her Ladyship as a fancy aristocrat. The inside is bright and cream, and the high-tech driving console is organized so that the driver is seated in the middle of the vehicle, rather than to the side (reminiscent of a fighter-jet, but in car terms it's similar to high-profile vehicles like the McLaren F1). FAB 1 doesn't just stop at being a car either, it has the ability to fly and swim.

Specifications Edit

Height: 4.8 feet

Length: 20 feet

Wingspan: 6.2 feet

Wingspan with wings folded out: 5.9 feet

Top Speed on land: 260 M.P.H

Top Speed underwater: 184 M.P.H

Top Speed in the air: 3'000 M.P.H

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Like all good British agent super-cars, the functionality of FAB 1 is not to be sniffed at! For a start, it has multiple explosive projectiles, such as missiles from the rear exhausts and torpedoes within the grille. It can also deploy smoke and oil from the rear to throw off any crook who dare approach from behind. In Unplugged, Parker says it has a button for flamethrowers, which he was tempted to use in a traffic jam.

FAB 1 also has the ability to travel in the air and under the sea. During flight mode, which is mostly used to get to places much quicker, wings deploy from underneath the car, and the disks on the wheels open up to reveal thrusters.

FAB 1 boasts advanced stealth capabilities, being able to render itself almost invisible to the naked eye.

Three switches and three buttons covered by a plastic case initiate use of these weapons and travel modes.


Like many characters and vehicles, FAB 1 is first seen in Ring of Fire: Part 1. It is briefly stalked and rammed by an unseen villain in a black car, but Parker dispenses oil on the road, causing the black car to crash rather horrifically. FAB 1 continues to show up almost every time Lady Penelope is spoken to.

FAB 1 appears in Space Race, as it is used to transport Penelope, Parker and Sherbert to the Consolidated File Archive, a place where the code to the deactivation of a space mine is located.

In Unplugged, FAB 1 loses power, like all the cars in London, after an electromagnetic pulse disables all the technology in London. Penelope and Parker are quick to discover evidence of the culprits once they exit their car.

In EOS, FAB 1 was present when Lady Penelope received some odd messages from John, who was warning her about EOS.

In Heist Society, FAB 1 emerges from the submerged Reykjavik Express in the North Atlantic Tunnel, with aquatic thrusters deployed, to go after the Hood's submersible. After temporarily losing power when the Hood drops a Transonic Depth Charge on them, Parker reboots the engines and returns to the chase, firing torpedo/missiles, which deploy either side of FAB 1's grille, after the villain.

In The Hexpert, the car was intercepted by the G.D.F. who required Parker for opening an anti matter vault.

In Designated Driver, Bill and Terry kidnapped Lady Penelope and Aunt Sylvia in FAB 1 but Alan and Parker saved them using FAB 0.

In Chain Of Command, Lady Penelope and Parker went in their car to see Colonel Janus.

In Undercover, FAB 1 had a cloaking device which made it black instead of pink. It also changed the iconic "FAB1" number plate for a more standard plate.

In Legacy, FAB 1 was pursuing a thug with stolen plans on a motorbike. The car fired a sticky missile at the bike, covering it in a sticky substance before turning back to Creighton-Ward Manor.

Compared to the OriginalEdit

FAB 1 retains the classic Rolls Royce silhouette and is as close to a Rolls Royce as possible without actually being one. This is most prevalent at the front with the iconic grille; the car manufacturer's RR symbol is now the similar looking IR symbol, representing International Rescue, whilst a miniature rocket is now in place of the Spirit of Ecstasy. Whilst the classic pink colour scheme returns, the colour is no longer solid throughout, as the bonnet and boot covers are now a grey-silver (heavily resembling the real Rolls Royce Phantom "FAB-1" charity car). The headlights are more streamlined and the wheels are larger, though the tires are thinner.

As for the functionality, all machine guns have been removed, including the one in the grille, and replaced with explosives such as missiles and torpedoes.


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