Some of the early Construction Kits were produced in Japan by Imai (1967) and were re-packaged as many as eight times over the years. The last one was released in 2004 by another Japanese firm, Aoshima. Both companies have also released mini versions in what is known as the "CD Boy" range.

Imai KitsEdit

Space Science SeriesEdit

Imai released kits under the "Space Science Series", with the first issue in 1967.

  • No.728, Space Science Series No.10. 1967.
  • No.B-091-450, Space Science Series No.31, 1967, original retail price 450 yen
  • No.B-091-600, Space Science Series No.31, 1974, original retail price 600 yen
  • No.B-091-700, Space Science Series No.31, 1974, original retail price 700 yen
  • No.B-091-800, Space Science Series No.31, 1984, original retail price 800 yen
  • N0.B-2087-1000, Space Science Series, 1992, original retail price 1,000 yen

Other Imai KitsEdit

CD Boy RangeEdit

The CD Boy variant, was a small dumpy version of the FAB 1, and the kit was issued between 1992 and 2012, a metallic pink version was also released in 1998.

Paramount (Canada)Edit

Canadian company, Paramount, released a FAB 1 kit under licence in 1968, and was a repackaged Imai kit No.728.

Aoshima KitsEdit

With the collapse of the Imai company, Aoshima purchased the rights to produce the kit in 2004 with new box art work.

Comet MiniaturesEdit

Comet released a kit the UK, It was a simple metal die-cast toy, with only the wheels that needed adding.

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